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  1. Yes- within the space of 2 weeks i have received letters for the same catalogue debt from 2 different companies and now the same letters from a company called RED!!!!
  2. hello, I did not want to hijack someone elses thread but this also applies to my case... All my previoius letters have been ignored and then the debt is simply passed onto/sold onto another DCA and then i get the same letters again!!! I again dispute them and after a while the same letters either comes back from the same DCA or it comes from a new one... I know i can just ignore it but do we have a letter which will stop these people or one that i can make an official complaint about the whole lot - is theer one letter that can be sent so that i don;t have to keep on disputing the same debt with different DCA's?Any advice would be very much appreciated thanks
  3. Hello, I was getting together all the information to put in a hardship cliam against the HALIFAX..... However, could anyone advice if i now simply stop...All my charges for for unpaid standing orders/ direct debits Thank You
  4. Another update... I am nw getting increasingly confused as i send out 'prove it' letters- after a while i get more letters from these creditors saying they have now reassigned the debt???? do i keep on going around in circles with these people or is there another letter that i could send out? furthermore from one of the DCA's i received this letter yesyterday which has the following quote '' ''...... unfortunately we are unable to locate a copy of the executed agreement,but for your information we enclose a copy of the current agreement which applied to this type of account.'' please could anyone advice to mt above points Thanks
  5. Update- Once again thanks for all advice- they have accepted reduced payments and state that it's as a temporary measure only
  6. could you plesae advice which letters i should now send out to them as the letters i have sent havd just been ignored Thanks
  7. Firstly, thanks for the advice so far…….An update.. I wrote a letter to them requesting for explanations of the charges and copy agreement- I sent this by recorded delivery…Not only did I ask for a breakdown of charges I also offered to them reduced monthly payments until I can increase. They have chosen to ignore my letter and instead sent another ‘FINAL DEMAND’- 7 days notice or repossess car. I received another letter yesterday but it seemed to totally ignore my letter as they make no reference to it. This latest letter goes on about 7 days only to sort and ‘FINAL DEMAND’ at top of it. 2 things now- the letter I sent requesting the information was only a standard letter I’d written and not an ‘official request’ as per some examples on this site. Should I also send an official letter with the £1 postal order – please could someone advice which letters I should be sending as I don’t want anyone to repossess car after 7 days Secondly- as they are just ignoring my letters/ emails etc- will they be able to just repossess car I really want them to come to some sort of arrangement but they don’t appear interested.. All help very much appreciated Thanks
  8. Many thanks for the above advice- I am on it today- can't find copy of original agreement but will request and the scan and post everything up on here.. If i didn;t need car then i'd almost certainly just give it up but i need it for my work and all i really want is to have a little longer to pay this off Thanks again
  9. sorry forgot to amswer the question is the last post... many debts -all icurred when i first faced my problems approx 3/4 years ago Many catalogue debts etc.. Although i do have CCJ for other business debts- These current letters i am getting are ones where there is no CCJ These are now coming from DCA's that i have never heard from e.g this morning just got another letter from WESCOT on Behalf of ARG equation????? I have never heard of these?? Thanks again
  10. Thanks for the great advice...again- I had thought i'd escaped these people when i lost my home last year will send letters out again
  11. Can anyone recommend any reputable 'ones- recd email from chargeclaims.co.uk?? also- any help with what to do with DCA's when they ignore letters... Some of my debts , despite having sent the correct letters to the DCA'a- they are either just selling debt to someone else or they keep writing to me and each time the amount seems a little higher. One of my debts old business credit card) -has changed hands so many times now that i am not sure if i am supposed to keep on sending the same letter each time debt changes hands?? Would really appreciate any help in this... some letters i have recently received i can now honestly say that i have no idea what it relates to....plesae can someone help thank you
  12. Hello, I now have the ongoing problem with car HP agreement that i am behind with. Default notices recd... I have paid approx 2/3 of total but now cannot maintain payments- I need car so would like to keep it. They (BCT) will go for court order as I will not let go on a voulumtary basis- can i make a much reduced payment plan with the courts which would overide the HP agreement or will the courts automatically grant full repossession rights to finance company Thanks
  13. Hi- if anyone who has been through process of setting aside a CCJ could advice me,that would be great.. I am 100% sure this debt is non-collectable but CCJ already registered at old address without my knowledge- All i need to know is that can the process of setting aside be done without me attending the hearing??? I have paid £75 already and can't afford to take more time off work-- can i do it all by post??? if anyone has managed to have a CCJ set aside without attending the hearing then i'd be interested to know the procedure Thanks
