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  1. Greetings I too am in a similar situation with being transfered from Peoples Energy to Centrica (British Gas, Scottish Gas) however the only emails that seams to work is via CEO-email, for Chris O'Shea and Matthew Bateman. Do not pay by Direct Debit or Debit / Credit card, I pay via standing order that way I am in control how much they can get, because Centrica have abused the Direct Debit for many customers with fantasy numbers in the thousands per month already. As for complaints there are plenty on Trustpilot: https://uk.trustpilot.com/review/www.britishgas.co.uk?search="bust" As for me I have had a final bill from Peoples Energy 16 Dec 21 which is wrong in several areas, also a bill from Centrica which was in my late mothers name who has been dead more than 5 years and is also wrong in similar areas, still no credit has transfered even as today. Centrica treat all customers with the same distrust and their estimate bills are given more trust than actual photos of your meters, dealing with the executive office is a little better as they phone and email is returnable that will be answered, but overall they closed down my complaint without actually doing anything that was in their power to do. Competition is currently dead so switching to another supplier will cost even more for fixed or variable contracts if you can switch at all!
  2. Greetings ladies and Gents, in the last week I have made a very substantial donation to Consumer Action Group Forums, firstly I did not donate because CAG had helped me recover money recently. Also since Carona Virus 19 hit millions of people have either had a cut in their pay or lost their job completely and are less likely to donate money even if it's just a penny or a pound! I myself lost all working age benefits in 2019, I have HB and DHP and I have managed to survive on just £480 and still save around £170 a month, even with an alcohol problem, as of tomorrow I can now claim Universal Credit without the SDP Gateway rejecting my claim, but will I? Probally not! I had donated £100 to CAG around 14 years ago and now feel it's time to donate again So I donated £600, plus when I donate money I get a high feeling that lasts for up to a week afterwards like I am drunk without drinking, if you can please donate even if it's just a penny!
  3. Greetings I been a user since 2006 and still not introduced myself, basically it is not required, you can start with a question or reply to someone else's question, however all user advice offered should be taken with a pinch of salt as sometimes the reply does not help resolve the issue, other times it's spot on!
  4. Greetings the only thing I can advise it to either disconnect your Gas and Electric by teminating your contract or get them out to cap-off your meters, but there is a fee for an engineer come out and cap-off your meters, the same again when you move back. Also the only thing I see in there T's and C's is if you owe them money for unpaid bills is they can charge you 2.5% above Bank of England's base rate each day as it accrues. If you terminate there may be early exit fees in addition to energy used and standing charges on all fuels, and of course 5% Vat on top if you are a retail consumer or 20% Vat on top if you are a business consumer.
  5. Greetings Jase, the easiest way to get rid of DCA'S is tell them the account is in dispute. You should always take readings of your meters at least once a month, I tend to a reading on the 2nd of every calendar month, then I work out exactly how much that energy cost. You could take a meter reading today and another around the same time tomorrow, then subtract yesterdays reading from today gives you your usage then multiply that by 31 this gives an estimate of a 31 day month, and do the same for all fuels. You could switch energy provider, however it will cost you £30 per fuel and Flow Energy may block your request if you are £500+ in arrears. New energy provider: Peoples Energy; Fixed 1 year 2Months Up front ; ; 18 Apr 19 - 18 Apr 20 Direct Debit £100 in advance ; usage £97.10 Gas = £0.031639965 per kWh, Standing charge £0.2226 per day, 13000 kWh per year = £517.20 (£43.10 per month). Electricity = £0.13398 per kWh, Standing charge £0.2226 per day, 4000 kWh per year = £648.03 (£54 00 per month). £155 (G £91 E £64) Worst case scenario 31 day Winter Gas usage 2500kWh x £0.031639965 = £79.0999125 + £6.9006 = £86.0005125 + 5% = £4.300025625 == £90.30 31 day Winter Electricity usage 400kWh x £0.13398 = £53.592 + £6.9006 = £60.4926 + 5% = £2.91703 == £63.52 Old Energy provider Bulb Energy Variable ; ; 02 Oct 18 - 17 Apr 19 Direct Debit £120 in advance ; usage £101.58 Gas = £0.0366 per kWh, Standing charge £0.2339 per day, 13000 kWh per year = £589.23 (£49.10 per month). Electricity = £0.1286 per kWh, Standing charge £0.2339 per day, 4000 kWh per year = £629.76 (£52 48 per month). £166 (G £104 E £62) Worst case scenario 31 day Winter Gas usage 2500kWh x £0.0366 = £91.50 + £7.2509 = £98.7509 + 5% = £4.937545 == £103.69 31 day Winter Electricity usage 400kWh x £0.1286 = £51.44 + £7.2509 = £58.6909 + 5% = £2.934545 == £61.63 Bulb estimates my Electricity 440 - 560 a month, yet to date I have only ever consumed 344 kWh in any 31 day month. Bulb estimates my Gas within 20 units plus or minus of actual usage. Even although I issue my monthly readings, Bulb still prefers to use their own estimates over my actual usage! Bulb will send an email stating "you are all set, we will get the next reading in 3 months time" then they will apply their estimates each calandar month. At the moment I am in arrears with both fuels, paying £120 per calendar month, but using £140 in a 4 bed semi-detatched house! My last years usage : Gas is in kWh Gas 13269 kWh, Electricity = 3791 kWh Winter: December, G 2092, E 344 January, G 2013 E 344 February G 1507 E 273. Spring: March G 2193 E 339, April G 1226 E 295 Summer: May G 326 E 340, June G 236, E 296 ,July G 438, E 336, August G 236, E 306, September G 281, E 317. Autumn : October G 1248, E 300, November, G 1473 E 301.
