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  1. Hello, I am seeking a little advice as to my rights. Basically I would like to know if my job title and description etc should be a true representation of the position acknowledged to be held and job function performed. Me employment began back in November 2014 in certain position. Within a number of months I was transferred to a different department and position. This was done with no input from myself. There is a little bit of a back story here too. Since then, and several documented requests for my title and description to be reevaluated they remain
  2. Turns out they have a written contract stipulating working hours among some other details. They have been told there is no chance of redeployment as there are no other sites available and that they will be "made redundant". It will only be statutory but that is better than nothing the employer first claimed was payable having seen their error. They are now in line to receive 8 years worth of redundancy along with any outstanding holiday pay etc. A happy, successful and correct outcome.
  3. A little further information. They have been employed with the same company for 8 to 9 years, have only ever been located in this current building. For the past 4 years plus have been working 6 hours a day, 5 days a week. A total of 30 hrs a week. They are not sure of they have a written contract etc.
  4. Quick edit on the above. The contract has been held by the same company for the 8 years in question and the cleaner has been employed and posted here for the duration of this time.
  5. Hello all, Posting on behalf of a work colleague. Have passed them site details and suggested they register themselves. The person in question works as a cleaner for a third party company who have a contact with our business. Our business is part of a much larger group who are currently restructuring. As part of the restructure, our business is moving from its current facility to a new shared site along with other parts of the organisation. For this reason our contract with the cleaning company is due be terminated. This now leaves the cleaner, who has 8 years ser
  6. Would you believe it. Switch blocked again. This is beyond a joke now. It stopped being funny a long time ago.
  7. Wow, does no one at Scottish Power talk to each other or pass information. Since the meter change I have received several letters that contradict each other. Today, I received two ; One confirming the work completion and what the next stages are re. administering the second MPAN. A second apologizing for the lack of action and progress there has been on my complaint and how they will prioritise the actions needed to solve it. Despite this, the switch so far seems to be progressing. New supplier has been in touch to say they have began the process and will progre
  8. Wonders will never cease. Not only is my switch progressing so far objection free, I received a cheque today from SP containing a "Good Will Gesture" payment for the trouble and inconvenience caused.
  9. Will now have to restart the switch process to new supplier and see how it goes. Hopefully this time it will go through without objection. Only then will it be truly over and complete.
  10. Success !!! Despite twice seeking to cancel the appointment due to a lack of engineers in the area and then on the day itself the engineer having been given incorrect details threatening to lead to the job being cancelled, the meter has finally been changed. Pressure, persistence and patience prevailed.
  11. Lets hope so. I have responded to their appointment change request in the negative advising that this is not suitable and that I wish to stick with the offered and accepted date of the 2nd. Still to hear from them either way.
  12. Finally, some progress. Scottish Power now seem to have accepted what I have been telling them for months, that I don not have electric powered heating, and agreed that meter change is what is required to facilitate a non objection switch to a new supplier. Ah good I hear you cry. If only so. Having been offered the earliest available appointment of 19th May it was unable to be booked due to a system technical fault. Their next offering was an appointment for 2nd June. This offer was accepted by myself and arrangements made for time of work etc. Not surprisingly, I th
  13. After sending yet more emails and making more calls I am no further forward. Nonsensical and irrelevant replies received to emails sent. One phone call received to apologies for delay and ensure "everything possible was being done" and promising a call back 2 days later with an update. Surprisingly enough this call never came and still hasn't despite requesting an update. Cant even check the online complaint tracker as my complaint seem to be linked to an account number not registered to or with my account. Any suggestions what I can try next ?
  14. OFGEM linked to the same energy ombudsman site. SP will not take instruction from new chosen supplier to change meter as they are not account holder etc.
  15. This situation now is so ridiculous it is beyond frustration. I initiated the switch process to leave Scottish Power back in February. This was objected to. Contacted them to find out why and was advised that incorrect MPAN had been applied for. Supplied with MPAN. Contacted new supplier with MPAN. Was the same one they had applied for. Switch re-initiated. Objected to again. Phoned Scottish Power to discover reason for this second objection. Again informed it was because of incorrect MPAN. Was now advised that supply had a dual MPAN and that first number advised
  16. My sister, many years ago moved into a flat with a gas supply. She made many failed attempts at identifying the supplier, and was told many times that there was no record or even a gas supply in the property.
  17. hanc

    Withdrawing Euros

    https://tfl.gov.uk/info-for/media/press-releases/2014/july/euros-on-the-tube ATM's on the London underground operated by Raphaels Bank dispense both Pounds & Euros Having checked the latest exchange rates, Debenhams actually come in top of the list.
  18. hanc

    Withdrawing Euros

    Yea, I realise this but would rather have cash on me for that cup of coffee between flights etc. Wouldn't want to take the chance of being stuck in foreign airport with no money or taking the chance of them accepting sterling.
  19. hanc

    Withdrawing Euros

    I believe there are ATM's around the London underground that allow the withdrawal of Euros. Don't know if any fees are involved. Not really an option. I know I can with withdraw them when I get there but want to have some Euro cash in my pocket before traveling in case there is a need for money before the chance to use an ATM arises. I have been in touch with the card / account provider and they are not aware of anywhere that you can withdraw Euros etc here. They also believe a BdC will charge a fee, even for a Euro to Euro transaction. Looks like it will have to be done t
  20. hanc

    Withdrawing Euros

    This is pre pay master card. Funds are loaded to the card and can then be exchanged between a variety of currencies instantly. The card can be used at home, abroad, at ATM's and online. Funds can also be withdrawn to your bank account Balances can be held in a multiple currencies and are automatically exchanged to the local currency at time of use. Obviously, I could wait until I arrived and withdraw Euros from an ATM there. I would however like to have a some currency on me before traveling as an ATM might not be readily available before the need for cash.
  21. hanc

    Withdrawing Euros

    Hello, Just wondering if any of you know whether this is possible. I have a card that allows me to hold balances in different currencies and transfer / exchange between them at the inter bank rate with no fees. If this card is holding a value of Euros, does anyone know if it possible to withdraw these anywhere ? Would a bureau De change allow such a transaction ? Is there anywhere that can and will facilitate the withdrawal of Euros or allow the purchase of them with payment in Euros ? Would like to have some cash in hand before traveling abroad and would like to tak
  22. This is another dimension of the discriminatory and inequitable tipping process. Why should the chef get it ? Why not the dishwasher ? What about the potato peeler ?
  23. Exactly ! It is this expectation to receive these gratuitous payments that lead to these people who are only carrying out their job role often acting in a manor in attempt to extort such payments. As you say, it is the standard expectation that can lead to the awkward moments or feeling pressured into making them.
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