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  1. @MaxxPower - indeed you are right, procedings are on the horizon , Q
  2. Thankyou mate, already sent emails and in touch with HMRC, Q
  3. Hi Bee, definately been deducted and have already emailed them detailing my concerns , wanted a view from others as this may be prevalent in such employment cases by wages companies. Q
  4. I would say not mate, this payrole company simply operates the staff pay. My contract is with them but I work full time for the actual operator. Q
  5. Heloo- I am employed by an agency , who I work for , 40 hrs week. ( Have done for over two yrs ) They contract me to another company . I see on my wages receipt they are deducting Employers NIC ( £49.77 a week ) are they having a giraffe ? This was pointed out to me by my partner . Q
  6. Cheers fr all the replies - I am of the view it was cracking down on a ( potential ) whistle blower and certainly under employment law as my contract at work is written -this is unfair dismissal ( confirmed by our HR bod ) the issue is gathering evidence and setting a case , Kx
  7. Definately sympathy fr you- in my work ( physically demanding ) its a young mans game - but its my experience and qualifications that get me thru' -def recommend further training / upping yr education. ( Am 50 too ) K
  8. OB - a verbal dismissal , isn't quite how I would have thought a company can treat staff. My HR person just laffed today at the validity of it - obvs we are going thru contract now an will post pertinent details , kx
  9. [link removed] Probly abt 8 or so people in each shop - something like 20 or so shops , Kx
  10. Just under a year - we are searching out the contract right now . Kx
  11. Basically She is a fine chef and kept flagging up health n safety issues with food hygene and working hours - bullying and unpaid extras K
  12. The company is [removed] , it does not seem to be registered at Companies House .....
  13. My close frend has been verbally dismissed from her chef job in London . We are gathering data as we speak- this happened today , advice please Kx
  14. Hi Andy, I did this as it was to assist until the company saws were replaced , and as you would imagine - there is just as much chance of the saw been stolen from home as would be at work - no ?? The company must provide our tools but it aint happening anytime that day of the theft ! Cheers Q
  15. Hi , bit of a general enquiry - not sure where it fits really. Our tree company has been broken into and the chainsaws stolen for the THIRD time ! ( In 6 months ) On the second instance - I brought in my own saw to help out as replacements are not easily found on Day1 of a theft . All the tools were locked in a steel bin and lo and behold after coming back from holiday I discovered we had been burgled again ! - My saw had also gone from the locked bin. Now asking the manager would he be replacing my saw , he said no - as he said they are not covered for perso
  16. A small technical point here - ask for the certification or calibration certificate of the instrument that clocked yr ( Alleged ) speed -if the instrument had not been calibrated recently it may exceed the 3% accuracy required of test instruments and may sway the charge if it is found inaccurate . I would always ask for this as any instrument used in test or legal proceedings must be calibrated or tested frequently Q
  17. Indeed I am - just astonished at the premium charged and their sly manner Q
  18. Seriously boiling mad - I have had RAC breakdown insurance for last 4 yrs . On auto renewal direct debit . Just discovered after checking my bank online they have taken out £113 ( Last years renewal was £85 ) with no letter sent to state new premium - straight on phone to wait 20 minutes for call center . I have used their service about twice in 4yrs . Demanded a full refund for the absolute cheek of them , got offered a check in the post . ( Firstly in was a £16 refund ) Now waiting for their Complaints section to contact me for a direct transfer as i
  19. Got nailed twice last week with illegal PNC s. Now seriously going to nail them back . No road markings , no signage . Will put in challenges to charge and get newspaper coverage of my dispute plus challenge wardens aftrwards for harrasment . Will also demand meeting with Council over ancient highways road markings and ambiguous signage on Moulsham St. Local feedback welcome and anyone requiring assistance on appeals contact me on here . Qx
  20. Well- I feel it is a bit poor practise , and am not going forward with their request - they can stump up or not - In other news I was assaulted at work by a work colleague , so now things are getting ever interesting and I'm sure I will be spending more time on this site !!
  21. Cheers Guys !! Yup sliding scale of repayment ( 18 months ) I qualified as Arboricultural Technician two yrs ago out of my own pocket, at abt £3500 quids worth ! An am already a highly skilled tree feller who has done loads of big tree / hazard tree felling so this course is basically paper-accreditation not career advancement . I just feel that if anything untoward happend ( Like a serious illness ) I'd be lumped with this repayment on a course I haven't realy needed .
  22. Hi Folks - Have been entered for an advanced tree felling course at my place of work , but my employer says if I leave in a certain period - I have to pay back the course . And wants me to sign a document to this effect . Provision and Use of Work Equipments Regs says otherwise I believe and there is nothing about this in my Works contract - yr thoughts ........ Q
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