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  1. So what exactly should I do? Fill out some form online? Go to CAB? Thanks for your help, guys!
  2. I can't believe that. Had been asking the_agency/the_owner for a complete breakdown of all costs of cleaning and you know what I got this morning? An invoice for 45 GBP with nothing but "Cleaning Throughout of the above address" on it! Do you call it a breakdown? Now what to do? Where to go? Any ideas, please? :-|
  3. But what if the deposit (680 - 45 GBP) had already been paid into my bank account? Thank you for all the answers!
  4. E-mail from letting agency: "As stated in my previous emails, there is no cleaning company account as the landlord carried out cleaning herself. She is an individual not a company, but I can ask her to put in writing the cleaning she carried out if this will suffice."
  5. Yeah, I do think that agents, landlords and inventory clerks are all the same... I asked them for the invoice once again, will wait for the answer till Thursday and then I have to decide what to do. But what exactly can I threaten them with? That this charge was unreasonable/too_high? That they failed to show me cleaning company's invoice? Any invoice? 1. No, I don't think I could visit this flat and ask new tenants (if someone has already been there). 2. I paid the deposit at the beginning of our agreement and they did notify me of deposit protection scheme immediately. It's just this awful feeling that they planned to nick some money anyway, no matter what... But I wouldn't know what to do step-by-step... Thanks, guys!
  6. Yes, I was present but inventory clerk did not want to tell me what was wrong in his opinion! "Should be all right", he said, and left... Not to mention that he had exactly the same inventory list I had got at the beginning of my agreement with this agency. They asked me to go through it, I found loads of discrepancies, made photos, sent it all back to them and nothing had been updated! But I wouldn't let them charge me for all those things so apparently they found a few little ones I had mentioned above and charged me 45 GBP anyway... 45 quid? I would have done it in half an hour and for less money! I asked them for the invoice once again but I don't think they're gonna send it to me.
  7. Hi, I'm new here and also almost new to the UK, left my first ever flat (rented of course) and now I'm waiting for my deposit. A few days after moving out I got a letter from my letting agency which reads: "The inventory checkout has been completed at the above property and the findings of the Inventory Clerk are contained within the attached Checkout Report. All items identified as being your responsibility in accordance with the terms of the Tenancy Agreement, will be charged to your Tenancy Deposit and the balance, if any, will be refunded directly into the bank account you have allocated." That's what they didn't like: BATHROOM: SHOWER – SOME LIMESCALE BUILD UP ON SHOWER HEAD. BASIN – SLIGHTLY DIRTY AROUND WASTE. BEDSIT ROOM: FLOORING – FEW SMALL LIGHT SPOT STAINS BY KITCHEN ACCESS. KITCHEN: EXTRACTOR FAN – RATHER GREASY TO SURFACE. I questioned that cause I had carpet cleaned on the 2nd of May (I left a flat on the next day) and I did clean everything else by myself! They answered: "I see that you have received the check out report which showed that the property was generally clean. On page 4 of the report however you will see that there was some lime scale build up on the shower head and the basin in the bathroom was dirty and in the kitchen, the extractor fan rather greasy. The flat was left in good order and after the owner visited the property, she said that some cleaning was required as highlighted on the report and a charge of £45 has been incurred. This has been deducted from your deposit with the balance leaving our bank today." 45 GBP?????????????????? Isn't it too much? So I wrote them again: "Hi, I'm not satisfied with your answer. 1. I am asking you for proof of your said costs in detail. I do want to see a copy of the cleaning company's invoice. 2. If I find those costs unreasonable or too high, I will ask you for a refund as I know I cleaned this flat to a really good standard. If you fail to do it within 48 hours or if I find your answers unsatisfying, I am ready to take legal actions I am entitled to. I am also aware that any legal action would have to be pursued with the owner herself." And today I got the answer: "I confirm receipt of your email dated 12th May 2008. The landlord decided to carry out her own cleaning after the inventory check out and charged the going rate for cleaning at £45 and the cleaning carried out was that listed both in the report and in my email of 12th May 2008. I trust this answers your query." What do you think about it? Should I fight? Believe me, it's not about 45 quid, it's just that I don't like anybody to play with me like that... Thanks in advance
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