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  1. I wonder if somebody can help me. I need a postal address of the following company: essaywriter.co.uk I checked company house but it's not there. I need a postal address but they won't tell me directly. Can somebody help? Many thanks
  2. There was a discussion regarding judicial review. I have now got the information about the applications since 2007: JR applications 2007-08: 13 2008-09: 6 2009-10: 10 Important to know that no JR application was successful agains the FOS so far!
  3. Ashford County Court, Case: 6AS00169, Michael vs British Airways Easyjet mentioned that court case where they rely on Art. 12 EG 261/2004. However, I am of the opinion that we should be entitled to the 250 EUR plus further expenses. The court should put the proceedings on hold until the ECJ makes a decision about it.
  4. Just a short notice worth lookin at case C-83/10. Is Art. 7 with EC261/2004 compatible with further compensation (like hotel costs, food, telephone, taxi)? At the moment british courts tend to subtract the compensation laid down in Art. 7 EC 261/2004. Hopefully a good outcome for consumers.
  5. Does anybody know the principle on setting aside a judgment? I won against easyjet (default) but want to make sure they are not applying to set aside. I know the CCR 13.3. but wonder if there is case law I could use.
  6. The airline is paying for accomodation and food in the meantime. It does not have to do with "EU Airline" its regulated via the Montreal Convention.
  7. My easyjet flight had a delay of 4 days. I arrived in Gatwick at 3am without further assistance. Now I got a succesful claim through the small claims court online. I can only suggest you do the same thing!
  8. Its getting difficult if you do not have the signed policy anymore as the company only keeps records of 6 years as far as I know. One possible way is to ask the provider when you made the claim if they have any records of the originals. Apart from that I do not think its going to work in your case as pretty much is not the original sells policy, that you don't seem to have anymore.
  9. The PPI came with the credit card and I think it went back to 2005. PPI is very complex I think and it depends on the individual case. If you let me know some details I might be able to suggest something although I am not a lawyer.
  10. Good news, after nearly 2 years of a complaint with the FSO we get our PPI back because of misselling! Furthermore on that I took MBNA to court last year because of credit card charges and they settled out of court. Of course they thought that even 12 Pounds charge was ok for them but I took them a second time to court for the 12 Pounds per charge and got EVERYTHING back from them.
  11. Since when is Ryanair a foreign company??? Its MAIN HUB is in Stansted, it uses a loophole to avoid action by consumers and workers as it has a Dublin office. It reminds me of tax avoiding. Similar thing is here. What would you do if I operate as a dentist in the UK and tell you "Oh no you can not sue me, I have a second home in Dublin, go there."
  12. I would like the UK law to change so we can take Ryanair to court in England. I was unsuccessful to take the airline to court in the county court in Brighton. Although cross border juristication exist the court declined to serve the papers to Dublin. I did complain to the OFT and the european commission. They may take up the case and fine UK, hopefully. In the meantime I wan to press for a change of law in the UK, making it possible to sue Ryanair in England (office in Stansted). Who is with me and support me? I need many people for that. Give me your thoughts.
  13. I was wondering 2 things. 1st: If credit cards are set at 12 Pounds in light of the OFT finding then it would be useful to try to argue in a similar way regarding bank charges. Am I wrong? 2nd: We are really interested in a class action process. I wonder if we find enough people for a good lawyer we could share the costs of the proceedings. Isn't it worth it? Also a thought to the moderator here to start something? Just let you know a little good story. I got clamped beginning of the year and took the edit to court. They have settled out of court now. I only have to reclaim the interest
  14. Hi got 1st direct application refused. Credit score is over 900 but linked to partner who got default in 2006. Still trying to get the default out of the way with the Information Commission but does not help me in my situation at the moment. Anybody experience with 1st direct? Would be thankful of any adice. many thanks
  15. Thanks, can you please send it around? Its hard to get 500 supporters for that as it seems nobody bothers when people don't face the problem But considering so many wrong defaults on credit files I think it is essential to help consumers.
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