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  1. I got very good advice from this forum 2 yrs ago re Whistle blowing and rec'd a good settlement before it went to trail (They tried bully boy tactics) Most people don't have the resources to get legal advice and come on forums like this. If you don't know the answer best not respond.
  2. Forgot all about this site and case !! Had a substantial settlement pre hearing which I accepeted Have another case now
  3. I have decided to settle proabably too low but we have a legally binding agreemnt via COT3 and ACAS. Seems they now want to make a variation to one part of the already agreed in COT3 , can they do this. Its around any future reference I require ?.
  4. No they don't ,so you don't know what they will say and I think there are more restrictions on cross examination as well. For me its very hard to get a grip on what i want on this, obvioulsy compensation. I wanted min 3X they offered first 1X now 2X schedule of loss is 10X (I assume that was silly amount). Solcitor today suggested not if you back it up. So do I now say I want 6X to settle pre trial ? You double up 3 times on roulette try for the 4th and loes the lot, need to decide when I walk away.
  5. Thanks for these, just shows you how different each one is. Spoke to my old solicitor today and got 15 mins of advice for free. Much clearer what I can and can't do. e.g One of their witnesses is HR person I have never met, I want the one who dismissed me , who threaten via e-mail on a saturday that they will get the Police involved if I dont return company laptop. This was 1 day after the FSA told them to back off (I have all this in writing) . I can ask the judge, obvioulsy I have to prove its relevant to my case. I had 'assume' they were going to bring these people. I have another as well. Also very close to trail date witnesses will have to keep these 4 days free. I had assume witnesses had to be 'mates' but a hostile witness, she sent e-mails etc be interesting what they say.
  6. Thanks for this, I found out tonight at least 3 of their 6 witnesses have not been asked to be witnesses. One is on 'leave' following FSA enquiy, another who was going to be my witness says she sent the employer a letter via solicitor over bullying/collusion etc etc so how can she be a witness,she has not been asked. Like a soap opera this
  7. So for example, they said they had closed section down after we were dismissed. However I saw (never copied it !) a diary entry 4 days after I was dismissed that they were interviewing someone to replace me and no doubt others. This diary entry was in a senior managers diary (not connected to all of this). can i ask for a copy of this and if they deny it ask judge to comply that guy to come as a witness. I dont care if he lies etc but its more pressure on them. The judge said its standard respondent to do buddle so does that mean i do a buddle they incorporate that in their own buddle ? will call my old solicitor on monday
  8. I have names e-mail of respondent solicitors its on the ET form and told to use that ?
  9. Im really confused I want additional information I haven't formally asked for yet do I do that now via e-mail to them, whats the tribunal to do with it ? I e-mailed the guy pre CMD obviously no response do I say to their solicitor i need x y z or i will get tribunal to order him to attend ? ps my first dislosure was months before they dismissed us. """The parties are ordered to complete disclosure by list (and inspection if necessary) by 20/1/12 what does that mean ??? ie respond to my demands so much legal crap ! So I via E-mail say in word doc I need X Y Z from them if No Z will need 'person' as witness etc whats with tribunal courier ??? Or do I have to show to tribunal 'I need' that info for my case and have 'lost it' etc etc etc
  10. I did disclose protected disclosure,in a meeting with senior management and I have a witness, a few weeks later after nothing done (after coming back from holiday) I tried to see HR and the mangement above senior management. Also my solicitor sent a document which shows senior management saw stolen documents and it was used to aid buisiness development.
  11. Sound advice At the end of the day I was headhunted out of a full time secure job, I now have consultant job and that was hard to get in current climate. price fixing , collusion, and impropriety is established. Their argument I didnt disclose it while at work. Will reject and get on with schedule of lost and detailed words used re disclosure. I am going reject offer, i need to do a cost schedule I have to assume a witness need only turn up for 1 day of trial but that confuses me as that would imply a diary of 4 days before?? I assume i can ask for docs etc (diary entry/tender) very confusing
  12. They have increased their offer xxxx but I still think its not enough. I need to do a schedule of loss but not much info on web sites. Its been suggested that I might be able to claim xxxx difference current job and old job. based on fragmented CV tough job market want continuity etc That would be xxxx There is massive exposure potential for this respondent at a 4 day trail
  13. Back from the CMD. Mixed thoughts really, I did feel I missed legal represenation but those docs re what happens was very useful The judge I think was fair and did take into account I was a lay person but the directions were led by respondents solicitors (who served on me their proposed instructions to the CMD 5 mins before the hearing) What amazes me was they are proposing 6 witnesses and a 4 day Hearing !!! Which has been agreed and there is me thinking they would want to keep this low key. It might be due to FSA enquiry ie they will strongly defend this or just scare tatics. Do witnesses only need to be availble on a set day , which would be given nearer trail date, I left with so many unanswered questions. 6 witness 7 copies of buddles 4 day hearing it would cost them a fortune.
  14. It would be verbal and I would have no witness unless they sign something ? I don't leave till noon I wanted a xxxxxx but only there 5 months , read Daily Mail too much
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