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  1. Hi Thanks for the advice. I'm afraid I don't have a six bedroom mansion or Ferrari and I'm willing to pay but not in one go. Thanks
  2. Thankyou, that's a massive help. I appreciate it. I have completed the paperwork now so hopefully will get some resolution to this now.. Thanks again
  3. Thankyou, this forum states that they are allowed to force their way into your home to collect unpaid criminal fines, Income Tax or Stamp Duty, but only as a last resort.m states.. ...I'm assuming from this that they can't force entry into my home for a ccj. Thanks
  4. I have read several summaries and found that different sites gave conflicting advice so was looking for advice based on this particular type of debt. Sorry to be a pain but I just need to be sure before I have a conversation with these people. Thanks
  5. Hi , I was hoping somebody may be able to give me some advice. i received a ccj in 2015 regarding overpayment from my last employer. I had a letter put through my door last night stating that court balifs would apply to the courts to force entry into my home. Is this something they can do for a ccj as I didn't think they could do this. The ccj is for £600 but 250 of that is charges. I can't afford to pay that in 1 go but will pay monthly but I have never been given that option. I will call the balif back with a payment offer of £100 per month but I could do with knowing my rights first ( in terms of them forcing entry)before I make the call. I have downloaded a n245 form today, do I mention this to them. Thankyou for any help offered
  6. Hi, I'm hoping someone may be able give me some advice. My partner parked her car in town a while back and was apparently recorded via a camera as parking over the lapsed time. We received a parking fine which we did not pay because we could not quite understand the ticket as we did not think that we were in town that day, after several communications we finally had a visit by a balif who placed a levy on our car but we had some time to pay the fine while the baliffs office confirmed the ownership. The levy was placed for a cost of the fine and the baliffs charges. We paid the fine over the Internet directly to the council and left the balifs charges as we thought they were ridiculous. We had a visit on monday evening from a ballif who blocked our car in the drive and demanded the remainder of the fine, I pointed out to him that the fine had Been paid and it was their charges that were still outstanding and for this visit they were adding another £228. I told him to take the car as its value is less than the fine. After a while he knocked on the door and asked for the v5, I told him that I didn't have one but was happy to give him the key. He went back to his van and about ten mins later knocked on the door again saying that he could not take the vehicle without the v5. He went back to his van and again, came back to the door and said that he could not get a pick up truck that evening so would put a clamp on the car. He went back to his van and ten mins after knocked on the door and said that he would give me until 10.00am the next day to call him to pay the fine and if I didn't he would get one back and drag the car off the drive without the keys. I moved the car down the close as we needed access to the garage and there was no space to park right outside the house and called him next day to say " come and get the car that evening". After the call he was at my house within ten mins, I received a voicemail to say that he was calling the police as the car was not there. I sent him another message to say come and get the car but he has now failed to come back... ....is this now an abandoned levy and if so what rights do I have. Thanks
  7. made me laugh on friday after i spoke to one of there monkeys. I had a bit of a disagreement over my SAR not being sent and i asked this person what is happening with welcome, the answer was that they are being bought out and re-structured, that they are being kept in the know and that all the talk of cattles being in debt is nonsense. I just wanted to laugh and say to this person that i probrably wont be speaking to them again as they will more than likely be out of work very soon...they just think we are all as daft and stupid as they are....i probrably didnt say it out of pity as she sounded so thick...
  8. they are criminals, they are not offering anything worth considering as they will take your car, auction it and then chase you for other monies owed. The only reason they have made this offer is to get some much needed cash....
  9. i go away for a couple pf weeks and the whole thing has turned on its head...cant belive what has happened. Our phone calls are coming from manchester now as opposed to crewe..i wonder why
  10. thanks for the reply. From pushing for more info it would seem her partner just never got round to sending off the V5 so that they have. The MOT is still a mystery, but like you say hopefully they should be able to get a copy, if not then they will have to take a reduction in what they are offered.