  6. Greetings Jase, do you know if the plan was fixed or variable? If it is fixed they cannot change it mid-term! Debt Collection Agencies usually send's you a threat-o-grams, full of words like "If you don't pay us we may visit your property, we could get you Arrested, you might loose your possetions", DCA's have less powers than your next door neighbor.
  7. Greetings Jase, at those prices you must have been sheepish, because Flow Energy were fleecing you! Iresa Energy; V4; 02 May 17 - 02 May 18; Direct Debit in advance £80; usage £77.75 Gas = £0.02642 per kwh, Standing charge £0.1696 per day 12500 kwh per year = £411.76 (£34.31 per month). Electric = £0.108 per kwh, Standing charge £0.1766 per day 4000 kwh per year = £521.28 (£43.44 per month). Iresa Energy; V5; 02 May 18 - 02 Aug 18; Direct Debit £80 in advance ; usage £81.07 ( Ofgem Rules no DD changes) Gas = £0.028 per kwh, Standing charge £0.1696 per day, 89 kwh per quarter = £29.97 (£9.99 per month). Electricity = £0.1142 per kwh, Standing charge £0.1766 per day, 972 kwh per quarter = £117.11 (£39.04 per month).
  8. Greetings RMW I too recently had ESA WCA and went from Support group with SDP to 0 points in all categories and Fit To Work. I have been Mentally handicapped since birth, had physical disabilties since 1995 and I am now an alcoholic too. Apparently the Decision Maker stated that they tried to phone me on Saturday 02 Mar 19, but failed to get an answer. Wednesday 06 Mar 19 I received benefit failure letter with ESA65 report, I checked 1471 and the last person that phoned was number withheld Thursday 28 Feb 19 at 08:45AM, also there was a line that "Mr ASI, she walked 5 miles to see her GP". 07 Mar 19 Letter for ESA85 medical report sent. 08 Mar 19 Sickline sent up to 31 May 19. 22 Mar 19 MR Reqested! 25 Mar 19 Support letter sent. 26 Mar 19 More support letters sent. I also request the following reports: LT54 2019, ESA85 2019 (Already asked for it 07 Mar 19 in a Letter), ESA113 2019, ESA65B 2019 LT54 2015, ESA85 2015, ESA113 2015, ESA65B 2015, Plus any additional 3rd party information provided in 2015! As far as I am aware the Decision Maker only used my ESA50 2018 and ESA85 2019 the work of fiction to come to a decision that I am fit to work!
  9. Greetings I too am an ex-Iresa customer, fortuately for me the transfer to Octopus Energy went without issue, however my Direct Debit is to Iresa is still active and was paid on 10th of the month, the extra Direct Debit to Octopus Energy on 20 August never happened, and finally after the switch was completed to Octopus Energy they said that my Iresa acount was shut-down, when in fact my Iresa on-line account is still active, even today. Why don't you log-in to your Iresa Energy online account and grab the data!
