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  1. Everyone watch out for NCO , NEVER pay them by Debit/Credit Card, theyattempted to 'steal' money from my account, I paid the monthly installment then later the same month they attempted to take a great deal of money but the bank stopped them, as soon as I started to make a few enquireies they sold on my debt to DLC, another muppet outfit
  2. You will soon get another letter from Crap Quest saying they are ''working on behalf of our client ans a deed of assignment is not applicable'' this comes shortly after the request for information !! CrapQuest Muppets
  3. I have my debt with HBOS, they passed it to 1st Credit, I sent them a CCA request, got it back from them today saying, we enclose your Postal Order, you must now send 10 pounds to HBOS at Data Protection, Card Services, Southernd on Sea, also a PO Box Number 5747 which I cant send a recorded delivery to as there is nobody to sign for it, can you please adviase what to do !!!
  4. Hi There - To EVERYBODY dealing with this monkey outfit, NEVER speak to them on the phone and NEVER PAY AN INSTALLMENT BY A CARD , they retain the number and try to steal money from it at a later date, the bank phoned my wife, who had paid an installment by card , they asked if NCO can take 2500GBP from her account, luckely the bank refused, I got on to the chief ass scrastcher, heard no more about it , tried the police but its a civil matter, the bank wont do anything either, the next I know the monkies have passed the whole debt to DLC, more monkeys to deal with. NCO did a CRIMINAL ACT AND
  5. Anybody wonder if Blair Oliver & Scott are just another department of the Bank (B) Of (O) Scotland (S) - Well they are ! All that phoney DCAs ringing up all the time, Hang up and make them write...that should confuse most of the monkeys ( sorry to offend our fellow primates )
  6. Hi - Yes I did go to court, I was advised by the CAB that there was little or no defence and it was up to the judge on the day, the debt arose from a credit card taken out in 2005, now we are lumbered and it was my card, problem is we are joint owners on the mortgage, I absolutly loathe DLC be warned people....worse still my wife attended and the Judge wouldnt let her speak as the judgement was for me, she wasnt named on the court order, even though it deeply affected her ( and still does)
  7. DLC have succeeded in placing a charging order on my home, it is MY debt not my wifes debt but now she has the debt should I die, DLC will force her into selling the house for a debt they paid a pittance for ( citi Credit card) is there anything I can do to get rid of the charging order, I cant afford to pay the balance and I am paying by installments.........please help !!!!!!!!!
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