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  1. Another load off. You must let me send you a tenner for a pint!
  2. Ok. I agree with their assessment of arrears. What about any other (non HsBc) debts? Nothing to do with them ? No IVA's or bankruptcy just debts under dispute.
  3. I have been given two options. Pay the remainder off my loan, or let them do a credit check to restructure my loan and pay into my account. Can they take into account any of my other debts (disputed or not)?
  4. I believe my overdraft is the arrears and it works out about right (pennies)
  5. I received my offer today. £5562. including interest of 8%. I'll have to tell the taxman about that!!! However there is a loan balnce less PPI refund which they are taking 946.16 leaving me £4616.08. Is that right?
  6. Thank you for all your help. I have clicked the star and commented.
  7. So I don't get any of the upfront payment back? I didn't put that in the sheet or anything.
  8. Right 8% on the payments I made, plus the return of the initial premium, right? 5,413.32 & 5945.10=11358.42 Another question if I may. I completed the questionnaire from HSBC websire (its the obudsman one) and sent it to the bank with a letter outlining my reasons for being mis-sold. 1. Told no loan without 2 8 year loan, 5 year protection 3. No options given, nothing explained. 4. Sick pay covers absence for 6 months, same as loan protection! I didn't include any calculations. I have had a letter back - standard one. Thank you for the letter, sorry you had to com
  9. Hi, just wanted to check a few things. 5945.10 as a percentage of .25940 is 22.92. I multiply that by my monthl;y repayment (348.5) and get 79.87. I inserted the payment dates and this amount and it autpmatically calculates the simple interest, spitting it out at the top. Monthly Payment of PPI £4,552.51 8% Simple Interest £860.81 Total £5,413.32 That's the correct way of doing it yes? The other bit is 8% on top of my PPI amount so £5945.1 X 1.08% gives £6420.71 totalling out at £11,834.03 They should also subsequently remov
  10. Hi eveyone. I've always thought I was pretty good at maths but I'm giving myself a headache. I have a ppi claim going. I took out the loan in February 2007 Loan Amount £19994.10 PPI £5945.10 Total=[£25940] Monthly Payment £348.50 (started 02-07-07) I've made 56 opf 96 payments to date. The total repayable is £33,456 so interest of £7,516 total I know I should get the £5945.10 back but its the interest thats giving me a headache. I know they allow 8% interest should be given so that would give me £5945.1 X 1.08% gives £6420.71 Is this all I'm entitled to
  11. I have a Nokia X6 on Orange network. The phone started switching off for no reason and soafter a couple of days I took off the back cover and removed the battery. To my horror the battery connections came away from the phone, attached to the battery. I had it from CPW and so took it to them as Orange care was not available.This was 04-12-2010 I was not hopeful and wasn't at all surprised when they claimed it was due to excessive damage and not repairable under the warranty. The phone is in excellent condition and has never been dropped. There are very few scratches on any of the surfaces
  12. We spoke to Andrew James on Tuesday after settling the council tax bill and agreed a payment plan of £5 a week to pay off their fees. On Friday we got a letter dated Wednesday saying we had failed to pay and they were coming for the car!! The levy had supposedly been taken off the car btw. They denied the phone call and insisted we pay them. Fortunately my mother was the one who spoke with them and had written down all the relevant details etc of the phone call.We will pay them £5 this week as agreed and i will settle the difference next week. (43.50). We also had the council receipts.
  13. My partner has just paid the full £144 to the council so that debt is finished. We obviously owe the AJ Enforcement bailiff fees of £48. I believe the levy on the car is no longer enforceable? The other bill has been recalled and payment of £5 a week have been accepted. Are we responsible for the B&S bailiff fees as we have no signed agreement with them, only received 2 letters and my partner has never actually spoken to them.
  14. No that's a list of what's left in the house. The only thing that's been levied so far is the car by AJ. I only wondered if the rest was able to be levied. I also wonder if since we haven't paid her father for the car if it is her's yet. She was on benefits until yesterday, she is currently attending the council offices to try and persuade them to take the debts back. She has the £190 I spoke of with her.
  15. Hi, We have two oustanding bills for council tax. B & S of Blackwood have called twice so far been denied access to my partners home. Afther their 2nd visit the bill jumped from £244 to £261. It was the same guy both times. I have made an online payment of £5 last tuesday and will make another today directly to the council. On the phone yesterday they told my partner they couldn't accept less than £100 before setting up a payment plan. On telling them she couldn't pay that she was told to ring the bailiff who said £75 was the minimum. On the two occasions he called to the h
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