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  1. Usual PPC bull excrement. Ignore and do not pay. Do not contact them any further. You should never write to a PPC or their faux debt collectors.
  2. We need to find out if it is the councils or the bailiffs that are feeding the info to the police.
  3. Unless you live in Manchester I would not worry too much.
  4. Can they hide behind national security reasons not to disclose this data?
  5. Someone over on moneysaving expert said that they managed to hire a car from Hertz with a prepaid card from easykard. I will have to investigate further.
  6. Thanks for the fast replies. I was looking at easykard. Anyone got any experience of them? I only really need it to get past Hertz to collect a hire card. For all my other spending Maestro is universally accepted by merchants and ATMs. I was thinking of just preloading a card with $1000 which would easily cover the pre auth from Hertz. Thanks again for the advice so far.
  7. I am looking at getting a prepaid credit card. I want to use it to hire a car from Hertz in the USA. Question, will it work with hertz for car hire in that will it allow pre auths? Can hertz tell that it is a prepaid card and refuse on that basis? Thanks all PPCBuster
  8. There is not a chance of them taking you to court.
  9. Hello I would like to ask if I could have my PM service restored. I am finding it hard to use the forum properly without it. Apologies if I had caused any trouble in the past. Regards John
  10. You will be very unlikely to be able to recover any money from them as payment will be seen as acceptance of their terms and conditions. Even if you win at court it will be hard to make them pay up. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.
  11. Drive aways, threats of violence and obstruction of CEO's.
  12. I would agree 100% with you. Ignore is always the best route.
  13. If you don't claim and they don't pay out why do they charge you more? If that is the case I would claim just to spite them.
  14. The Bear garden is where posts moved by the mods/GAGbot go. It is a type of dustbin for unsettling posts.
  15. To which the reply will be, "That is a civil matter, sir. Nothing we can do."
  16. I had the pleasure of receiving an invoice from CPS whilst on business in Wolverhampton recently. Still I have heard nothing back from Perky and his crew. I am looking forward to receiving some bedding materials for my ferrets.
  17. I respectfully request that you delete all my posts and remove my account.
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