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  1. Hi,

    I just signed up for a skills train course last week on Thursday and it's Friday today. I haven't started the course yet but it's been 8 days already. I am thinking of sending the cancellation letter with my enrollment form tomorrow asap. Hopefully, my course should be cancelled. Also I will be talking to my bank and the credit bank tomorrow and get it cancelled. but again hopefully the 9 day thing won't be a problem.

    so did you get your problem sorted? how long did it take them to get in touch with you.. i mean the mike guy!

    i'd really appreciate if you could reply asap because i am literally shaking with fear!!! also i am only an A level student and was looking for some extra qualification. sadly i've been a moron and gone into things without researching about them!

  2. hi,

    i just signed up for a skills train course on thursday last week and it is friday today. i just phoned them up and the guy said i need to send my enrollment form with a written cancellation to them. i will be doing that tomorrow because the post offices are closed now.

    i will be ringing the credit bank tomorrow to cancel my finance package although it's already been 8 days.. and will be 9 tomorrow.

    i will also probably talk to my bank about it.


    so how did you cancel your course? did you post ur enrollment form to skills train office as well? how long did it take for you to get your notice back to say that they've cancelled your course. were you charged any money for it??




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