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  1. hi after a sometimes heated exchange she`s offered £200 as a goodwill gesture or to exchange for a different horse, i think we are going for the replacement it`ll mean losing out on vets fees already paid and farriers bills not to mention the diesel i had to use getting there but the object is to get another horse and going down the get the horse x rayed etc route is going to cost more and could well be inconclusive. has anyone got any ideas on a document that could be drawn up that she would have to sign that would cover us in the event of getting another donkey as someone put it earlier
  2. hi kept it short just incase nobody was out there i`m not the horsey expert in our relationship so dont expect too much on the technical side we went to get a horse about three weeks ago now,let him settle in,got his feet done cos they were in a bad way and gave him his innoculations and then tried riding him,he`s lame.we have tried to take him back but the woman will have none of it,she wont re sell him for us untill we can tell her whats wrong looking back over the communications i think we have been scammed,the rider who was spose to show him being ridden wasn`t there,she was in a
  3. Hi folks got an unusal problem,we have just got a horse and in laymans terms its faulty. before i go into the details does anyone have the slightest idea about the law on buying animals thanx S.C
  4. hi thats them,we must be wrong about them. according to their testemonials thay are lovely people S.C
  5. Hi folks first it was lowell who i stomped all over with your help now its a different debt from some leeches who go by the name of inter-credit international Ltd they are on a fishing trip using the tactic of send demands to anyone who`s name fits even if its spelt different Now i`m almost sure that this is against the consumer credit act but i haven`t got much of a memory and could do with a push Does anyone know if this is the case and if so what section so i can quote it at them (i love doing that) also who are the people i should be complaining to Thanx Schrodingers cat
  6. hi i`ve been charged £70 by my bank for going overdrawn for about two days,i was on holiday and it slipped my mind.i`ve phoned them and got one of the charges dropped (2*£35) they told me it would be paid back to me by friday as its now monday and nothing has happened i was just about to phone them when this idea sprung to mind. send them a letter telling them of their failiure to repay the money as promised and charge them for my time and trouble i`m thinking £35 is a good figure to charge. any thoughts on this strategy ? i did tell them that if they didn`t drop both i`d try to reclai
  7. hi folks went on my hols and forgot to do a tranfer do two of my direct debits were returned along with the inevitable two letters telling me so and the charge of £35 each just wasted £5 and twenty mins trying to get through with no joy so before i try again i could do with some info first i will try to snivel my way out of it but cant see them capitulating to the full seventy and that is gonna just make me want war they are going to take this out of my account next month,can i stop them ? i have a mortgage,credit card,isa and two card accounts with these people and one card account dr
  8. oh and incase someone hasn`t said this before dont sign anything use a nice font and dont talk to them on the phone
  9. hi i had a war with lowells last year and i kicked their ass here is the link to it all http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/debt-collection-industry/146776-lowell-again-again-prob.html read it and you`ll get a grip of how full of it they really are good luck S.C
  10. think the police have more important things to do than arrest some farmer cos he`s doing too many miles using pink diesel the amount of people who bothered to sign this petition would seem to indicate how important it is in the great sceme of things if its not tractors it would be caravans or milk floats or other people driving their cars too slowly. some people will always want to go faster than the person in front people should plan their journey time better to account for such things every morning i see them on their way to work some actually try to get as close to me as they possib
  11. hi its always a good plan to not talk to them on the phone it gets you nowhere write to them and tell them you will not deal with them on the phone and everytime they phone just put it down or better still just leave the phone somewhere and let them waste their money when i was being harrased for a debt that wasn`t mine i ended up writing to them explaining that i was not the person they were looking for but if they were convinced i was then they should send me a copy of the credit agreement i allegedly signed and warn them to be sure because if they send me someone elses credit agreeme
  12. got bit by a gerbil when i was in junior school,that was forty years ago and i still remember
  13. seems rats carry lots of bad things Category:Rat carried diseases - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia but there`s lots of other things that carry bad stuff including us Zoonosis - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia i think people have just learned to victimise the rat do you think james herbert would have sold as many books or the film rights if he`d of called his book the hampsters instead of the rats,i think not i`m sure i had something to do today besides study rats S.C
  14. If the flea was carried on the rat and the rat got here on a boat it seems that we are somewhat guilty of spreading the plague unless of course rats can build boats S.C
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