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  1. Hi i registered on the website to acknowledge the claim online, i clicked i wanted to defend it says what are my reasons for defence, what should i out in the box or have i clicked on the wrong part? i havent submitted yet as not sure what to put, other letters have been posted to llowel and bw legal. any advice be great never done this before. thanks
  2. Think it's bw legal or sumthing so I'll send CPR to them thanks x
  3. Ok I may as well defend it if they are going to give me a ccj anyway?? This debt has been passed around a handful of dca's and when I've sent cca requests nothing comes back all goes quiet for a while and then another crops up. I'll acknowledge the claim defend it and send the cca request and other kettle mentioned recorded delivery to Lowell tomorrow? Thank you will keep this updated x
  4. 'the claimant's claim is for the sum of 390.21 being monies due from the defendant to the claimant under a mail order agreement regulated by the consumer cedit act 1974 between the defendnt and jd williams under the account ref ********* and assigned to the claiment on the 20/12/2012 notice of which has been given to the defendent, the defendet failed to maintain the payment under the terms of the agreement and a default notice has been served and not complied with. the claim also includes intrest to section 69 of the county courts act at a rate of 8.00% ca
  5. Hi issue date 19th feb but recieved today .....its for jd williams catalouge for 310 pounds plus court fees... . Have no idea what to do with it. How do i go forward is it possible to set up payment arrangments without getting a ccj now or am i going to get one anyway? Thanks x
  6. Hi yesterday i recieved a letter from northampton court saying i had 14 days to reply with my admission or denial at a jd williams debt for 310 pounds. This catalouge debt is about 5years old and is mostly charges a couple of years ago i got letters from several debt collectors inc llowell i sent back proof it letters with the pound postsl orders no one came back with anything and all went quiet until the court letters it wants my employers details income outgoings etc.. ...i could really do without a ccj!! Should i contact llowell and ask t
  7. hi, i sent of my paper tax credits reneweal approx 3 weeks ago and havent heard anything, i know this is there busiest time but im worried my payments will stop as the deadline is tomorow and when i try and ring them it cuts me of saying they are to busy, should the payments continue as long as they have recieved my renewal in the post? my payments havent changed so i know it hasnt been processed yet as i earnt about a grand more than what i did last year so i think they will probs go down a bit. I know it might not seem a big deal but with 2 young kids and only working part time i will be in
  8. Hi, approx 2 years ago I got into financial hardship my partner who is self employed had not much work and I was only able to pay my priority bills as I only work part time and have 2 young children, I defaulted on a barclays loan and a barclays overdraft I offered them a reduced payment and told them of financial hardship yet nothing got resolved I buried my head in the sand stupidly and I think they sold the debt to someone else but not sure who. I checked my credit file and it just says Barclays still with a red number 8 which is obviously bad! I r
  9. Hi please could someone give me some advice on power 2 contact / credit solutions i suspect they are the same company. Last year got into financial hardship i work part time my partners self empoloyed buisness doesnt make much money and i have 2 young kids to support, i bascially owe barclays £460 from a overdraft i got in touch with barclays and filled 2 income expenditure forms in for them and offerd them 10 pound per month repayment to be reviewed every six months and if i could pay more i would they didnt reply so now its been passed to credit soloutions who sent me a letter from powe
  10. sorry for my stupidity what is Linkedin? also how do you know they viewed x
  11. you could send them the doorstop letter from your father in law, send it recorded, you could also send them a CCA request the template is in the library with a £1 postal order. Im sure someone more professional will be along soon to answer, try not to worry to much they dont have any legal rights and you dont have to answer the door or speak to them, have a hand printed door stop letter ready to hand over and shur the door or just chuck it thru the letter box at them. claire
  12. I sent the lewis group a cca request with the pound postal order recorded as they were sending field agents to my home constantly and ignorning the doorstop letter they have replied and said they do not have to issue me with a cca as they are acting on behalf of JD williams so they suggest i submit my request to them they have kept my postal order. What letter should i send back? thanks claire
  13. they must be buying old studio debts i got this very letter this week RE studio £141 pound thats at least 4 and half years old.
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