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  1. hi we have been in business for 6 years we depend on our mobiles to get jobs in, just changed over to 02 from orange, WHY! it was a good deal the thing is the phones are not giving us the same service as we are used to, the main phone keeps going to voicemail quite a lot others have not been connecting properly, the other day someone phoned it rang once to us then cut of, finally got through to the person ringing, they said that it was going straight over to voicemail,, the thing is this person knew us and rang us back, so makes me think we may loose business through it contacted o2 they changed the sim card and phone .the lady phoned us up quess what,, straight to voicemail again,,, they wont do anything about this now, all we want is a good service which i think they are not providing. they told us we cannot get out of the contract because it is over the 14 day period, we never requested getting out of the contract just need a good service!! she also said today that you could not always get a good signall inside property, so is everyone meant to be outside when they use there phones any one had any problems like us, or can tell us what to do with this company they are driving us mad
  2. when u said i should have told you this,,please dont tell me you bought one!!! then i read 'should i consider buying one' please dont. if you do consider what i have wrote i will every week put something on this site to put people off only buying expensive caravans,,,, cheap ones ok get everthing in writing though with the site fees, most park are ok but its just buying a new one is not good.. they loose a lot of money check the site fees as well i will be back on next week again just to warn others
  3. i know its late but dont bother rent out one is easier and lest cost effictive believe me
  4. hi i would like to bring it to the attention of people that watch this forum basically never buy a new caravan we have been out of pocket of about 28.000 this year, because of it. our fault i know! but to other people on this site who would like to purchase one beware i am warning you. buy one under 15000 if you can otherwise loose a lot of money and also be prepared for the site fees..must amdit not all site owners are the same, if you do go for one make sure that they are linked to inflation,,that is that they can only put it up to inflation, we were told lies and up untill this week they are still telling lies [phoned up given a completely different fee below what it should be] and i asked her was there anything to be added on to this she said no this was based on the fees for this coming year people on the site were paying 28950, i know we have been hard done by and that is our own doing but they are ripping people of, they also said to us that the site fees never go up beyond 200 per year that was also a lie they went up this year and the previous 2 years by 340 we know we had to pay them, so if anyone buys a caravan make sure you get things in writing! not sure they will give this to you though anyone else like to comment on this issue feel free
  5. aparrentley we went through a broker, it cost us £1500.00 to do this, to get the loan,, apparently we had adverse credit, but have been told a month ago this is not the case our credit file in fine, we are self employed with a business so whether this had something to do with it? everything we have out on credit is paid up and fine, but when we wanted a settlement they wanted nearly £18.000 also when taking out this loan we were not told about brokers fees but here we go, dont think they wanted to tell us,, just seen it when we recieved the documents to sign,,we were in a situation where we could do nothing else, we were in a catch 2 situation, if we never proceeded we would have ended up with a bigger situation. our mortage at this moment is 19.000 with 7 years left on a fixed rate which, in our situation at the time we were told to leave it alone. good rate... so hence the secured loan, now with this other loan being offered we are tempted if only to get the other one of our property, because my husband thinks it makes sense, does this make sense to you look forward to your reply
  6. hi just wondering if this makes sense, i believe my husband thinks so in march we had to take out a secured loan for £15000 we took out this loan because we had a shortfall on something we bought on hire purchase. we wanted to keep our credit file good. [it was a caravan] they lose so much money. that loan we took out was 'secured' upon our property,[the reason for this is because we are self employed and they said our credit rating is not good] the end amount for the loan is 26.000 there abouts, but we have been offered a loan from the hsbc for the same amount [15.000]payable in full is17.500 over a 5 year period, the other loan was for 7 year period, when we approached the loan company to repay this original loan they said the loan would be £18.000[brokers fees and interest] for 1 month of this loan,!!! now the thing is we have got this loan of the hsbc but cannot clear our other one at this minute because they want more, so before we proceed we think it might make sense to go ahead with the hsbc loan pay of one of our creditors which we make a payment of the amount that the hsbc want monthly and i finished in 4 months anyway [so basically keeping our finances the same] and then put the rest into a high interest account and then next year pay of this loan in full ,the hsbc loan is not sercured on our property , does this make sense i just want to get the original loan off our property as we have a balance on our mortgage of 19.000 does this make sense it, and also we have been told our credit rating is good so i feel we were ripped of with this other loan would be gratefull for any reply jue
  7. most of the loans we took out we did not know that this was added 2 of them we did, but we were self employed anyway we have just been looking on our credit aggeements with interest because of this interest in them and to our amay they have been added they get u to sign this that and the other so you are not sure what u have signed anyway,, probably your life away so i think anyway we have a lot of these ppi''s that will not be to much value to claim but some of them are if we do claim them do u really get them back do u think it is worth claiming any comment will do and if you do many thanks for it
  8. hi i never knew what ppi was till it came to my attention and have looked carefully to all the credit agreements that we took out, they are all paid now, some of them we never knew we had, maybe they werent properly explained to us, reading into everything now i really think we have be misold to a lot of the aggreements that we have now settled. one is for a total of £1800 £534 £389 and then the last one was for 303 there are others not much below £200 is it worth claiming on these, because we have always been self employed and never been asked the questions we should have been asked, will we be sucessfull with these claims not sure whether to do this or not, i feel thought these have been added on [2 of them] with out our knowledge any feedback will be good
  9. i forgot to say 1st loan 319.00 over 84 months 2nd loan 294.00 over 60 months
  10. i am new to this website just dont know where to start we have some bills to pay, we are paying them, no arrears, thing is we bought a caravan then had to sell it, we were in negative equatity with it so we took out a loan to pay it off we are self employed and took out this loan with a company to pay of the equity at £15.000 interest over 7 years so paying back 26.000 over the term this was secured on our property, at the time we were told our credit rating was bad the thing is that our credit rating is good and we have been offered a loan from our business banking for £15.000 we would like to pay our loan off with this because this loan is unsecured. [can we do this with a business loan even though we are willing to pay it back out of our own money] but at this momement the 1st loan wants back £17.290.00 because of the brokers fees we are willing to wait but the thing is my husband wants to take the loan now and put into a high interest account still pay it of till next year then pay the originall loan off i now it will save us loads of interest and it might not put that much pressure on our mortgage ,, which has 7 years left. is this legall to do this any reply will help
  11. i am new to this website just dont know where to start we have some bills to pay, we are paying them, no arrears, thing is we bought a caravan then had to sell it, we were in negative equatity
  12. yes they do cost that much unfortunately we did not know of any pitfalls about buying one at that price because on the site we were on they were all priced from around 25000 to over the price we payed, buying a caravan sounds really a good way to get away, also i must admit some sites are ok and people are happy with what they get but there are pitfalls esp if you have to sell one, you have no control on what the site fees are. esp when the next year comes about 2100 2350 2550 2890 you just have to take it our else i'm afraid, well thats how we have been dealt with i would like to hear from anyone who has have had good dealings or bad
  13. hi everyone my son bought a computor and had been paying it of for four years!!! asbolutely awfull interest and also on it there is an insurance not sure what the insurance is for as he has lost the credit aggreement. he actually finished this in january of this year, as he had a statement of them and i noticed this insurance that totals to about £450 the company was hfc how do if find out if it was a ppi, if he phones them will they tell him? any help will do thanks
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