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  1. To be honest i've given up. I've just been made redundant so i've lost motivation to takle them until i find a job. I'm sure someone will be along soon to help you. Good luck
  2. Anyone???? It was the NEXT sale last week and i was very good and did not go!! i will never spend anther penny with that company!!! grrr!
  3. any advice where i can take this now???
  4. signed up!!! I've put a link on my facebook page so hopefully the link gets spread around.
  5. Latest correspondence received from Next ---------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------ Anyone offer any help where i can take this now??
  6. ok, this is the letter that NEXT sent me....
  7. No, the above email is from experian. I just wanted to post it up to see what people thought of it. Think i'm in a loosing battle:(
  8. This is the response i got from experian today...grrrr --------------------------------------------------- Dear Miss ***** Thank you for your recent emails and telephone call. I would firstly like to address all the correspondence regarding the Next default. I see that you have issued Next with a final warning before court proceedings, asking that they remove all default entries against your name. You have quoted certain points from the Consumer Credit Act 1974, and asked that they stop processing your data under section 10 of the Data Protection Act 1998. However, I see that in one of your other emails, you have provided a scanned copy of a letter from Next which addresses all your points and outlines their case for providing the account information to the credit reference agencies and their right to record the account as defaulted without proving that a default notice was received by you. Also, they have given direct advice from the Office of The Information Commissioner regarding the credit reference agencies right to continue recording data about unenforceable credit agreements. Having reviewed their comments, I would advise that the advice in it appears to be correct. I see that you have also asked for us to add a Notice of Correction to the Next account and I would advise that we cannot add your current proposed statement as it is factually incorrect. This is because you have said that they are in breach of the Data Protection Act by not being able to provide you with a copy of the signed agreement or the default notice. They have clearly explained in their letter to you that they are not required to do this and they have explained why and what their obligations are in such matters. As we are unable to add a statement that is longer than 200 words or one we think is defamatory, frivolous, scandalous or unsuitable for publication for some other reason. I note that you are considering taking legal action including Experian and I would strongly recommend that you seek independent legal advice before doing so. We have received several similar court claims and have been successful in having these struck out, as the cases were deemed to have no legal merit with regards to a claim against Experian. This is because, in each case, we have been able to demonstrate that we have complied with the relevant legislation at all times. Consequently, the claimant has been left to pursue their claim directly against the company with whom they have a dispute regarding the data recorded on their credit report. I therefore recommend that you review your legal position prior to proceeding with your claim. You may wish to consult with the Information Commissioner's Office in order to obtain an unbiased opinion. Kind regards Mark S Whawell Consultant Customer Service Officer Customer Support Centre Experian Interactive ----------------------------------
  9. For those who are in the same situation as me this is my thread that is posted in another part on the forum. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/data-protection-default-issues/203984-next-plc-default.html
  10. Response received from Equifax today! ---------------------------------------- Dear ***** Credit Agreement - Halifax Current Account The company has agreed to amend this information and we can confirm this will show as no default registered on your next credit report. The note previously added, stating that your information was in dispute has now been removed. You’ll find more information about your credit report at: http://www.equifax.co.uk/help. If you have a question, you should find the answer in our FAQ section. If not, you can send us an online query, and attach your documents to it - no need to worry about them getting lost or delayed in the post. I hope you find this useful. If there’s anything else we can do for you, please let us know. Kind regards Equifax Customer Services -------------------------- Note to all other members, please dont give up. My battle has taken me over 2 years and justice has been served !!!!
  11. thats sucks!! i've registered my complaint with the ICO and FOS. Not feeling to confident that i will win here. You would think they would just remove the default due to the credit crunch! More and more people have poor credit due to past personal problems and no lender will give anyone credit because of the default data. in my opinion its better if they just remove the data and try and give people a chance to proove themselves and get this country back in circulation with borrowing again. Let me know how you get on!
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