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  1. Hi I am on DLA indefinate, but have hust received a IB 50 to fill in , I thought i had to no longer fill in forms etc, however I am not on IB but only DLA, so i think this is to do with a earlier claim for IB which was refused due to lack of NI contributions , so the only part of IB i get is for the NI credits, Is this correct , or do i have to fill in the IB 50 even if on DLA indefinate dozy
  2. Hi I have a old debt a Co-op credit card, Which I was unable to keep up the payments cos of lack of work and in ill health for the last two years. The debt was sold or passed to Equidebt ltd , and collection is under Geofrey parker bourne , solicitors . The CCJ was by installments of £2-00 per month dec 2006, since then i have had to pay increasing amounts of money , now standing at £10-00 per month. I have asked for a write off , waiver of debt on health grounds to solictors no reply at all, nor to a CCA request ,which i now know to have been voided by the CCJ order ( as said by a forum member) I have got on my desk, paperwork for a set aside request of a CCJ order and the paperwork for a request to be not liable for any FEEs ,that i might have had to pay to process it , I qualify on Pension credit etc. Now my point of thinking at the moment is to say to the solicitors that I am going back to the £2-00 per month as thecourt CCJ ordered me to pay. Then again I want to get shut of the whole thing as it effects my health ,and in all probability I might not live long enough for them to get anything worthwhile back for the debt. I mean its only £24-00 a year ,Thats 142 years at that rate !!, I have another one at that rate too !!, but at 48 years to run !!. So what do you , my learned friends think I should do , my ultimate aim is to get shut of it all together. Dozy
  3. Hi No the court was in nottingham equidebt territry i live in brum, theCCJ was in 2003 i have not worked since i was made redundant in 2003/4 and for next two years was employed with various agencys, i was carpenter/joiner, and employed on a self employed basis via the inland revenue on the construction industry scheme (CIS) ,but work was a week here /there to a few months to 9 months ,but in the end the building industry went for employing all the poles coming into the country then , cos they were a lot cheaper than us agency workers , I got a hourly rate back then of £12 to £16-00 per hour, but the poles only worked for £8-00 ph, so all the trade suffered as a result and still do today , jobs for english born trades are non excistant, ,i tried everything to get work ,even the wembley and oylimpics sites , but the foreign gangmasters were in there , I/we could,nt get in unless we worked for peanuts, so that was that , i could have gone for private work ,but by then i was suffering a lot, so no go there. Whilst i am on employment thing , Of the two CCA i have received Nat west/capquest, both were applications i done the indispute bit) but on both CCa,s i was listed as self -employed , but was ticked as PPI ,so thats something else i have to chase, natwest wrote off my debt anyway, capquest still there but silent, equidebt /solictor , still silent, ruthbridge (ahh ,no not them i can hear you saying) more silent than a cemetary !!. so i am looking at charges soon and PPI mis-selling, want to help!. dozy 2005
  4. hi Now something extra, i have already asked for a write off of debt , no reply total silence seeing as i have not paid solictors the inflated CCj , and a deafening silence here too,from them more than 10 weeks now, do you think they are up to something, or are they awaiting something from equidebt ltd , before they do anything, should I SAR them now , what happens ,seeing as i have not paid my CCJ to solicitors , on them receiving this SAR , would it effect or do something to the CCJ. I have forms for fee s for CCJ set aside as i qualify.is it worth doing that too. please place in order what to do ,then i,ll leave you alone for a while !!, and await results to come in . sorry theres so many questions, i,m just want the best plan going.after all i,ve only got ten years to go ,but thats a very optimistic view, as i have already had two cardiology events, 3 weeks in cardology and suffer from lots of other ailments, and i go to at least 3-5 hospital apps per week , this year so far 92 apps i,m disabled ,awaiting home mods. so i,m not going to lose out to creditors ,rather they are. dozy
