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  1. hi all sorry been so long getting back to you. they rang this morning and its a company called c4 my wife took the call i was out at the time and they said something about a imb or somthing anyway there ringing back after to talk to me i will post again in a bit
  2. hi every one just a quickie she was suppsed to ring back at 6 but not yet rang ill keep you all posted
  3. not been on for a bit been busy spending the money im saving from paying BH paying the OSC lol. Anyway first up you might remember me saying they said if i canceled my OSC i wouldnt be able to get nothing else of them(which to be honest suited me down to the ground)well i recieved a nice friendly phonecall saying as one of my items are nearly up and how much of a valued costomer i am(at which time i nearly fell off my SEAT)so as you can guess i politley decliened. so on to the next one i got a phone call this morning asking me if i had ever had any credit with BH,Carcraft and so on.bassicaly
  4. hi just let you know i took the advice off lefty and i now have had my osc removed on my brighthouse goods,belive me its worth it in the end
  5. thank you again both of you,and belive me i will enjoy this weekend and i hope many other people listen to your advice and win brighthouse once again thanks:D:D
  6. hi lefty sorry not been in contact soonerive had a pretty hectic day. anyway had to go in this afternoon. went in they said were was my expenditure form i said i have been advised not to do one by a verry reliable person(to wich she said i was being ill advised and wanted to know the name to wich i said i wasnt under any obligatoin to give it to her she persisted for a bit until she give up cause i wouldnt tell her ) any way i got what i wanted in the end with a bit of determination i got it removed a few sarci coments but that was it. any one reading this thinking it cant be done well i a
  7. hi every one i have been on the phone to them already this morning and they said they can ask me fo a breakdown of my finnances.also they said if i do take it off they will have to come out to my home and take the serial numbers before i can take them off?
  8. hi lefty with regards to what you said about placing my accounts in dispute will i have to still go in every week and pay or save it up until its sorted thanks
  9. thanks lefty and steven4064 i thought i was never going to get this sorted im not up on all this but with people like you it makes it alot easier you should think about bocoming pms to sort this contry out lol
  10. hi steven thanks for your reply. i have already sent the letters and i had to go in .they said they would remove it but needed to do a expenditure check and they would tell me if i could afford my items and i would probably have to give one of them back.even though i can afford them they said thats not my choice. thanks for your help. 1unhappy customer
  11. hi every one can anyone help me i have been having problems with brighthouuse for a bit now and i googled it and this consumer group came up it has been realy helpful in the way of canceling my osc ive writen the letter but when i went into the store they said i could do it but i would have to fill in weekly budget planner and if they decided i couldnt afford my things then i would have to return one of them. i know i can afford them but because i was canceling the osc. they tried to make it sound like i was doing it because i couldnt afford it . iwas canceling it because its a rip off. so c
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