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  1. The police should not be putting any information reports on the PNC relating to PCN's where charge certificates have been issued and bailiffs have been instructed for the recovery of the unpaid PCN. You should ne asking Greater Manchester Police to provide a record of any PNC transactions on your vehicle. They can check back 1 year and these will show who did the check, where it was done, who the operator was and the actual transaction that was carried out.

    Can they hide behind national security reasons not to disclose this data?

  2. Thanks for the fast replies.


    I was looking at easykard. Anyone got any experience of them? I only really need it to get past Hertz to collect a hire card. For all my other spending Maestro is universally accepted by merchants and ATMs. I was thinking of just preloading a card with $1000 which would easily cover the pre auth from Hertz.


    Thanks again for the advice so far.

  3. I am looking at getting a prepaid credit card. I want to use it to hire a car from Hertz in the USA.


    Question, will it work with hertz for car hire in that will it allow pre auths? Can hertz tell that it is a prepaid card and refuse on that basis?


    Thanks all



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