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  1. Hi bazooka Boo I thought i had that time Not very good at this. I brought it up on windows viewer and it is readable. I went on the link above and i magnified it by 300% and it is better than the other links i have put up. You can tell it is a copy that lloyds have sent me because their is gaps in the paragraphs and blurry writing where it hasn't copied properly. But it is legible. I have tried everything and it only distorts the image. So i don't know what else to do. It is brillient on windows viewer. So what am i looking for to see if this document refers to the application and what am i looking for to see if this the original terms and conditions. I didn't have anything when i signed with lloyds i didn't have a copy of anything. She took the form from a booklet that had an application in it. So i had nothing to take away with me. and i certainly never saw no terms and conditions at the time. She really did bully me into having the card. like you will need it in an emergency etc. So thank you so far and sorry for all the problems thanks Stardust
  2. Hi everyone Yipee i have finally done it here are both documents. If someone could see what they think. It is appreciated Thank you stardust edited cca bls.pdf Cannon026.pdf
  3. I have been playing around with the document and i think it has been scanned in on to high of a resolution so i will have to get it re scanned tomorrow. Looking at the document though is refers to the conditions of use for the mastercard. It has the APR etc on it as well as repayments. On another note on the application form, i was at the time on a training for work scheme and was in full time education with my local college. I was getting £10 a week on my benefits. Now i was pushed in to this card by my accounts manager. And i noticed on the form she has put the incorrect address, she has put that i am in full time employment and she never made any checks to me identity only from her computer and my account with them, she also didn't check my income which was at the time a benefit book. So my income wasn't secure as such. She filled this form out and bullied me into it. Before that i was always managing my money i was never in debt and i only dealt with the income that i had knowing that at any time it could all go pear shaped. I was also suffering diagnosed clinical depression at the time which has been ongoing since childhood. I was never given any paperwork at the time and then i recieved my card in the post. So i have always partly blamed lloyds for my going into debt. So i don't know if the incorrect information on the form makes any difference or not? I will get the conditions scanned in tomorrow. Sorry for being a nuscince Thanks Stardust
  4. http://s944.photobucket.com/albums/ad288/basilb75/?action=view&current=Cannon020.jpg sorry
  5. Hi again I thought the image wouldn't be very good. So this is from photo bucket I have deleted all of the unedited cca's now. So lets have another go:) IMG]http://i944.photobucket.com/albums/ad288/basilb75/Cannon020-1.jpg[/img]
  6. Thank you for replying I got the pm lexus totally understand. They did send a bank copy of conditions of use that was stapled to the document. on the application it refers to conditions overleaf. What i thought was funny was on the bit where it says about a second signature the terms and conditions are on the reverse of the application. So to me it is either on the back or on another piece of paper. i can't see any reference to page 1 and page 2 on either form. Just a bit that says the conditions of use are on the back and another bit that says overleaf. If someone could have a look it is appreciated. Though it is small i can't seem to make it bigger, not that great with computers Thank you again everyone Stardust:)
  7. Hi i wonder if anyone could help me. I have requested a credit agreement from Lloyds. Though BLS are collecting on their behalf. I wonder if someone could take a look at let me know if it is enforcable. I would appreciate someone taking a look and telling me what they think. Thanks Stardust
  8. Hi I wonder if someone can help me. I have an alledged debt with Lloyds TSB Mastercard Credit Card. This debt is over 12 years old. I have been paying token payments over the last 7 years. BLS now control my debt on behalf of lloyds. So when they rang a couple of months ago, i asked them for a CCA and she said that's no problem as long as it is within a 5 year period as they do not have anything after this time frame as they despose of them. So i said my is 12 years old she replied that they would no longer have the document. She then said when would i be making a payment to them. I said to her that if they didn't have this document where is verification of the debt? She said i owe it so that is all there is to it. I said i would be requesting a SAR which should also include my copy of the cca along with the terms and conditions. She asked me what a SAR was. What are these people doing? So i immediatly wrote to BLS asking for a SAR along with £10. They referred this letter to Lloyds who wrote to me sending the cheque back and saying i need to write the cheque out to LLoyds TSB and they couldn't do anything until i verified who i was by filling out a form and signing it. I rewrote the cheque and sent them a letter from your templates regarding the refusal of sending because of signature verification and they wrote back to me saying that i would need to supply a signature and verify who i was as it was their policy to do so. As the SAR contained sensitive information. Now as far as i am concerned, the only signature they would have of mine would have been 12 years ago on that cca. So anyone could do my signature and it doesn't proof that it is mine. They have no problem sending sensitive and demand letters to my house by standard post, and they have threatned to send a personal advisor to the house to see me. So my question is why can't they send my sar to me? Who else is going to pay £10 for a sar but me? They make me so angry:x So I'm just wondering where do i go from here? What do i send them now? I requested a SAR from HBOs and i received it on time by special delivery and no problems with signature verification. So what is Lloyds problem? So please someone can you tell me what to do next. Thank you i appreciate it. Stardust
