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  1. Not a bot. It is a human that reviews posts and sends you a PM in a specified format.
  2. Yes, they could if Tescos told your employer that employees are prohibited to park and despite this the employees continued.
  3. Agreed. Perky would wet himself if he found out thru here.
  4. Yes there should be a plate on all SYLs if they are not in a CPZ. I will think you will have to formally appeal when you receive a NTO and if they don't accept that then appeal to the adjudicator. If there are no plates and it is not a CPZ, the council is acting unreasonably. You should not have to push it to the adjudicator but if they do I would look for costs.
  5. If this single yellow is within a Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ) you will have no defence. Single yellows within the CPZ do not need plates unless their operational times are different from the main CPZ times which must be posted on signs at each entry point to the CPZ. If the entry signs are missing/wrong then you have a case against the PCN. If the single yellow is not in a CPZ, it will need a plate and is therefore unenforceable. You will need to go back and take pictures of the line and any signage.
  6. When dealing with councils regarding PCNs you are best always to deal in writing. Phone calls can be denied etc.
  8. By writing to them, you are placed on a hooked fish list that they will never leave alone. You are best to ignore any mail from these jokers. They cannot impose unlawful penalties. They will not take you to court. Ignore them.
  9. A love of pies must be a common trait amongst PPC operators.
  10. Even if it was filled in it is still not valid. This is a [problem], do not pay. Ignore all correspondence. It is an unenforceable private penalty. Don't worry. They will not take you to court. Ignore them and get on with your life.
  11. I suspect the landowners only get the money on paid invoices.
  12. I bet he enjoys reading his emails. I see the BPA are looking for a new CEO. http://www.britishparking.co.uk/news.php?id=24 [url=http://www.britishparking.co.uk/news.php?id=24][/url] http://forums.pepipoo.com/index.php?showtopic=30098 I wonder if Perky will apply?
  13. Let them provide the photos. The photo should show the PCN in situ on your windscreen. If they don't produce the notes the council will fail at the adjudicators. Get your NTO appeal in first and see what they come up with and take it from there.
  14. The council have to prove a contravention occurred. They can't issue any new PCN now. The PCN has been issued but not correctly served, now you have a NTO. You must make representations against the NTO. Ask for proof of service. Ask to see the CEO's notes. Then take it from there.
  15. You will need to appeal the NTO on the grounds that no contravention occurred. Ask for proof of service, i.e. photos of PCN in situ on car etc. What council is this? Westminster are well known for ghost PCNs.
  16. To me the term "Outside Field Operative" would mean a farmer. Seriously, Elite mean they will send around a hired goon to collect. Send them the refused access letter. I seriously doubt anyone will call around.
  17. This is a matter that should be taken up with the CC of GMP. He is the one with the answers.
  18. Nothing that I can see. They will use sect 163 to stop but there is nothing to allow them to detain. I would think that such detention would amount to false imprisonment.
  19. Has it been established how many forces are up to this funny business? So far it is only GMP/Drakes in bed with each other. Any more out there?
  20. Correct, so long as he is still contactable at the one stated on the V5. In the case of leased cars, the address on the V5 would be the lease company's but the the lessee would still be contactable at that address.
  21. It also says that there is a "reduction of 50% if payment is received within 14 days". 14 days of when? There could be some mileage in it but only at the adjudicator stage.
  22. When a troll is found on pepipoo they are banned immediately, no fuss involved. Here they are allowed to fester and pollute the forums. Mods here are not tough enough.
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