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  1. As far as i'm aware no debt agency pays more than 10% for a debt!! Tigs x
  2. Hiya folks been reading this with interest as this has all happened to me with Crapitol One account with Lowell Financial. Had every exact letter that the OP has had,but my CCA landed here a month late,after receiving a letter from Lowells saying the original creditor couldn't find the agreement,just like OP. I have had the same response asking me to pay by debit or credit card over the phone, yeah right! I will be sending a response and see what happens, good luck to the OP and i will read your up dates as and when you post them,my thread is entitled Crapola One and CCA,iffy !!! hugs
  3. I thought along the same lines to be honest, i couldn't believe it when i opened it and found two sheets of paper and the terms and conditions APR etc is on the second sheet!!!!!! no siggy on that sheet no date nothing,so how can i be bound by it's terms and conditions?!!! lmao I will have much fun and a BIG grin on my face when i send this to Lowells as they are the go between in all of this, lol and the customer services woman, didn't even know her Consumer Credit Act, she said they had a further 30 days to furnish me with it!! Many many thanks Cerberus and i shall send this forthwith on
  4. http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=2cxaxk&s=5 Try this? many thnx !!! Tigs x
  5. Hi folks, just had my Crapitol One agreement sent to me after a month and a half of waiting and a subsequest snotty letter from Lowells asking for payment ,,yup ok!!! Debt is only £300, my point is this, ok they found an agreement, signed in previous name in Jan 2003, can't statute barr it cos i made token payments last year on the account, that was before i found this site and leaned a heck of a lot!! paid £12 in the space of a year. Now i really just want clarification really, the terms and conditions and % rates etc are on a seperate page entirely to the signature page. My signature is
  6. LLMAO he's had a rough day of it, thankyou for all of your help, much appreciated and at least we can start now on the battle with them as concerns the loan,many thanks for putting his and my mind at rest a little Tigs x
  7. Sorry bad day here but i take it you meant that i could put my wages into her account and that would be ok?!!! Cheers Mo
  8. Many, many thanks so much for your help, really appreciate it, Mo
  9. Thanks for the reply, i only have one CCJ against me so i am unsure as to why i am being refused!!! However, could i remove my name from the first reserve that the mrs is on,and btw it's her maiden name, this is going to sound confusing, because her married and maiden names are the same, and i swear we weren't related before we married!!!( we both had same surname) so technically the bank doesn't know were married, if you get me? that way her money remains safe, thus could i then get wages paid into that and draw on her card? gawd, i'm confusing meself now!! lol but hope you get my drift? or
  10. Hi loan isn't in joint names and was taken out before we were married,we married this year! So if i could remove my name from the joint account would that leave her money safe each fortnight? Also i have rung around a few banks today and because i had my house re-possessed last year they won't even let me have a basic account to have my wages paid into!!!!! is this correct because i was informed by an ex bank employee that even a banckrupt has the right to a basic account!! Many thanks for any info Mo.
  11. Right ok cheers for the response!! i think i will have to close all accounts and take my money out, btw, can i remove my name from the joint account and leave the wifes name on ? would they touch her money as it's her incapacity money that goes into this nothing else? many thanks Mo
  12. Hi folks just Tigers hubby here with a quickie question, took out an unsecured Natwest loan in 2007, due to increased financial problems tried to reason with Natwest on several occassions about reducing loan payments all to no avail. Went in last month and cancelled the DD for the loan on Advantage Gold account,also have a cash ISA account with them,a joint First Reserve account which my wife uses only. Now question is i cca'd them and have had no response, instead they have re-instated the DD on the loan and i am left with nothing to live on for 2 weeks until next pay day!! Can they do this?
  13. I beleive i did have the account pre 05, i am off to check the alleged "copy" lol, they sent me, updated it should have said more like!!! cheers everybody! Tigs x
  14. Have had a look through that thread and boy oh boy, am gonna do it!!! excellent stuff in there and i know that they will send me zip because it doesn't exist, so therefore should stop them threatening me further, correct? Tigs xx
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