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  1. Did they sneak in shortfall insurance as well? They really are a bunch of creeps. Is it time we all got together and went to the national press. The FOS seems to have rather blunt teeth.
  2. Yes.. Plenty of advice... I have been trying to deal with this bunch of perceived thieving clowns for the last 15 months. My complaint has now gone to the FOS. Do not contact WF again unless in writing. Get you original contract from them and then write to them telling them you want your PPI payments returned with the statatury 8% interest. In the meantime, go to the FOS website and dowload their complaint form. Remember... NO MORE PHONE CALLS.... do everything in writing. Don't mess about like I did. as soon as you get your 'Final Response' letter (also known as a dead end letter) go straig
  3. LOAN AMOUNT £2,000 FEE DISBURSEMENT £75.00 INSURANCE PREMIUMS £696.66 TOTALS £2,771.68 I'm not really sure what to do next. Are Welcome allowed to charge you for cancelled direct debits? The unpaid DD fees seem absolutely extortionate! All the fees are all different amounts too, it seems they just charge whatever the hell they like. I feel I've been mislead, and in typical Welcome fashion all communication has been done by phone so it's my word against theirs. I'm going to reclaim the PPI, I specifically remember being told I couldn't have the loan
  4. Take it to your local police station and ask to speak to a CID fraud officer. I thought I was up against enough with Welcomes PROVEN shifty practices but you are alleging forgery and deceit of the most serios kind. If you see my post of today elsewhere on this forum then you will see what I mean. I am waiting for a reply from Welcome myself before alleging fraud in the case of an extra item added to a car loan with no ones consent. Is there no depth Welcome will not sink to?
  5. Can I suggest you do EVERYTHING in writing. I have just sent a file to the FOS in respect of two loans on behalf of a young mum with two children. The HP was for a car and shortfall insurance has been added plus an unexplained EXTRA for £299. The personal loan was for £2000 cash on which had PPI and Lifecare insurance added because the mum was told she could not have the loan without it. I got involved because she is the daughter of a long standing family friend. When I worked out what she would be paying, it was a staggering £5,239. Having got fed up with receiving Final responses I wrote
  6. Hi Lisa, I am writing to them again this morning. On looking at the agreements again, I see they have added the administration fees to the total of the loan (£75 in each case) and are charging interest on that as well. This is not allowed under the rules. They must surely know this!!
  7. PPI is PPI regardless of how long ago. They may not have their records but you will have your bank statements showing what you paid. Write to Welcomes PPI claims department direct. Thats right. A seperate department for PPI claims. There must be one heck of a lot of us!!
  8. My friend's daughter is also having problems with this crowd. She borrowed money to buy a car for her work as a carer. She borrowed a further sum to finance her house move because the local authority could not house her family. Her hours were cut and she fell behind with her payments. She was getting up to 3 phone calls a week. This was getting her down and I offered to write to them. It tanspired that when she took the loan, there were TWO lots of insurance applied to it. (PPI and Lifestyle) She was told she had to have this to get the loan. I looked at her paperwork for her and discovered th
  9. I think you will get further by first of all going through your MP. Make sure you write a short letter giving him permission to act on your behalf. You need your MP support to acess the ombudsmans office. Looking at the other posts on this forum, it looks kile the DVLA has lost a large chunk of our records from their system. Make a formal complaint to Ruth Kelly's office and you will get back a reference number and the matter will be on official records. The DVLA are on the defensive at the moment but they are not above the law. Let me know how you get on and I will do the same. Remember
  10. Have a look at the general ombudsmans site or type in lost licences into Google. I sent a copy of the Bristol Evening post story to the DFT office. BTW, when the young lady resat her theory test, she told the examiner why she was there. He told her she was the SECOND that week. Bigboots
  11. The young lady in the photo is my second cousin. (she calls me Uncle) She has just lost her job because of this fiasco. She works for an employment agency and the driving licence was essential for visiting clients and placing staff. She tried to deal with it herself to start with and got now where. She has been told that she has never had a full driving licence. I have contacted Ruth Kellys office and complained. telephone number 020 79448300. Get all your facts together and either post them to her office or E-mail [email protected] They will contact the DVLA and give your
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