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  1. UPDATE.......................................... I rang BrightHouse this afternoon and asked them if the OSC & DLC had been removed and they said that i had to give 28 days notice & i said it's 7 days notice and you have received the required notice, they said where does it say 7 days and i said in your agreements., where they got 28 days from i don't know, trying to fob me off again i think. In the end they couldn't argue with anything i said and acknowledged that both OSC & DLC will be removed and my payment will be £35 per week cheaper from this week. Also they said that that copies of my agreements will be ready for me to collect tomorrow. So it's all sorted............yay I just want to point out something i remembered, last year i remember trying to cancel the OSC and they made me put it in writing while i was in the store and i handed it to them, however when i questioned them whether the service cover had been removed they said they never received my notice, so it magically disappeared. However this time it was sent to the store recorded delivery & head office had a copy and i kept a copy for myself so they had no choice but to cancel it this time.
  2. Ok, thanks, do you think they will remove all OSC & DLC then? as i'm only offering them the amount without OSC & DLC, then they can either take it or leave it.
  3. Thank you for your reply sweetnsexyenglish When i sent the letter last week giving notice i attached a copy of my insurance policy so they have no excuses and can't fob me off saying they haven't seen it. Also i reminded them in the letter i sent them today about waiving my rights with regards to early settlement and repossesion, also i reminded them that if i sign revised agreements the items still have to be described as new as in my current agreements, just to make sure they get the message. I am just wondering whether they will try playing games with me and possibly refuse payment? it's their loss if they choose to go down that route.
  4. Also i have sent a letter to brighthouse today saying that i would like copies of all my current agreements ready for me when i go into the store at the weekend so i can take them home for me, i won't be happy if they are not done when i go into the store. Is there anything i should watch out for at the weekend? as i will be having to sign revised agreements, is there any tricks they try and play?
  5. I received a letter from brighthouse today, it says. RE: SERVICE COVER Thank you for your letter received in our office on 9th June 2008. We are sorry to learn that you have been dissatisified with the service we have provided and can confirm that we will be conducting a thorough investigation into your concerns. Once we have completed this, we will write to you again. What is the point of this letter? i don't see any point in them sending this to me, i have given the required 7 days notice so when i make my payment at the weekend it will be without OSC & DLC, are they trying to fob me off?
  6. I'll probably send them a letter today or tomorrow telling them that when i go into the store this weekend i would like copies of all my agreements ready for me so i can take them with me when i leave. I just want to ask what if i go into the store this weekend and i pay the amount without the OSC/DLC & they refuse to take one or the other off or refuse to take OSC or DLC of a particular item then what do i do? Do i offer them payment without the OSC/DLC & if they refuse then don't pay them nothing at all and freeze my account or something as i know they refuse payment if it's anything lower than the usual amount. I just want everything clear for when i go into there at the weekend.
  7. Sounds like a lot of hassle can't i just ask them to have copies of the agreements ready for when i go into store and then sign the revised agreements? then i can take the copies of the old agreements with me? i don't want to be in that shop for longer than i have to be.
  8. Why would i need copies of the agreements? when i go into the store this weekend i won't be paying the OSC/DLC. I know i will have to sign revised agreements, i just wondered why i need copies of the originals, thanks.
  9. I'll ask them to send me copies of all the agreements, i try not to go in there if i can help it.
  10. Thanks Lefty, Yes i have sent a letter to the store & a copy to head office. The only thing i'm stuck on is the fact that i don't know how much my payments would be without the OSC & DLC, at the moment my payments are £90. If i offer to pay my weekly payment next week after deducting the OSC & DLC and they refuse payment, well that's tough because i won't be paying any late fee's & they won't keep ringing here because i'll tell them where to go & they better not turn up at my property because i will take further action & report them for harassment.
  11. I have sent the letter off today informing BrightHouse that i am giving 7 days notice to remove OSC & DLC from all of my agreements. What should i do if they try & fob me off or say that will not remove one or the other or both? Cheers.
  12. Cheers Lefty, If you could do me a good letter, i would be more than willing to give it a go.
  13. I have got my laptop back, it is the same laptop, can tell by certain marks in certain places, went in there & asked for it, they brought it out in a box, i opened it up checked it all and then left! They didn't say anything to me, they know not to mess with me now! It is now fully working, all the problems with it that it had such as webcam not working, card reader not working etc have been resolved. I'm glad to have finally got it back but it really has taken the p*** waiting 10 weeks for this to be sorted out, they were definitely running scared. Now onto the next step, which is to cancel the OSC & DLC.
  14. I received a letter from BrightHouse this morning, it says:- Further to our letter of 7th May 2008 (That's wrong straight away, i haven't heard from BrightHouse since 4th April)8) We have now investigated your complaint fully and would like to apologise for the inconvenience this has caused you (yeah right!!). The Store Manager has confirmed that your laptop is now back from repair and is at the store awaiting collection by you. The manager has tried numerous times to call you but it seems that your telephone number is out of date (Yeah yeah, that old chesnut! what when my telephone number has been on every letter i have sent!) At BrightHouse. we aim to give the best possible Customer Service at all times (Don't you mean you give the worst possible customer service everytime?) If you have any further problems, please do not hesitate to contact us on 0800 526 069. Please note that, under the terms of our Complaints Procedure, this is our final response (Running scared are we?) If you are dissatisified with it, you may refer your complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service. You need to do this within six months from the date of this letter. For more information please read the enclosed guide 'Your complaint and the Ombudsman'. Once again, we are sorry for the inconvenience we caused you (Don't talk crap) and look forward to enjoying your valued custom in the future (You won't do when i cancel all OSC & DLC cover next week!).
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