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  1. Well I finally managed to get a statement out of them. Thanks for the advice
  2. I've not been able to find this problem already, so apologies if the answer is sitting out there and I've just missed it. Several months ago Lowell took over a debt I had been making regular payments on. No biggie - I still am making the payments, but their initial statement that they sent and my records did not match up. It seems they acquired the debt around the same time I made a payment to the previous company, leaving the amount on their records and the amount on mine out by £50. I know £50 isn't a great deal of money, but I wanted to make sure it was in the right place. After c
  3. I just know someone is bound to have asked this question before, but I just can't find anything. Sorry about that. I'm moving out of the flat I shared with the Ex. I stayed with him for quite some time after we split because we were still on good terms and living with him beat being homeless! But now circumstances have changed, and I'm moving back to my parents' house. But that's what I'm worried about. I've no intention on skipping off without my debts. I've always been in contact with the people I owe money to, I've paid them when I could, I've written to them and explained why I c
  4. The day I discovered I had been cleaned out I went to the Alliance and Leicester and was shocked when my application for another account was approved! BOS won't be helping themselves to my money again, I've learned this lesson the hard way. They didn't send me overdrawn, so no charges to claim. I suppose I can be glad of that at least.
  5. The money was taken the day my wage cheque cleared. Initially the bank told me that 'someone went into a branch and withdrew all your money' but a bit of digging leaves me disheartened as it seems BOS can just help themselves to my Halifax bank account, something to do with 'ofsetting funds' Gits. I'd still like to rant at someone about it though.
  6. ...Who this week emptied my bank account all but for a few quid, leaving me to survive for a month on £3.33. They've taken the money, without any warning, to use against an old Halifax credit card. I had written to them previously to explain I just didn't have the available funds to pay them anything, and I guess this is their reply. My question is, is there anyone I can complain to about this practice? And if there is, is it even worth it? (I'm guessing no on both counts) Surely anyone with any sense can see that I am not going to manage to cope on less than a fiver for four weeks
  7. Hello there I'm new to the forums, and no doubt like many people I'm here because I'm more than a little worried about money problems. In my case it's Bristow and Sutor chasing us for Council Tax payments. I'd also like to apologise straight away. I don't doubt for a second you guys get fed up to the back teeth of people asking the same questions over and over So I'm not going to ask any questions. Just hope for a little reassurance that what I've decided on is the right way to go. Our Council Tax payments began to run late around July this year. We were paying them, just not
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