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  1. And thank you too honey I have a friend who will benefit from this mX
  2. would it be worth the paper it was written on? I dont think so (just my honest opinion) mX
  3. excuse my ignorance, but whats the difference between this letter, and a direct debit form which includes the direct debit gaurantee? mX
  4. you could try the citizens advice buraue (spelling? lol) they offer free advice and can negotiate a payment plan with your creditors - sometimes freezing the interest. good luck honey mX
  5. maybe you could negotiate for them to close your account, and you pay up the balance at the current rate?? I have heard of this somewhere? mX
  6. This is very interesting to me - can you back this up with some legislation. I would have thought they needed a court order to place an attachment on your earnings? mX
  7. They are just doing their jobs. remember, in many cases people turn a blind eye to their debts, if it was you who was owed, would you not want someone to chase up the debt? It works both ways, and the world would not work without DCAs. i am not justifying some of their methods, just the principal ;-)
  8. there is a letter in the templates library i believe
  9. you have good reason to be worried
  10. unions are a waste of time and money (imho ;-)
  11. This is very interesting to me - can you back up this statement with some legislation please?
  12. have you contacted them and offered to 'pay it up'?
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