  14. update- Hope someone can advise further- As these jokers registered a CCJ at a 2 yr old address i have then with advice from here applied for a set aside - this has cost me £75- I am still fuming as Capquest have cost me so far £75 to apply to set aside and now the letter i received from court this morning advices the hearing on a day when it will be very difficult for me to take time off work as i work away for few days per week.. Do i have any other options here??? i am 100% certain this amount claimed will never be proven either with agreements or payments as the last involvement i had with this bank was some timein 1999- But at the end of the day capquest have secured a CCJ by writing to me at an old address Can i continue with the application to have it set aside by post or do i have to go in person?? Any advice very much appreciated- if i do have to go to court then the unauthorised day off will cost me very dearly thanks
  15. Thanks again- to answer some of the questions: although they had supplied a CCA just outside the 12+2 days- i am still awaiting for a copy which is 100% legible they have most certainly not attempted 'personal service' of stat demand- it came by registered/signed for post they are sure that debt is not statute barred and have refered me to statements they had previously sent- i know that these mau well be dodgy statements but i also know that i made last payment approx 4/5 years ago- althye they have not provided proof of this- could i ask them to prove to me that these payemnets were made on account oin 2003?? Thanks
  16. Thanks for the support- look forward to receiving continued assistance and will keep you informed Re: 2nd request for legible copy of CCA- i gave them 7 days( not sure if id did right or wrong)
  17. yes--did that last week, but have noticed that they don't seem to deal with my queries and just simply march on and issue their legal letters
  18. Further to this did the govt. also recently announce measures /free advice etc for those in debt-- it was announced at the same time as the announcement for help with reposessions- I cannot seem to find this anywhere
  19. Hi- An update and not that good- Recd. by registered post a Stat demand Have 18 days to do something- please can anyone advice PS/ aprt from those statements sent to me few weeks back i have heard nothing more regarding my actual query & SAR- I have asked for copies of all correspondece i'd made since 2002 and also proof of credits help needed in dealing with this Thanks
  20. Thanks for the replies- the 2 debts in question are large ( business failure)- i know i owe some of the monies claimed but all i am after is to try and negotoiate with them a realistic repayment plan i have already SAR them both and CCA only applied to one( which i now have)- The last poster has summed it up in that whayt i'd like to do is to throw some confusion on it so that they are willing to arrive at a payment plan
  21. ok---All i am trying to do is not actually avoid paying but paying back an agreed ,affordable amount- presently i do not agree with the amounts being claimed and i am just wandering if theer was a letter that i could specifically request this. Also, if you could advice when someone simply states 'account in dispute' is that in itself alone to set aside a statutory demand- would the courts not want proof etc -- I am not sure who is supposd to prove what? I have already previously informed capquest that i do not agree with amount being claimed but whenever they respond they will discuss in their letters everything else apart from my actual query.. I was becoming a little concerned that in court the judge will have no way of knowing who to belive that the amount was disputed? Sorry for my naievety buy once again any help would be good
  22. Hi , I seem to be fighting a losing battle with particular DCA's Does anyone have the mother of all letters?? i.e. one that includes a request for absoultely everyting, disputes some of the debt/cahrges,asks for deed of assignment, prove of credits made etc etc thanks
  23. Thanks 42man- it's amazing that after losing home i finally think i'm starting to get it togrther but in past 2 months the DCA's are now in full action again not sure when this will ever end
  24. Hello again, this DCA has been writing letters for past 6 months at approx 1 monthly intervals-The last 2 letters did state that if i did not get in contact then a Stat Demand would be served. On monday 8th December- i must have ben out as the post man left a card that there was a letter that i needed to sign for ( special delivery)-- I have not yet collected it from the post office but i am 100% certain it is a statutory demand... I would like to make it clear ( for reasons given in a different posting) that i do not wish to be made bankrupt( without my current job- i personally would n't mind as nothing else left to lose)-- Thetrefore i cannot afford for this stat demand to turn into a bankruptcy. Some further info- this is not time barred, they most likely have all signed agreements as it was a loan+ o'draft( business/ Barclays)- I am not trying to avoid paying anything back but i need to try & set it aside so that i can find a way of agreeing some sort of repayment schedule.. My main 2 questions are : What should i do next with regards to the letter that needs collecting from postoffice if i enter a dialogue with them asking for time to pay and not dispute any part of the amount claimed- can they then still ignore this and petition for a bankruptcy
  25. Just Bumping this to see if any further advive Re: my last post on 5th Dec
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