  5. Hi I just did a quick math on how long it would take at the original judgement order , on 3340-00 and it comes out at 172 years !!!, i will probably be around for another ten years hence , so i pay £240-00, not bad, and there will not be anything left for them , in fact theirs nothing now!!. I thought anyone with a few bits of sawdust in their head would have relized long ago , that its not worth the effort involved in trying to collect, but of course they are trying to find out what you have , in my case zilch. and they cannot chase anyone else in the family , my wife in ten years will be 82 ,me 72. so i,ll SAR them and give them and all the call centre rubbish, some of the grief they have given me. dozy
  6. Hi Asked this before in another way, some time ago. I have a CCJ with co-op, but now being run by solictor, they have incresed the payments over time , but I thought that they cannot vary a CCJ payment judgement, without going back to court for a variation order ??, it was for £2-00 per month, now £5-00 per month, . my solictors have sent a write -off request first , then a CCA request, both have been totaly ignored, no replys at all. should I apply for a set aside of debt, I should qualify for no fee payment due to been on benifits DLA. can i do that now this is from a 2003 judgement, and would the CCA I sent to solictors be processed or not, i have received a deafing silence from them , can they still proceed with the CCJ with the CCA failure ,or have I got to go to court to ask for a set aside after all this time (2003). What would be my defence if any if a baliff turned up on my doorstep,( he won,t get in ) is the fact i have sent these letters off and had no replys to my requests be suffient to stall them , or can i just refer back to the original CCJ payment off £2-00 per month. Or should i go to a set aside on health grounds, as far as i can remember it was in nov 2003 the CCJ was made and its now 6 years ago. I have made no payments at all to the solicitors , neither have they contacted me at all, doe,s this mean that they have passed my letters to back to EQUIDEBT LIMITED WHO WERE ACTING FOR THE CO-OP LTD. is this the reason for the silence ( i am quite happy with the silence, no letters/phone calls ) which means in my book they might be obaying my CCA request, or is there some other plot being hashed up. my other is with ruthbridge ,sorry did,nt mean to scare you !!! , again total silence , no CCA ,nothing , no phone calls , letters, i could enjoy this till i get my 100th card from the Queen. again they have been sent "indispute letter as above has), still silence your advice please Two down and two to go. dozy
  7. Hi The debt is capquest !!, right my solictor sent for a write first ,then CCA,d them and others, cap then sent a duff CCA with mixed up dated statements ( i,ve seen this bit some where on forum), my legal aid ran out so i sent them a "in dispute letter" ,with a further one for a request to re-consider a write off. they replied with a letter wanting medical records and an income statement. this is asking for my wifes income as well she is on SP/AA/PC only, now on PC rules my DLA is not counted as income ,but my wifes SP is,thus we receive PC as a couple, and i am sure Pc and other benifits are not counted as income , but you seem to have to put them down anyway , hoping they don,t say it is income. the debt is in my name only. They could just be fishing , or may try to wipe the debt off , if they are satisfied with the medical reports etc , that where I am in a quandry about this income thing. going by what I,ve seen on forum on capquest tactics i,m 50/50 to reply fully or just medicals and my DLA only.
