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  1. Hi knet2020 I've been following this thread is there any update? EDITED Sorry I posted after 1st page did not see 2nd page so please ignore this post! Regards
  2. Hi DX, Thanks again for your quick response do you think if I wrote to the cra after July and show them the original default notice they will take first credits default off or is it best just to wait until December! Regards Harry May
  3. Update: After searching through loads of boxes I found M&S Default Notice dated July 2009 but this is not showing on the credit file only First Credit from December 2009. Is there anything that can do? Regards Harry May
  4. Just found this about someone who had won against Aviva about section 32 pension. http://boards.thisismoney.co.uk/savings-investing-pensions/36507.htm Regards Harry May
  5. Thanks DX, Do yu know of any templates for contacting the cra's Regards Harry May
  6. Many thanks DX for your quick response. Regarding the cra I only recently joined one and did not enter my past addresses and my credit file was excellent! Then last week I updated my file with my old addresses and that is when I noticed the default suddenly appear. I then found out that 1st Credit had put this on in Dec 2009. So are you saying that after six years of the debt being gone with no payments and no correspondence that all the defaults should be gone as well even if they put them on later? M&S account stopped paying Dec 2007 six years would be Dec 20
  7. Hi Guys, I had a dispute with an M&S agreement which was a very bad copy of an application form back in 2008 sending all the relevant letters etc... This is now seven years ago. M&S sent me a default notice at the time and then sold the alleged debt on. below is a time line of what happened and a few questions hope someone can help. March 2008 Disputed debt from M&S sent letter cca request (poorly eligible application form) Approx £4000 August 2008 M&S transferred alleged debt to debt collectors (Collect Direct) Collect Direct wrote threaten
  8. Hi, does anyone know the number that HFC use when their collection people call you as I have lost the number. Also does anyone know if they log the calls on their computer screen dumps and what code they would use for telephone calls. Regards H
  9. No I haven't sent them a part 18 request. They seem to be trying to scare me and trying to get me to admit to everything!
  10. Yes, trial date next month, witness statements next week Part 18 due Tuesday!!!
  11. I have had some awkward questions that the claimant wants me to answer. 1. Do you admit that you applied for a credit card? 2. Do you admit that you received a document (agreement)? 3. Do you admit that you signed the credit card document? 4. Have you had use of a credit card or more than one credit card issued by claimant? 5. Do you accecpt that you borrowed maney from claimant using credit card? 6. Do you admit that you have paid money to the claimant in the belief that you were paying a credit card bill (pursuant to an agreement)? 7. If you deny borrowing
  12. Thanks X20, but I am still a bit confused could I put this on the form aswell as use this in the amended defence? Just in case the amended defence is not accepted I will still have the CPR 32.19 notice. Any thoughts on this? Harry
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