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  1. any joy with drafting that letter for me postgg...thanks
  2. a redetermination is a waste of time here as my son is not contesting how much he is paying through the ccj...he wants to no what to put in a letter to welcome about them still charging interest on a debt thats got a ccj on it even though theres nothing on the courts poa
  3. hi thanks very much what should i also write to the tw**s at welcome finance to remove the interest which has now doubled his debt with them but not with the courts....many thanks
  4. thanks very much for that what should i write in the letter to send to welcome and cohen...many thanks
  5. so when my son got taken to court the agreement with welcome should have been terminated, and he should only be paying the £25 to howard cohen who are forwarding the payments to welcome
  6. the claimant on the form is welcome financial services
  7. can any 1 help with this matter thanks
  8. the poc on from of court letter says the claimants claim is for the sum of 4065.44 being monies due from the defendant to the claimant under a regulated credit agreement made in writing between the defendant and claimant under reference 1300451 the defendant has failed to make payment in accordance with the terms of the agreement and a default notice has been served upon the defendant pursuant to section 87(1) of the consumer credit act 1974 the claimant claims the sum of £4065.44
  9. my son took out a personnel loan with welcome finance in 2004 for the sum of £3075 , he defaulted and was taken to court for £4230 that includes howard cohens wedge on top...he now has a ccj and was ordered by the courts to pay £25 a mth starting in feb 2009...he has been paying this off has not missed a payment ...when suddenly he received a statement of how much he still owes, they have also now put on £3000 odd pound for capitalisation for the last 2 years from 20th 2008 to feb 2010 doubling the debt...no interest added before that i mite add that when he took out the £3000 loan i was the second signature on it... when the debt got taken to court it came only in his name and not mine as well, though i have received a statement of monies owing...what does he do now as on the court papers it only says that he owed original debt and solicitors costs and interest to the date it went to court,as he obviously mae the £25 offer to the courts as this was all he could afford, and now they have basically doubled the debt according to the lady i spoke to at lewis they still have the same balance owing as we do from the courts also i thought that if debt was for under £5000 no interest could be added,or only 8% on a ccj hope that all makes sense...thanks
  10. they have added bout £600 interest so he owes more than he borrowed now
  11. there was £3000 and summit left to pay they have added bout £600 interest
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