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  1. Sorry it's been a while since I replied (health issues), but at the moment I have heard nothing more from these idiots. I will keep you posted if I hear from them again, which no doubt I will.
  2. hi all, I have been following Lowells exploits on here for a couple of weeks now as they started on me recently for a supposed debt of £5885.10 to Lloyds. This I know this is a Statute Barred debt as it goes back to before I became severely disabled and had my house reposessed back in 2001. I have never heard from anyone regarding this debt and have never acknowledged It. I sent them the 'letter M' and also one refusing them permission to visit me. They do not have my phone number. Almost immediately I received this reply We would advise you that the Limitation Act 1980 Section 5 is not applicable in your case and would refer you to section 29 (7) which states "...A current Period of limitation may be repeatedly extended under this section by further acknowledgement or payment." Your last attempted payment date on this account was dated 10th March 2006 for a payment of £126.35. We would advise you that we have today ordered a copy of the agreement and duplicate statements from our client and these will be sent to you upon receipt. We trust this clarifies the situation and look forward to receiving your payment proposals. yours sincerely Alison Shepherd Customer Services. The attempted payment mentioned is a blatant lie. Just wandered what my next course of action should be against these morons.
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