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  1. Just to update Restons rang me today to confirm this account is now settled. When I told them I had received the statements and pointed out the above points they said the Hfc statements don't take into account the addition of any court fees or collection charges that may have been added.
  2. In writing yes numerous telephone calls most ignored the rest refused to speak to them and told them in writing only. the last letter was from Mortimer Clarke informing me they had requested my cca that was dated the 3rd of feb 2009.
  3. MCE Portfolio. Same address as Mortimer Clarke(the MC in MCE Portfolio methinks) Solicitors. Marlins Legal EXPERTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
  4. Its been over two years since i cca requested them and set aside the sd they hit me with when i cca'd them i can't recall if i did send one. However they should be well aware of their non compliance or should i remind them??????
  5. What about the NOA from Marlin regarding MCE Portfolio should I just send Marlin the Account in Dispute letter??
  6. Well an update for this one.Received a hand delivered brown envelope which contained a resolvecall calling card for my urgent attention and telling me to contact their head office along in the normal post with a letter from Marlin or rather a Notice of assignment saying that MCE Portfolio Limited has had assigned to it all right, title, interes and benefit in my account. Wat now???????????????
  7. Thanks Donkey and apologies I missed YOUR replies as was typing my last post. DOH.
  8. A short history of this case for your info donkey, although a historic thread will exist somewhere within this site referring to the original post. This was an HFC/MARBLES credit card which was referred to Restons and payments were being made monthly towards it without fail. Then all of a sudden I try to pay Restons and they tell me over the phone they are no longer handling this debt and someone would probably contact me and I should be paying them. This somebody was Marlin and when I spoke to them they wanted more than double what I was paying and wouldn't budge. I then CCA'd Marlin and there reply was to issue a Stat Demand for the outstanding amount which I subsequently applied to have set aside filing my defence with the court and attending on the hearing date only to find Mortimer Clarke for Marlin didn't bother to turn up and upon reading my evidence the judge set the stat demand aside. Then despite my request still not being complied with Marlin continually rang to speak to me which I always refused their request telling to fulfill my request and I would speak to them which of course hasn't happened culminating in the letter from resolvecall today.
  9. Should I enclose a copy of the CCA letter sent to Marlin aswell, REV. Donkey what is your thinking re defence to set aside???
  10. Yes with the help of 42man. No valid CCA, No Notice of assignment and No default Notice. Along with other Stated Case references.
  11. Despite Marlin issuing a stat demand in Jan 09 and me subsequently winning my set aside in march the same year after CCA requesting Marlin who Still haven't complied with my request it would appear they have now enlisted Resolvecall to try and threaten me. RE: YOUR ABOVE OUTSTANDING ACCOUNT We are acting on behalf of Marlin Financial Services who are the collecting agent for your above creditor(none listed above) We have been instructed by them to arrange a personal visit to your home by one of our representatives unless you contact Marlin Financial Services to address your account. This is because you are not making payments to your account and have failed to make contact with Marlin Financial Services despite their requests for you to get in touch. It is in your interests to contact Marlin Financial Services iimmediately upon receipt of this letter to discuss your account as a matter of urgency. Failure to do so will lead to a personal visit being made by one of our representatives to your home to discuss your account and payment proposals. PLEASE DO NOT IGNORE THIS LETTER. ACT NOW TO HAVE A POSITIVE DISCUSSION ABOUT YOUR ACCOUNT. WHAT NOW???????????????????
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