  9. Hi Penny Thank you for your reply and your help. After i read your thread a thought occured to me that people who have personal loans and have ppi on them and are either paying reduced payments or token payments which makes the ppi no longer valid (i may be wrong) yet they still have to pay the insurance debt. I think that is wrong. Only my opinion though. Anyway, at the moment BOS have said that they are giving me a full fiancial statement and they have said nothing about paying. My o/h just rang them on my behalf and queried them about why a default was put on my account in 2005 and i had been paying reduced payments since 2003. So they were nice on the phone to him. They said it was going to take a couple of weeks to come through. So i will wait and see. What my o/h wants to know is this:- I went on the sick from my job with sick notes etc in 2003 and was still making full payments to all my creditors. When the company i was with asked me to make a descion i had to hand in my notice and then went on to incapacity benefit, which meant that i couldn't afford to make my full payments, i was really bad with depression so a friend recommended to my sister about eurodebt and thought that this would be the answer for me, i was really bad and vunerable and i didn't know any better, if only i knew what i know now. Well this man came out from eurodebt and talked the talked and what did it for me is they said they would take on the whole of my debt i would not have to deal with anything as they would deal with phone calls, letters the lot. They then said about the cost of about £2000 and i still went with them, because i couldn't deal with the debt and the embarresment i had always paid my way. Anyway they took all my paperwork, and off they went. What my o/h wants to know is why did eurodebt not pull in the ppi as that's what is was there for and it would have paid off the loan by now, or why did halifax not notify me either as i had gone on the sick and couldn't afford my payments. He feels that eurodebt made my debt worse because they made late payments in 2005 which caused a default on all my debt and they really should have done more for the money that they were being paid. I really don't know where i stand with that or even if he is right. So he has been given a number of a law firm in bristol by the financial ombudsman as they feel that there could possibly be a case. I am now waiting for everything to come back from eurodebt, and from BOS and then i am going to ask for a cca. But i really am angry at these people because what is the point in paying for protection when they don't communicate with you telling you that you can bring it in to force. My state of mind was such that at the time the ppi didn't register and since eurodebt went off with all my paperwork and i give anything another thought i was glad someone was taking the problem away from me. So maybe i was to blame i don't know. I can still be angry though. So i will keep you posted as to what happens next. Thanks again it's good to know that there is someone to talk to out there and you are not on your own. Things don't seem so scary at the moment but that's not to say they won't get scary, because the deeper you go the worse they react and that's the scary bit for me. So thank you again Stardust:)
  10. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/welcome-consumer-forums/144193-hi-everyone.html Hi As advised i have started a new thread for each debt that i have. I have attached a copy of my copy of the agreement that i had from halifax when i signed up for the loan, but i don't have a copy of the one that i have signed. I have a default on this account that was registered on 20/10/2005 and my current balance is 8,067.00 as of 13.4.08 according to my credit report. My partner has just looked at the agreement and noticed that i took out a loan protection payment insurance. And he thinks that someone should have gone through this with me at the time of going into debt management as i was then on the sick. So this should have taken care of the outstanding payments. I don't know where i stand in this as Eurodebt didn't say anything to me about the insurance paying and neither did halifax contact me, so i am not sure whether anyone is at fault for this or not. I feel that eurodebt caused me a lot of problems and didn't handle my debt very well at all. would i be right in this? My partner spoke on the phone this morning to BOS and asked about the default and the person that he spoke to has offered to fax halifax today and request a complete financial statement from the begining of the loan up until present. Also would this effect me getting a Copy of my Credit agreement? My partner has also contacted eurodebt and requested my complete case file and records of all my financial dealings with them and my creditiors. As i had to send all correspondance from my creditors to them. They responded that they will be able to send copies of the origianl documents but not the original documents themselves as they would have been destroyed subject to the data protection act. Is this correct? For anyone else out there considering debt management, please do not go to eurodebt. They charged me nearly 2,000 which they urged me to take out from a credit card at a atm machine, and that i only had a week to do this as the creditors put into debt in the first place then they should pay for my debt management. Only i'm paying and going through the stress of this now. On top of this they take a management fee every month whilst the minimum of your payment goes to the creditors. This is a link to the bbc investigating Eurodebt. Government firm sells private details | This is Money So please do not go with this company. So if anyone can help me with the above it would be a great help, thank you I have amended my agreement, also the signature at the bottom is not mine. Sorry for the confusion. Stardust215:smile: halifax 2.pdf
  11. I would like to say thank you to all for the advice:). I will now go back through my paperwork and find out what is what and then post a new thread on the debt forum. Thank you this has given me a little bit of hope, it's just you get so many people telling you not to do this or that and then they constantly remind you that you will lose your home, that suddenly you feel totally alone and have no idea where to turn, so i really appreciate this thank you again.
  12. Hi to everyone, I have never done this before so bear with me. I currently have 20k's worth of debt with 9 creditors, i have had bad credit in total over the last five years. i started with a company called eurodebt and they made my debt worse. Within the last two years i changed to CAB and i have been making token payments since then. I own a third of my house with my mum and my sister. On paper though it states i own half. I am on benefits as i suffer from depression and have done since i was a child i also now have an 8 month old child. My mum is registered disabled and doesn't want to sell the house. and neither can we remortgage as we would never be accepted and then it would add to the debt that i have already. My debt is unsecured and is one loan and the rest credit cards and overdrafts. I have been told by the CAB not to rock the boat by asking for copies of credit agreements as my house will be at risk. This has been going on for a long time now and i just don't know where to turn. A member of the family offered me about £1000 to see if the biggest amount of debt, which is with Blair Oliver & Scott (Halifax) to see if they would accept it as a Full and Final Settlement. I did this along with sending them a copy of my medical history and they refused it. Which if they had accepted it would have been a big chunk of the debt out of my hair. If i asked for copies of the agreements would i be rocking the boat, there is one creditor that i am paying to that i never had a debt with in the first place so i would like to know where they come from. So i hope someone can help me.
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