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  1. My husband has a credit card with capital one, not a problem whole account runs pretty smoothly however there have been a couple of times he's had charges for late payments now he's just got a letter through for two missed payments this has nothing to with paying the money, he is prepared to pay back the whole lot the problem is they are NOT sending the bills out to be paid, I know this because I open the mail, nothing not a sausage just this letter claimimg two missed payments plus loads of phone calls when he is at work and can't talk to them as it is a sackable offense to use a mobile phone
  2. Thankyou I will try but they are so unfair in their tactics they ought to be shut down they are more like loan sharks than a bank, and now I am £38 down because I went OD £4.70 for a few lousy hours, it wasn't even over night! I am so angry as normally £42 goes in on a wednesday bnut because of the bank holidays friday and monday it still hasn't gone in. I have cancelled all direct debits and changed all money being paid to that account to another account and I intend to close the account before the end of the month. MissDemeaner
  3. I went overdrawn in natwest bank yesterday by £4.70, I noticed online and went straight over yesterday to pay £20 into my account today I checked my account and they have slapped a £38 charge and now I'm further overdrawn than I was before is this even legal? MissDemeaner
  4. They say it is to stop any over payment while they work out out the true amount... I've been getting underpaid for two and a half years and they pull this crap every year. MissDemeaner
  5. chillax...... MissDemeaner its the brain making you all bite, take it from an ex-smoker go outside take a deep breath and exhale slowly do this for a few minutes till you are calm.... MissDemeaner
  6. I waited for 7 years, I had to chase my case all round the country twice and have it pulled back out of filing where all the cases go once the children are of age to look after them selves and at the time my kids were 3 and 6! My ex has yet to be charged a penny for the last 7 years of missed payments and only now that he got a new wife and had 2 more kids does he pay anything now, obviously wanted to wait so paid a reduced rate, my kids already feel abandoned by their filthy father whom I hate with the fire of a thousand suns for the way he has repeatedly rejected my sons .... on a rant... so
  7. • Most policies do not cover you for loss of income caused by a wide range of illnesses or ailments, including mental illness and back trouble, which keep thousands of people off work each year. A lender or insurer should warn you that illnesses like these, and other pre-existing conditions that might keep you off work, will not be covered. My hubby has a back problem Shuermann's disease would this make the PPI mis-sold? MissDemeaner Edit: He had back problems before he got the loan in November, He found out what it was in Jan/Feb, no-one even mentioned back problems! MissDeme
  8. LOL, have you had the one's where Mr rajah richfella has died and left multimillions in his estate and they want to share it with you? that one seriously makes me wanna puke sicko's. MissDemeaner
  9. Personally I'd counter sue for undue stress as a full refund is more than adequate to aleviate her stress over a sodding box, tell her to go outside and give her head a shake, make sure you go to court and defend yourself and also explain to the judge your part in this whole charade and that now you are flat broke all because she refused to take a refund. Grrrrr I am angry for you snooty cow that she is! Go fight and win! MissDemeaner
  10. Just wanted to add to my mini rant that had I been getting full amount entitled to, wouldn't have needed a bloody loan off WF ffs I'm sick..... MissDemeaner
  11. well you could tell them to send you a prepaid bag to send the goods back in or keep the goods as it is not convenient for you to stay home because of work responsibilities. MissDemeaner
  12. I'll start by saying what a ruddy shock I got this morning when I went to bank and it was short by £100 thanks for the warning HMRC. I know it's the first week of April and it happens every stinking year but still it comes as a huge shock when all you get to feed 4 kids on is a lousy £127.20 interim payment and that it will stay that way till my husbands accounts dept. sort out the P60's. I am always filling out their forms 100% reading them twice etc, and I know alot of people get blued and screwed for overpayment so I have always been very careful as to make sure I have told them that I have
  13. My husband has tried to get it cancelled but they said it can not be cancelled and that it would come off the back of the loan and basically the payments remain the same for the duration, which is 24 months instead of 12, I am doing an SAR to be sent out tomorrow by special delivery as I don't trust the set of barstewards as far as I can throw them, costly but worth it. after that I don't know what my next move will be I am hoping they send me the telephone conversation that puts their balls in the vice for a dispute other than getting this information I don't know what else to do. MissDemeane
  14. My husband took out a loan with Welcome Finance in Oct/Nov 08. The Loan amount was £800 the duration was supposed to be 12 months but has changed to 24 months (Not our decision) The monthly payment is £105.78 total credit is £1521.48 (A) credit for insurance is £721.48 © cash advance £800 (D) amount of credit insurances and settle loan (C+B) £721.48 (E) amount of credit cash advance and settle loan (D+B) £800 (F) personal accident plan £195 (G) Lifecare24 £215 (H) Optional PPI £311.48 (L) total cash price 721.48 (M) apr (variable) 71.12% total charge for credit 1017
  15. My husband took a loan out with RPF just before christmas, everything is fine, nothing out of the ordinary or dodgy except that they have still not taken the payments by direct debit, they keep repeatedly messing it up and having to call round for it in cash, it's not that we don't have it, it's currently sitting in the bank waiting for them to collect, is there anything that can be done about this? MissDemeaner x
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