  11. A friend of mine recently had a car accident and has been advised the car is a complete write off. The insurance policy is in her name, and her partner, who she lives with is a named driver. Her partner purchased the vehicle for her on finance and so is the registered owner, and at the time his details were down as being the registered keeper. She was under the impression that he had sent the V5 to DVLA to put her down as the registered keeper, as she is down as that on the insurance policy. Yet it would now seem no documents have come back from DVLA to state she is. Though when she rang her insurance to advise them of the accident she informed them that her partner was the registered keeper and nothing was said. Phone call I think was being recorded by the insurance company. It also would now seem that her partner cannot find the MOT certificate that came with the vehicle, although must have had this recently as the car was taxed up to the end of Oct 09. She is now concerned how this will affect the claim, as the insurance company have requested said documents.
  12. post,,just seen your opost on lse. very nicely put if you dont mind me saying so......
  13. There are two forms of Gap 1. VRIP...this is a policy designed to put you back to square on so if the vehicle is an insurance loss the underwriter will give you what the insurance doesnt give you ...ie....bought a car for 11000 and its written off and the insurance pay out £7000..the policy will refund to you £4000, this puts you back at square one. 2. Finance Gap.. this pays off the outstanding amount of finance at the point the car is a loss. If you have put down an £8000 deposit and borrowed £3000 and they have sold you the Gap policy then you have every right to go to the FSA as you have clearly been mis-sold a policy. Whatever you would get back from the insurance company would clearly cover the oustanding balance on you finance so Gap would not be required....the policy that they should have offered if it was available to them should have been VRIP because as it stands at the moment..if your car is a loss then once you have paid off the finance with your insurance payout, all you will have its what is left.... you have been well stung here..
  14. Most if not all garages say they will carry out a pre sales inspection consisting of so many points. If they are a reputable dealer and value your custom then all of the points you have raised should have been checked but after having the vehicle for 12 months, you may find it hard to prove that the checks were not carried out and the issues you have are down to pure wear and tear. At the point of sale were you shown the service book or told when the last service was carried out. If the dealesrhip is regulated by the FSA they must discusses the warranty with you and they must go through "needs and demands", this is a form of questionair to determine what you may require in the form of insurances and included in this is the warranty, this is done to prove that you understand the warranty situation and that when you take the vehicle you actually know for a fact that you have cover or not, either main dealer or whatever third party warranty they use, it must then be stored by a recordable medium, usually a paper record or computer based and you should also have been given a copy. My first port of call would be the dealership to go over your concerns, if they are unhelpfull then i would get in touch with the FSA and explain the situation and get them involved. I dont think you have been mis-sold a car but have been badly advised about the warranty.
  15. that website is a joke, it looks like they are advertising some kind of proffessional marketing company or something along those lines. The reality is that they are probrabley a load of odd, useless, weasel like morons working from a porta cabin....
  16. shortfall is just another name for Gap as it just clears the outstanding finance in the event of a total loss of your vehicle....looks like a high premium was paid for it, £350 and they cant even get it on the correct vehicle..... i would get my money back as they cant say that "you have enjoyed the benefit of the cover" because if you tried to make a claim then it would not be on their system so in effect have been paying for an invalid policy, i cant belive the warranty was £650 and only covers up to £1000......
  17. thanks guys, will get the letter sent off.
  18. Today whilst at my desk i recieved a call from one of the girls in our main office with a call to put through to me. She said he asked for me using my full name (First, middle and last) and that he was calling from Wescot. She put him through and an awfully rude chap asked me to confirm my name, i told him NO twice and he said "right we will write to you then" and hung up. Now if i had been with a customer that could have been very embarrassing. About an hour later the girl who took the call came through and told me she had googled wescot and it came back as a debt coollection company, i knew this but was slightly embarrassed that she said this to me. NOw wescott have my home phone number and know my address so do they have the right to call me at work and what do i need to do to stop this happening again....thanks in advance
  19. Could be one of the muppets from head office saying that he is calling from the local branch....
  20. You have requested a copy of the agreement so untill that arrives,( no matter what else these clowns may say), just file the letters and wait for the agreement to come. They cannot legaly enforce the debt without it and if they call just hang up..
  21. its quite right no statement and no enforcement and that goes for defaults also.
  22. Its all a bit strange with what is going on at cattles. They have just employed through an agency four business anylists......
  23. another tactic is to ring and in a really cheery way ask for someone by there first name......assuming you think its a friend you put them on the phone....but i always ask who they are and where there from and usually hang up...love it
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