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  1. Hi All, I am in rental accomadation and the landlord wants it back. I informed virgin media that i will be moving home and would like my services transfered to my new address. When they checked my new address they said we cant cover that house as we dont have telephone lines going to it. I did a postcode check on there website and to my astonishment there telephone lines were only installed upto house number 112 and my new house number is 224 on the same street. Then they said as you are on a 12 month contract we will have to charge you £75 for early disconnection but if you ta
  2. I actually do think that not being able to get credit is a blessing, and not having a mortgage looming overhead feels good also. But i do eventually want that security of not having to move my family around every couple of years. I just cant see how i will get a mortgage if at all in the future, I mean if the global credit crisis ever returns to normal, i will soon be approaching 40 year old and running out of time with lenders.
  3. Hi All, I have a poor credit record and cant ever see how i will get back on the housing ladder with a mainstream lender. I had a subprime mortgage but luckily was able to sell my house before the credit crunch. I am now renting. Would there be any benefit in changing my familys name by deed pole and would this enable me to eventually goto a high street lender? Regards P.s just noticed i spelt POLL wrong (Silly Me)
  4. Hi, I own my own carpet cleaning business and have just had 15000 leaflets printed and delivered to me by a very large print group.. When i opened the boxes to find my new bright and beautiful leaflets i was horrified to what lay before me. I started a thread on the UK business forum for expert printing opinions. You can read the full thread by clicking the link below. Attention All Digital & Litho Printers - UK Business Forums - the UK's most active help and advice forum for owners, managers and entrepreneurs of small businesses and startups. Do i have a case
  5. OOhh i forgot to mention. Please make sure your deposit is placed in a Deposit Protection Scheme. And scrutinise the inventory and take photos of any damage to the property and note it on the inventory before you send it back. Make copies of everything. Not trying to put you off, but gives you some guarantees you will get all your deposit back.
  6. Your situation isnt as bad as you think it is. I have a county court judgement and just rented a house through a well respected letting agents. I came clean about the judgement and also gave them 2 months rent in advance as a guarantee that they wouldnt get bumped. If they ask for a gaurantor and the rent in advance, say no you can have one or the other. Just get a letter from your next employer stating what your are going to earn. This worked for me. The rental market is booming with not enough tennants to go around so they will snap your hand off. Just reme
  7. I do have the written ccj but will have to dig it out. No the deposit wasnt even mentioned, and when i tried to mentioned it in court the judge said: that is another issue and i havnt got time to deal with that now. Yes i went to court personally and did offer defence but it went in one ear and out of the other with the judge. Thanks
  8. Hi thanks for that, What sort of wording would i use on the court form to have this set aside or varied and what forms do i use. Thanks
  9. Why/how does the grandfather think the son will pocket the money? Because the Grandfather has had money stolen from his house when his youngest son lived with him but couldnt prove it. Does the will clearly state his funeral wishes? NO. And as a final if this is a home made will did your wife witness it? Yes. The money that is in the bank account amounts to £10,000 which will cover both the funerals the way they want it.
  10. The Grandmother suffers from advanced alzheimer's. The Grandfather has made a will, but are you saying that one of these template wills from the post office has no legal standing and the will is no good in this event?
  11. HI, I have a few posts on here about financial issues, my life is getting very complicated. Advice: My wife who is the Grandaughter who looks after her Grandfather as he is ill. Her grandfather has made a will with two executors. 1. His eldist son 2. My wife. Her Grandfather insisted that he opened a joint bank account with my wife to put his savings in so his other sons and daughters couldnt get there hands on it. This account was setup for the Grandfather and (Grandmothers funeral who is now in a home) My question is: When God Forbid her Granfather Dies, have th
  12. There is a new twist since my last post. I have attached all the documents my mother has with her details ommited. We have wrote and asked for a copy of the aggrement, in the meantime. On questioning my mother further, it emerged see had received gift voucher which is in the attachment on this post, congratualting her she had won a donation from local business and to call the number to claim. They said: you have won 2 years gym membership and goto her local gym to receive the gift. On arriving they congratulated her and made her sign a membership application which quit
  13. In theory yes i am still paying the landlord for still renting the place. IMO And yes he thought he was going to suffer upto the break clause.
  14. Hi, I posted about this a quite a while back. Here is the short story: I leased a shop with a 2 year break clause. I made a huge mistake in the location of the shop for my business and it failed 5 month later. I told the landlord of the problems I was having and he replied, if you go under you will still be liable for the rent upto the 2 year break clause; which is fair enough. As i had no money coming in to pay the monthly payments on the lease the landlord decided to take me to county court. The court awarded the landlord payments of £90 per month until the full
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