  8. Hi Dozy again Its just occured to me that they just might be fishing for my income etc, but their letter also said to send all medical docs to them as well, what do you think. dozy
  9. Hi I posted a message to forum yesterday on this and received some help, But I really want a definate answer to the question, do i have to put my wifes income down on form, she is a pensioner , whereas I am not yet(61) and my sole income if you/they could say it is is DLA, no other income at all. Now i am going for a write off on this debt , so if I do not play ball with the demand for wifes income they may not do anything at all. I may also add that they have failed twice now to produce a true CCa, and ignored a in dispute letter. What doe,s and does not contitute a income,in this scenario, are benifits income , state pension , dla, etc. They have also asked for a list of my debts etc. Do I comply with just my DLa/income? and blank wifes , by the way the debt (s) are all in my name only. or some other suggestion please. dozy
  10. hi scott qoute: Hi, DOZY. What do your solicitors say ? If poss could you scan up on to this thread exactly what the sent you with regards to the CCA, remembering to remove all personal details. Regards. Scott my reply dozy. hI Scott Solicictors took on my case on a legal aid thing , the amount of work they could do , (£200-00, i think) they could do under that free legal aid scheme was reached , thus i have started to to do it myself with the forums kind help. Their help did of course write off one debt, £****, and achieve some progress on the rest of the creditors, as my message posting. I will gladly scan up the income form and the debtors list form ,. but those are pretty standard layout things are they not , so shout if you want them . I have gone down two biggies to date, then theres this one for £***, then another biggie £****. My only income is DLA, no pensions at all yet( 4 years away,). My wife , just SP, two small Pensions , AA, CA, PC, which includes me as a couple, but within that PC is disability payments added too. As you might know , the goverment !! in their wisdom !! set out minimum levals of income that a couple can live on ,(£198-00 per week !!) thus our PC has been tailored to that rule for a couple. Thus our personel ( or rather my wifes) income is taken from that figure ,leaving a figure which we are entitled too , plus the disability bits added to it. to achieve our PC. I/we Have several bits done to our home to enable us too live safely, We have just this week had the disabled facilities grant people come round for another check -up , and its now going to the local council for ok ,then to builders for survey , then OK ,and start on our modifications to our home/bathroom (wetroom) shower etc, to begin ASAP. P.s i have had 90 hospital apps this year alone discounting the in patient weeks (2). So so I am feeling a lot happier so far , but want total closure on all that keeps me awake. dozy
  11. Hi my solicitors sent for a CCA, I received just an application form and mixed up statements , I sent off for a CCA in dispute letter 3 weeks ago, with a request to write off the debt, I have now received a two letters , first one a income statement form, the second a day later a list of debtors and amounts and amount being paid monthly. Now if Cap one have failed to supply a CCA, and now with my regards to me sending them a write off with a "in dispute letter" , can they still expect me to fill in both the income statement and the debtors list etc. I am not particulary bothered about the debtors list, but the income statement also wants my wifes income too, do I comply with this form at all or just fill in my own income only, the expenses are awkward cos wife pays them, I am in a quandry here that i may get the debt written off or they maybe just using my write off plea as a excuse to find out my/our income/expenses etc. what should i do . dozy
  12. Hi I have sent yesterday one not a true CCA and now "in dispute" , and another to re-consider a write off waver, to same. Two "in Dispute " letters for no response to CCA requests and to re-consider the write off waivers, to both. Now while this is going on , I have noticed that the Duff cca (capquest) is only a application form for which i have now sent the "in dispute" letter, but i saw that the application has the self -employed box ticked off , and the PPI box as well. Now do i await replys for the indispute letters etc first , or can I chase for miss-selling PPI on grounds that I was Self -employed , (apparently its worthless for the self-employed). I have been sent some statements from CAPQUEST but they are all topsy-turvy on the order printed out on the same page ,some years before others and incomplete months. The other two as mentioned i have had nothing from them whats, so ever . Mind you its been very peaceful and quiet the last two months , By the way all CCA request all expired on the 7/9/2009, so they are a long way off time. dozy
  13. Hi I am about to send off a I2in dispute letter to CAPQUEST, however the lines on my pasted letter in bold have been complied with , but not the CCA agreement ,which is only a application form . Do i just send the letter as it stands and let them defend those items i received , or do I delete them from the letter, see below. "As you have failed to comply with a lawful request for a true, signed copy of the said agreement and other relevant documents mentioned in it, failedto send a full statement of the account and Failed to provide any of the documentation requested. You will also be aware of the CPUTR 2008 and the OFT's guidelines on debt collection which state under the title Deceptive and/or unfair methods - Examples of unfair practices are as follows - 2.8" dozy
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