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  1. thisis all so distressing - had my Dad in Charing X 2 Xmas's ago after a kidney removal because of cancer - they let him get dehydrated twice..my 2 sisters are trained nurses but could believe the lack of care for him & the other patients in his ward...would not want to be a patient at Charing X...the level of nursing was appallingly indifferent to their patients..one of my sis's wanted to retrain as a Midwife but it would take her 3 years of college to be qualified...seems like paperwork is more important than the care of human beings..I know that the NHS has a poor reputation when it com
  2. or cucumbers... turnips or swedes? am I getting rational..cook the pasties & then tell me - or are pasty chefs an enigma?
  3. PS the only thing for the original pasty is to help the compost & feed the swedes
  4. Well - G'Ma said swede - which is a 'Swedish Turnip' - haha - don't think her 'miner' brothers liked turnip, but it works well & tastes great - just make the darnned pasty & let me know - can't think where she mentioned wheelbarrow, though - unless to wheel the swedes in..lol - but that was G'Dad's job....wheelbarrows, that is
  5. OK So you need 1 batch of Rough Puff Pastry - I don't have the recipe to hand, but it's a pretty lengthy process making this..ask Delia You'll need Beef Skirt - chopped small - 'skirt' seems to be fairly good steak, these days, but it was readily available in the local butchers, not so long ago Swede -G'ma always said 'chipped into little bits!' Onion - chopped smallish Potato - 'chipped - as above Flour Salt White Pepper Beef Dripping Roll the pastry out to the size you want - in a largish oval shape, about quarter inch thick In the centre of the pastry, layer up the
  6. White pepper - were u looking over my G'ma's shoulder...? OK for all you pasty lovers..do you want the recipe?
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