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  1. i posted back in May regarding my problems and the repossession order which was granted---i have since been paying back arrears etc -and all is ok---However, i now need to address the fact that over past 4 years they have charged me left right & centre for letters, unpaid DD fee, management fees, etc etc--


    I fully realise that people are claiming from banks ...But what about mortgage companies??

    Any help will as usual be greatly appreciated


  2. Hi,

    Can ALL unfair/excessive charges be disputed?? whatever the organisation ??? do i use the same templates & procedure

    I have been on this forum most of today reading with interest some of the posts...

    I fully intend to pay back what i fairly owe...if in dispute then i will allow it to be sorted before arranging to pay.


    Would the unfair/excessive charges be applicable to

    • secured loans --( even if paid off- can i still dispute carges)
    • mortgages e.g monthly late fees and other charges
    • solicitors collecting a debt with excessive charges applied
    • used to have a secured loan ( Advantage / Morgan stanley???- 12% interest!!!!!- have paid this off but the excessive charges totalled approx £850 over a 13 month period---although paid off last year can i stillnow dispute their charges
    • old bank accounts-- ripped off by Natwest from 1991 to 2001?? any chance here

    I have just had a shock when looking back through some of my statements as have been charged all sorts from £39 to £50 each time--- do i dispute these & other charges using the same template that this site shows for bank charges??


    Finally-- is this a DIY job or would you recommend using a compny to deal with all of this

    Thanks- hope someone is able to answer all of my queries above

  3. ok--will do--- as this debt as apparently been bought and sold a few times i am only guessing at 2002 for the last payment--

    i will send that CCA request--- but not sure what they should be sending back so is there anywhere here that i can confirm they have sent me all the requested items..


    If what they send back to me all stacks up then i have a serious problem as the amount is so large that i cannot even begin to pay it off and that is what is worrying me

  4. Thank you again..

    the original agreement was made over internet( i think--!!) in 2001-EGG credit card--they offered a massive limit which was then defaulted on 12-15 months later..


    I am worried that they progress straight onto the stautory demands/repossession--i cannot go through all that again---and am not sure why it has taken them 4/5 years


    is there anywhere on the forum where i can now follow the stages i should be going through with CAPQUEST


  5. Hi,

    Thanks for the prompt reply--



    as although the first bit is true , this prob relates to the card i held back in 2001/2002--so shall i still send letter exactly as you have adviced..

    i am keen to get these people off my back and will follow all advice received on this forum

  6. Hello,

    I am hoping someone can advice--I am again at my wits end--having fought off repossession--i now find a letter landing on doorstep claiming an astromical amount relating to a debt apparently purchased from EGG--


    I have had no contact since about 2003/2004--- this debt realtes( possibly to a acrd held in 2001/2002)--


    I have no idea if (1) i should respond(2) or just ignore this demand

    Could anyone advice me if i have any rights---

    I certainly don't agreed with the amount claimed--it seem to be a debt which has been resold...


    I am worried that thay may go for repossession and/or bankruptcy ( i was slowly digging myself out of this hole and now this happens from Capquest)

    Plesae can some one advice


  7. Hi Agin,

    I am 4 months behinfd with car repayments---i am fully expecting them to repossess it as default papers were sent to me quite some time ago

    could anyone advice as to procedure so i then know what toexpect---can they now simply without notice just come and collect my car


  8. Update-- not much at all apart rom stil struggling to repay arrears---will have to admit defeat abnd sell house asap for a lower value...

    in haste /panic i offered £300 month extra to reapy arrears after possession order granted!!!


    anyway - wnated to ask---have a statement from Birmingham midshires with monthly charges for all sorts---could i claim these back and if so--could someone advice


    secondly: until house is sold- (not sure when buyer will be found)- can i ask mortgage company to now capiatlise the remaining arreras over term of the loan??? since possession ordfer i have paid on time and arrears for 4 months



  9. Hello again,

    This post is similar to the one above by John56---

    I have finally admitted defeat and will have to sell as i cannot afford the additional for the arrears which i had agreed( in haste & panick) after a possession order was granted on my property in May..


    My question:

    I have one mortgage( birmingham midshires)

    one secured loan

    and 3!! final charging orders...


    The sale of the house will just about cover in full my primary mortgage and the 2nd secured loan BUT the final charging orders will NOT be cleraed...

    Could these 3 smaller creditors( Approx £9,500) STOP the sale of my house???

    Any advice would be really appreciated


  10. Hi trevor,

    i m in a similar boat---have been dealing with a reposession order since May---but after this the other creditors are now placing charging orders on property at speed...3 so far---

    I am concerned that it is accruing interest on a daily rate!!!! this way the debts will be massive....

    but having read the factsheet it states something about no interest for debts below £5000???? mine are but are accruing interest?? any ideas?


  11. hello again,

    i have still nothing to report as my lenders are completely not interested in all of my complaints or requests for them to agree to anything i writing.

    Snce my hearing on May 15th when a straighr repo order was granted i have made my monthly payments and an additional £300 month in arrears...

    this additional offer of £300 was made in total panic as they would not respond to any of my letters etc--

    I have made this payment( just about) for June & July...It is proving to be very difficult..

    Bu i am now scared of writing to them to accept a lower payment against my arrears( £100/Monthly) as they may think i am not serious and go for the pending eviction order...

    my house is on the market but the viewings have resulted in very silly offers...

    please can anyone advice--i do not want to be repossesed but the additional £300 month offer which i made was made in desperatio and i cannot sustain it!!

    thank you

  12. Sorry i should have explained more clearly that the bankruptcy petition did not go any further as the debt was repaid in full prior to hearing...

    these fees relate to the solicitors who acted on behalf of the claimant in bringing the petition in the first place

    thanks-if anyone can advice that'll be really great as i cannot afford these huge legal costs and i also don't know how they are so high

  13. Hello again,

    it does seem that once a posesion order has been granted --somehow everyone seems to come out from under a rock!! in addition to interim charging order problems( i posted question earlier in anoher thread)


    i have today received a letter from solicitors who acted for the claimant approx 10 months ago in a bankruptcy petition( business debt of approx £2500)- which was paid at bankruptcy hearing...


    anyway BRACHERS solicitors have written a letter stating that as i had not paid their legal bill of approx £1500-they will be taking further action--

    i have no idea how they get this figure?? and i certainlycannot make any payments towards it

    please can someone advice again

    Thank You

  14. Hello,

    another request ....as my repossession is still all in limbo i am looking through everythin on my credit file, letters from creditors etc since collapse of my business last november...


    Can i ask - is it the same procedure for all creditors when requesting information on debts...

    i'd also like to know of how i can get hold of CCj judgenets, interimcharging orders, defaults etc--- do i write to each originator ??


    Please could someone advice what i have to send to each creditor, including those who have already registere a default/CCj against me...

    I am looking a some of the amounts claimed for and i have no dea where these figures are coming from

    please can someone help

    thank you

  15. Hello,

    I am still trying to resolve my repossession order issue 2 months ago...but am now getting bogged down in dealining with other debts...

    my problems all started a long time ago with the failing of business--- and now have a few 'interim charging' order hearings


    Any help would be really appreciated-- could anyone advice how many interim charging orders can be placed on a property and if the property( as mine is) is the subject of a repossession order what can they do?

    Thank you again

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