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  1. Well with the rear brakes making a horrendous grinding noise, a long drive up to Norfolk from Essex and with three kids in the car would you have taken the risk that the brakes may have failed or caused worse damage. As i said i expect some wear and tear but the rear brakes were basically metal on metal and the discs were corroded and damaged from the braking actions of only a few days. Like i said I will go to the dealer and see if i can at least get half my money back.
  2. I know I paid over the top at Kwik fit, but they needed doing that day, didn't want to take the risk especially with the back so bad of driving around and waiting until Monday until the dealer looked at the vehicle. I wanted car fixed asap not wait until Monday and risk any further damage to the car, and considering the dealer told me the car had been checked by his mechanics and they put it through a mot you expect that the breaks wouldn't be so bad, I expect some wear and tear but to have corroded discs at the rear and the pads worn completely down is not very good practice. I will take the car there tomorrow along with my bill and see if I can get some sort of payment out of them, I don't expect to see the whole £350 refunded but would like at least half back. Cheers for all the advice guys, when it comes to cars i'm a complete numpty, I just drive the things lol.
  3. I picked up a 56 reg Vauxhall Zafira last Tuesday 7/02/12, the dealer I purchased the car from did inform me that the O2 sensor needed replacing and that they will be doing it but the car is ok to use. Fast forward to Friday 10/02/12 and I had to take the car into Kwik Fit because the rear brakes were making a grinding noise. I got them to do a free brake check and they discovered that the rear discs were corroded, the rear pads had worn to the metal, the front discs were on minimum and the same with the pads. I informed the dealer and was told that 'Don't let Kwik Fit do them bring car in on monday 13/02/12 and we will have a look'. All good by the dealer except for the fact that due to the rear pads and brakes the car was in not really safe to drive and could cause further damage also I had to go to a family party this weekend and with 3 kids in the back I didn't feel very safe. So I paid £350 and got them to fit all new disc's and pads. I know some people are hard on kwik fit but in my years of motoring the local one that I use has never done a bad job and always looked after me and my father who uses them all the time so I don't think kwik fit were trying to pull a fast one, in fact i looked at the state of the brakes myself and they were corroded and non existent as such. I'm off back to the dealer tomorrow to get my O2 sensor replaced and wanted to know what I can do about this added expense for new discs and pads, can I ask the dealer to refund me the money at all. As you can imagine I am not very happy and just want some advice on what to say to the dealer.
  4. My Mother-In-Law split up with her partner a year ago, he moved out of the house which they have a joint mortgage and joint secured loan with First Plus. She is just paying the interest on the mortgage at the moment whilst waiting for it to be sold, she simply cannot afford to keep the property. She spoke with First Plus and explained everything and they agreed to accept £50 a month until the house is sold. Now it seems that First Plus has passed the secured loan onto Red Castle and they have been hassling my Mother-In-Law demanding more money or they will repossess her. She has explained that the house is up for sale and that she has an agreement with First Plus but they don't seem to care. She has spoken to First Plus and they have told her that it is out of there hands. As it is once the house is sold she will only make enough to pay the mortgage off and a little if any of the First Plus secured loan. First Plus have already said they will convert the loan to a unsecured loan but now seems they are passing everything to Red Castle. I was just asking if there is anything that I can do to get Red Castle to back off. Its bad enough that she can barely afford to live as it is and that the ex is refusing to pay anything on the loan even though he is jointly liable for it. I just want some advice so I can get Red Castle to be more understanding. Thank You in advance.
  5. Thanks for the advice guys, letter being drafted as we speak. Thanks for the help.
  6. I have a Jacamo and Premier man account, up to about 3 months ago I had no problem paying the monthly payments. As is life I have had some financial problems the past few months and have been unable to make the regular payments. I have been receiving calls and letters from Relaible Collection. I have spoken to them on the phone and offered to make repayments of £10 per month on both accounts. The person I spoke to on the phone basically told me that they wanted the outstanding arrears paid and that they wouldn't accept a monthly plan. They have continued to phone me but I have not answered or it is a message asking me to contact them. I have had the accounts for about a 18 months. I just want some advice as to what I can do next because I can make a smaller monthly payment but they said they can't accept that. Thanks for any advice
  7. I am currently on long term Incapacity Benefit due to mental health issues and being diagnosed as having BPD. I still live with my parents but do stay with my girlfriend and children at the weekend or when my mental state permits me. Me and my girlfriend having been talking about me moving in with her because it would be nicer for me to see my children more and may be a better enviroment for me. My question is i have no idea who i need to contact in the benefits agency about what to do. My girlfriend gets Income support and child benefit/child tax credits. She also gets housing benefit and the council tax benefit too. I only get Incapacity Benefit. When we do decide to live with each other what happens to my girlfriends benefits, who do i need to talk to, will we have no money if we have to put in a new claim. I'm just getting confused about everything and would just like some advice. Cheers guys.
  8. Can anyone advice me on a frustrating situation. My Mum has had a 3 phone for about 2 years now, recently though things have gotten very tight financially for my Mum and she wanted to reduce the monthly contract. She is currently paying £35 per month for the phone and the contract is up for renewal in October 09. She contacted 3 and explained her situation to them and asked if she could reduce the contract to a £20 per month contract (Mainly because i will be paying it for her cos she has to go bankrupt). 3 refused and told her that she can upgrade her contract but can't downgrade it. Mum explained that if they didn't reduce the contract that she wouldn't be able to keep the phone and would default on the monthly contract. They still refused to help but did tell Mum that if she went into arrears then they may be able to reduce the contract. Obviously Mum would prefer to just change the contract to a smaller monthly payment. It seems strange to me that 3 would rather a customer go into arrears then offer to help than let a customer reduce the contract and keep a happy customer. As it is Mum will have to go bankrupt soon so i told her i would pay the phone for her as she is a pensioner and does need a mobile and she loves her phone and has had no problems with 3 she wants to stay with them but they are really making it hard for her. Can anyone give me any advice on what to do next, i've spoken to 3 and they said i can have a direct debit to pay the monthly payment but i can't afford £35 a month nor can mum, i can only afford £20 a month for her. I just think its crazy that they are only willing to help once she had missed a few payments!!!! Any advice would be appreciated.
