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  1. Having dealt with this group for a couple of issues I know first hand that they do not give up even if the issue is statute barred they try to find ways round this by hitting you with rubbish like 'you moved address without advising your creditors therefore this negates the limitaiton act' complete rubbish....its about time this lot were closed down for breaching guidelines.
  2. Just work out your finances and make each creditor a pro-rata offer of how much you can afford until you get yourself back on your feet, send them a copy of you i/e's, they will have to accept this. Hope this helps.
  3. Is the so called 'debt' over 6 years old? If so, send them the statute of limitations act with a covering note which reads 'deal with this monkey company' and they will have to leave you alone...thats what I did and they never contacted me again. Consumer 1 - 0 Trained monkeys!
  4. ODC you seem very clued up on how to evade paying your debt i assume this is due to first hand experience. Would you not agree the country would be in a better state if people paid what they owe and not look out for get out clauses???

    Bill payers are going to be badly effected by the imminent credit crunch, yet you seem content on more debt be-falling people with a good credit and who need not worry about whether there debt is over 6 years old or not???? Just a thought.

  5. Hi all, It appears to a neutral onlooker that most people are trying to find a way out of paying there debts instead of taking responsibility and trying to sort themselves out. Is there any wonder that a credit crunch is imminent and people like myself are going to get penalised for paying there bills on time. My advise is to face things head on and not look for get out clauses its sad and pathetic in my mind. DONT BORROW MONEY IF YOU CANT AFFORD TO PAY IT BACK.:grin:
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