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  1. Hello, The letter is 4 pages we were claiming for either the goods back ie the handplate or the money we had so far paid the defedant put in a counterclaim for the money we hold them as we had reduice payments to her and she unlawly took the goods back and as we found out in court sold them. In the letter the judge said our claim must be succeed in principle as the defendant wrongfully repossessed the plate, the judge said that while sussessful in principle in respect of claim is extinguished in terms of the counterclaim succeeding in respect of the unpaid contract price and the per
  2. Hello, Our small claims case was held on the 22 Feb 2012, the judge stated she could not rule on the day, we got a 4 page letter yesterday saying that while our case must be succcesfuland the goods was legaly ours and the defendent unlawfully take them back. However our claim and the defendent counter claim has extinguish each other, does this mean we will not get any money back! The defendent has sold the goods that they unlawfully repossesed as we went to court to get the goods back, now we feel that is not right. The judge will hand out her judgement on the 20 April, any h
  3. Hello, My Small Claims goes ahead next week, I have now seen the other person's documents one is part of the agreement that I have never seen stating that the goods are hers till full payment this document was never with the orginal agreement I have fax the court stating this. I was wondering if there is anything else I can do?
  4. Thanks, the counterclaim about not paying the full amount which we addressed in emails to them about making smaller payments.
  5. Hello This is the case that we are have hearing date for: We brought a compure system to aid our business, we paid £2,750 cash and agreed to pay a futher £150.00 for 12 months , however the system as not been making the money as we were told it would and told the company that we would have make smaller payments and the company agreed by email as we had missed a few payments that they would rather have something than nothing. They than asked if we could make a full payment a few months later I email back to say we could not as we had been making the money but would carry paying t
  6. Hello, I am a claimant in a small claims court the case have been to moved to the defendant s home court, which is on the other side of the country. Which means if I attend I will need to book a hotel to stay over night as well as the cost of getting there. I know that I do not need to attend in person but I worried if I do not it will be harmfull to my case as the defendant will likely attend and be able to speak personlly to the judge thereby having an advange over me. Any adivce on if non attended on day will have any bearings on the case.
  7. Hi Any help would be great the person has counter claimed what would best be my actions regarding thwe claim?
  8. Hi, Do you think in regard of the case that can also claim that the company has Tortious Interence with trade as she has stop the main part of the business?
  9. Hello, I just got a letter back from the person who took the system in response to the letter that I send her. She is still saying that the system is here's till we pay the full balance. Do you think that I should write her another letter pointing out all the laws she has broken or should start legal action now. Any help and views would be most welcome.
  10. Hi Thanks, will have a look at website
  11. Hi Will be going to the small claims court tomorrow to pick a form
  12. Hi I have a better image of the contract,
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