  9. I would like some advice about bankruptcy. I myself was discharged from my bankruptcy last month but the questions i have concern my parents. My mother has run up about 25,000 worth of debt, all was ok until my father was forced to retire 2 months ago. Both my parents are pensioners and they only have the state pension, mum's is about £270 a month and Dad's is about £900, once paying for there rent, council tax ( they are getting some benefit help with these 2), gas and electric, phone and various other bills they have about £100-200 month left over. Mum wants to go bankrupt but Dad doesn't cos he only has 1 credit card he can afford to pay it, it is only a small amount. My question is can mum go bankrupt without dad and what sort of impact will it have on there monthly money they have left over. I'm really not sure what to do for mum, i think bankruptcy is the only option because they really don't have much money left after there expenses. I've already put them on cheaper gas/electric and cheaper phone/tv package, just not sure what to do and what impact it will have on Dad's pension. They also both have seperate bank accounts so mum's pension is paid into hers and Dad's into his. Any advice would be most welcome. Thanks
  10. I appreciate that at 72 he deserves a rest but he wants to continue working. Dad is old school, i think he'd be happy if he died working, he is one of these guys who goes to work no matter how he feels. Believe me me and Mum want him to give up but he just loves work!!!
  11. Hi there, My father is 72 and is employed as a crane driver. Although he is 72 my father is still capable of climbing up and down a crane everyday and has no physical or mental issues regarding his job. Previously his company have contacted him stating that he is above the companies retirement age and if he would like to continue working can he request it in writing. We have done that and all was fine. That was until yesterdat when he received a letter from his company stating that due to his age they no longer have a position for my father and he is to stop working on the 21st January 2009. The letter also states that he has 5 days to appeal and state reasons why he wishes to continue working. My father is going to appeal but was just wondering what he should put in the letter, as i said he is both physically and mentally capable of doing the job and every year he passes the medicals that he has to take, his work record is exemplary. So i would like some advice as to what we should put in the letter and any other advice you may have. Thankyou in advance.
  12. Hi there, would like some advice about going bankrupt. I currently owe approx £35k to various credit agencies. Originally debts were with Lloyds TSB, Barclays, DAF, HFC but these have been bought by companies such as Horwich Farrelly, BMS Ltd, Lowell Finance, Apex. I have written to these companies stating my current situation ( I am unemployed receiving incapacity benefit because i am suffering from borderline personality disorder which basically means i have depression, stress have self harmed and attempted suicide and am very agoraphobic) so i don't know when i will be returning to work. I have little money left out of my incapacity benefit about £25 per mth. I have offered the various companies between £1 and £5 per mth to help pay my debts, most have been very good, Horwich Farrelly haven't and I have been issued a CCJ by them and have had the court bailiff attend my property to try and take my possessions. I live with my parents in a council property, my parents are pensioners, I have sold all my expensive possessions to help pay my debts. Also i have left dealing with the situation to very late, I have no excuse, i stuck my head in the sand and thought problems would go away. Idiot i know but i just didn't know what to do. Have spoken to national debtline and they have sent me info about bankruptcy which has been really helpful and i have started filling forms in online at insolvency website. I just wanted to know if i am made bankrupt they can't come after my parents for my debts, all debts are in name and i don't want my parents to have to end up being screwed because of my mistakes. Any other advice would be appreciated. Thank you.
  13. Thank you for the advice, it just so scary when they say they are gonna come and take your goods. I will just make sure that they don't gain entry.
  14. Hi I hope someone can advise me because I am going out of my mind with worry. I owe Horwich Farrelly on behalf of HFC Bank £9144.13. I had a CCJ which i was paying but for the past 2 years I have been suffering from depression and stress which has caused me to lose my job and only receive Incapacity Benefit. I had the court contact me and i filled in the relevant N245 form offering a payment of £5 per mth. The court replied to me and told me I had to pay £60 per mth. I simply cannot afford this fee so I contacted the court and the bailiff and he told me to contact Horwich Farrelly. I wrote to them explaining my situation and with a financial breakdown form and increased my offer to £15 per mth. Today I have received a letter from Horwich Farrelly telling me to contact the court again and complete a N245 form. During all this time I have had the bailiff visit me twice, on both occasions even though my mother was in ( I live with my parents) but he didn't knock just posted a letter through the door stating that he would come back with a van and take my goods. This has obviously upset my parents because all the stuff worth anything in the house is theres (Sofa, TV etc) Anything of mine i have sold to help pay my debts. I am scared that they will come and take my parents possessions and I am at a loss as to what to do now. Do i do another N245 form and see if the court will accept a new offer of £15? I just don't know what to do. I am looking at bankruptcy at the moment because I do owe a lot of money (over £30,000) and as I am only on Incapacity Benefit and am very unlikely to be working within the next year or two I thought it might be the best option. If someone can please give me a bit of advice because on top of my daily struggle with mental illness I really don't need the fear of debt collectors worrying me. Thank you.
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