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  1. Fair enough, but I have heard numerous stories where extra money was demanded because a tow truck was allegedly en route.
  2. And what about the chancers that say "That will be another £150 as I have just called a tow truck" ? Extortion is it not?
  3. Private message would be best. Go to the bailiff forum and click on one of her posts and send a PM from there.
  4. The question is are they going to send back the money without the victims having to request it?
  5. Bailiffs don't understand the difference between Owner and RK. As far as a bailiff is concerned, RK=Owner QED.
  6. Why does Mr Scott use MCOL? So he can use a cut and paste claim? Lazy bugger if you ask me.
  7. Then calling the judge an arse was probably not the best course of action either.
  8. No explanation has been offered for the removal of PM facilities.
  9. That is the truth, the moles and double agents are allowed to flurish due to poor moderation. Because the trolls talk nicely they are allowed to stay. On other forums trolls are not allowed to exist. As for removing my PM facility I can see no justification for that.
  10. I agree 100%. This site is a shambles. They have stopped me from sending PMs because I help people with good advice off thread. Tbh they might as well have banned me. The mods here are pandering to Perkys every whim. It appears to me that Mr Perkins is really calling the shots around here.
  11. So you will ban people offering genuine helpful advice albeit in a private setting? There are specialist websites out there that offer excellent advice and even there they will not advise people with active court cases to discuss same in a public setting. I can see nothing wrong with helping people offsite and in private and I shall continue to do so here and on other sites. If the advice given was made public for discussion it would alert the likes of Perky et al to our defence positions which is an extremely unwise thing to do. Any lawyer would advise the same.
  12. I must stress that said advice has not been given via this site. It mostly has been given via PM on a 3rd party specialist site which is of no concern of anyone on this forum.
  13. I certainly would not send a letter like that offering to pay. I would fight them as far as possible and demand copy of the PCN, proof of service, photographs and CEO notes etc. The PCN and NTO could have illegal wording making them invalid. I would not roll over and pay up meekly.
  14. The council is supplied the VED details automatically when they get the RK details from the DVLA.
  15. Rest assured they are being helped off forum for their own protection.
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