  10. Ofgem Investigation into Iresa Limited has now concluded on the 27th of Jully 2018 with Ofgem shutting down Iresa Limited. Iresa Limited will be ceasing to trade. Ofgem, the energy regulator, is appointing a new supplier for its customers. Customers need not worry, their supplies are secure and credit balances are protected. Ofgem's advice is not to switch, but to sit tight and wait until the new supplier has been appointed. This will help make sure that the process of handing customers over to a new supplier, and honouring credit balances, is as hassle free for customers as possible. Customers can find support and advice from Ofgem: https://www.ofgem.gov.uk/consumers/household-gas-and-electricity-guide/extra-help-energy-services/ofgem-safety-net-if-your-energy-supplier-goes-out-business Or alternatively if they need additional support they can call Citizens Advice on 03454 04 05 06 or email them via the webform, or get in touch through Ofgem�s facebook or twitter feed @ofgem https://www.ofgem.gov.uk/consumers/household-gas-and-electricity-guide/extra-help-energy-services/ofgem-safety-net-if-your-energy-supplier-goes-out-business What happens next? Please click here https://www.ofgem.gov.uk/publications-and-updates/ofgem-protects-iresa-customers-supplies-and-credit-balances
  11. Greetings how did the account get to defaulted in just three days after the account was created?
  12. Firstly your winfall does not take effect on your current Income Related benefits until you have had it for six months.
  13. Carl2017 It should be relatively simple to do a debit card Chargeback, however some banks are totally clueless of what a debit card Chargeback is! http://www.which.co.uk/consumer-rights/advice/how-do-i-use-chargeback According to their fillings they have only been trading under Gas Superstore limited for 20 years (10 Mar 1997), but could have been a sole trader prior to that date. https://beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/company/03330542
  14. Carl2017 firstly sorry, but it sounds as if it is personal, what have you lost?
  15. Greetings Ladies and Gents how often should Landis and Gyr 5235A / Ampy Automation 5235A Electric meter be replaced? The meter is the cheapest no frills anti-reverse digital electric meter they cost around £20 when they were introduced. I read somewhere ??? that it should be replaced every 10 years, however when I spoke to my current energy provider they said 2031 (25 years), that Centrica note above the meter was the provider when the meter was installed. Please click on the Image for larger and readable 800 X 600 (122KB) picture.
  16. Hi nacid, have you asked for the meter to be independently inspected? If not why not? I would expect by now the meter will not be available for inspection and most likely been destroyed within 3 months of removal! What type of gas meter are we discussing; metric or imperial? Meter readers are just that meter readers, if they see damage all they should do is call for a meter engineer to inspect the meter, they should only be a maximum of 30 seconds in the property, I would suspect the meter reader that stayed 10 minutes probally caused the damage themself!
  17. I am not 100% sure, but it is an equally possible outcome.
  18. No doubt you've scored zero points due to the blatant omissions within the HCP's report!
  19. I would check your credit file with the three main agencies "Experian, Equifax and Call-credit" and disassociate every name and addresses that you or your spouse do not use and never lived at within the last six years!
  20. The back-billing principal only applies when you have told energy supplier that you have moved-in and gave a start reading and the energy supplier has failed to bill you, then you have told the energy supplier that you have moved out with a final meter reading and the energy supplier failed to bill you then later comes forward with a large bill for the full tenancy term confusedbunny : Assumed the electric was included within the rent and never contacted the energy supplier, then the back-billing principal does not apply and the £3500 bill remains
  21. Your DLA Claim 3 years ago has ended; you should have had a letter back then telling you that your DLA will be ending on a certain date and for you to apply for it's replacement Personal Independance Payment (PIP). Since DLA Claim has ended, you cannot reactivate it and you must apply for PIP. The £218.16 (fortnightly) is Employment Support Allowance (Support Group) Contribution-based, this would be a replacement for Income Support, Incapacity Benefit, or Severe Disablement Allowance.
  22. At this stage you will be looking at £500+ fine plus criminal record if you choose court or an admin fee between £100 - £200.
  23. Yes you should switch to a lower tarrif or provider at least every few years, I recently switched from British Gas to SSE. British Gas: the final prices include 5% Vat. Electric = £0.13825 per kwh, Standing charge £0.308 per day 6200 kwh per year £1018.05 (£84.84 per month). Gas = £0.0407 per kwh, Standing charge £0.308 per day, 16900 kwh per year = £840.27 (£70.02 per month). SSE: 1 Year Fixed v6, the final prices include 5% Vat. Electric = £0.0968 per kwh, Standing charge £0.2467 per day 6200 kwh per year = £724.72 (£60.39 per month). Gas = £0.0223 per kwh, Standing charge £0.2467 per day, 16900 kwh per year = £490.27 (£40.85 per month). Total saving = £643.33 is that money better in my pocket or British Gas's slush fund?
  24. If your import (buying) meter runs backwards it is considered as energy theft, your energy supplier may choose to back-bill you, energy supplier's have been known to back-bill a decade or more, but legally they are only allowed to back-bill you up to a maximum twelve months, and that twelve months is currently running out. http://www.which.co.uk/energy/creating-an-energy-saving-home/guides/feed-in-tariffs-explained/meters-running-backwards
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