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  1. I am also very concerned if i involve the police it might make things worse with my landlord
  2. Again thanks, I will do that. I have already spoken with shelter they cant see me for at least a week. I suppose they are really busy. Is there anything else I can do? A week of worry and stress with no idea what could happen.
  3. Thanks for the quick response. I haven't gone to the police yet becuase he hasn't actually done anything yet, most of threats have come from telephone conversations. I know what they will say. I have spoken to the council, they cant help unless I am actually homeless, they did say that they can help if I have a written demand to leave or a letter from the court. Fat chance of my landlord going through legimate channels.
  4. I have serious problem with my private landlord which is causing me enormous stress I should note I live in Scotland, but the laws are very similar in England. If I start at the beginning. I took this place 6 months ago, I was never given a contract or the landlords address, but I was desperate to find somewhere local to where I worked, so I took it. I know that was a mistake. My rent as always been on time (proved by my bank statements) Apart from the fact I am fairly confident in saying my landlord is not a registered landlord which is illegal and the place does
  5. They are refusing to budge. I pay up or they sell my goods. No release of goods and then payment or any kind of arrangement. Has anyone body else had to deal with self storage companies refusing to cooperate.
  6. How can I fix this?????????? They state 'In order to remove your items from storage the complete outstanding balance will need to be paid in full to allow access.' They are also repetively quote me signing a contract I have tried to reason with them all they do is quote T&C's and ignore the content of my letters. help
  7. It does say they can do this but more worrying it goes on to say they can sell my goods if I dont cough up the arrears. I find this extemeely worrying.
  8. I was in-between houses so I put my stuff in self-storage, then I lost my job. I have another job now, but I have arrears with the self-storage company. They keep slapping on approx. £25 every couple of weeks in late payment fess. They wont allow me to take my stuff out and come to some arrangement, they have changed the locks and my bill just gets higher and higher and whilst I can’t get my stuff out every week I get charged another week for storage I feel trapped in a vicious circle my bill just escalates and they rub their hands together when my stuff stays in storage for another
  9. The advice has been great but does anyone know how to prevent this in the first place? This girl has done nothing wrong, apart from not formally remove herself from the tenacy agreement three years ago. This is madness if she gets slapped with a decree regardless of her being able to remove it.
  10. No paper work, it went to the property she lived at three years ago, she only knows about the court date and decree from a friend of a friend. My main question is how can she stop this? It has nothing to do with her and I would imagine it is a nightmare trying to get these things removed.
  11. My friend is currently in hospital with depression and anorexia. She almost died. Her ex-boyfriend has done a runner from the flat they shared years ago. She has not lived at the property for over 3 years is not on the electoral register. Long story short. It seems her ex is facing a decree (ccj) for the arrears on the 12th January and because she is also named she will presumably get the same. She does not need this on top of the other trouble she is dealing with. This decree will be effectively done without her knowledge as the judge has no address for her.
  12. Do you have a link for this? BH have suspended late fees for the past few months, with I understand no immediate plans to re-introduce them. There must be FOS link on the subject I'll be damned if I can find it, and guess what nothing is on their website. Wonder why. hahahaha Thats gotta hurt their profit. :)
  13. okay if laptop cost x and they charge Y becuase they add the extra insurance and other cover. How do go about getting the extra removed from payments? I'm not seeing any sucess stories on here of people who managed to achieve this. Sure getting the add ons stopped and removed seems more than double but when its built into the price??? Anyone
  14. I'm really confused becuase if you remember my original post. The cover on my laptop is built into the price, not additional. hence the reason why I need help. How can you remove something that is built in? I took out my contract out prior to april 2015 so basically Im shafted.
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