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  1. Hi this company don't even acknowledge emails let alone act on them This gives an idea of what I'm up against Electrosaver - Blagger.com - The place to leave feedback and comments about companies you have used
  2. The original contract was say to supply said goods at £350 The contract was broken by the seller. The only viable option for the buyer to re-supply these goods was somewhere else but purchasing the same or similar spec goods cost £50 more. Therefore the claim would be for £50
  3. I'm gonna give them 7 days then I will get in touch with visa chargeback. So far they have not even acknowledged the cancelation. Incidently the firm is Electrosaver IMO, a very nasty little outfit
  4. Hi I ordered a TV on the internet. I was given a date for delivery and the company failed to deliver. When I rang they had no reason for non delivery and when I asked for a new delivery date they said they didn't know. I cancelled the goods verbally then and by email and by registered post. Having looked this company up I have found out that they have done this thing before and especially apparently, not refunding money paid. I have now sourced the tv from amazon but a cheaper model because amazons price ( and others) was more expensive than the original order price.
  5. Hi what you need to consult is The County Courts(Interest on Judgment Debts) Order 1991
  6. Hi we seem to have cross-posted. I found all your posts completely unhelpful. Its indicative of someone who rushes in thinking they know plenty without fully understanding the original request Having been fairly gently pointed in the right direction your ego which has now seemingly got to defend itself spits the dummy out completely and leaves us in no doubt as to the basis of your advice. "don't rely on help from me in the future" I am happy for small mercies
  7. As said, I came on here for help Having to explain everything I say isnt the help I was looking for. Im sorry if you cannot understand my point. If you read my posts you will see that I have asked for someone ( who knows) to point me to info ( from a web page possibly) which can be taken into court that would represent an authoritative view as to my original question. The which report which I alluded to was one. I was seeking another. That was all. Anything else including vague opinions were not asked for and therefore ultimately unhelpful
  8. Hi gyzmo despite your sentiment I have not found your post very helpful. In fact tbh I've found it faintly critical and not at all helpful Trying to get you on the same page hasn't actually been of much use to me. Fortunately I have in fact got all the things I needed from other sources including the which report. Thanx to those who have genuinely tried to help Edit: Incidently I found that retra were very vague and non-commital, not surprising since they represent the trade
  9. I think you have the wrong end of the stick there gyzmo. Its not about this particular model but appliances in general and how long it was reasonable for them to last that 'which' reported on and for your info here is the guardian article in full so that you get the gist of where I'm coming from. Faulty goods? You've still got rights when the guarantee runs out | Money | The Guardian Its true that the court will decide but there must have been a few of these cases in the past to have some idea what the courts will think. Ive been in touch with 'Which' and they are going t
  10. What I was hoping for was a something like the 'Which' report ( that I have been trying to obtain from them, without luck so far) findings some years ago They asked the leading manufacturers of 'whitegoods' ie large kitchen domestic appliances how long they they would last. This answer from the guardian .co.uk in march 2006 reads "But a survey by Which? of manufacturers into how long they believe different types of appliance should last made interesting reading. All of them said their goods should last five years or more." I'm not sure a judge would accept an article from
  11. Has no one else any idea regarding the original question in the thread title?
  12. hi yes its a Servis fridge freezer M7055/6S
  13. Hi again I have just received a reply from an email to the makers technical services and they say 5-7 years, thats helpful any other websites or info would still be very helpful thanx
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