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  1. I would just like to add, as I'm awaiting a similar threatend court action, a big well done to CAG supporters, advisors and whatamess for this great triumph. I got fairly emotional when I read the good news, it's gone some way to restoring my faith in the balance of power to the people vs the corporation and inspired me to feel less anxious, giving me hope and courage to fight mine.
  2. Hi Dong, In short, I complained to Trading Standards (see above posts) about the illegality of it and a short while later was pleased to see the car park was changed to a pay and display system. I chose to ignore their (illegal) demands for money and after the second letter, have heard no more so can only assume their threats were bluffs and had no legal right to demand payment. HTH
  3. It is more expensive to pay non-direct debit (I really am working on a very strict budget unfortunately) and I was warned not to cancel the DD as it'll incur a non-payment charge as dispute of amount is no excuse not to pay, according to their T&C's.
  4. They have charged me for a service that is supposed to be free for six months. It was agreed on the phone (point of sale) and stated in their follow up letter that it is free for the first six months.
  5. Hello, could someone give me some advise please? I cannot afford to loan money, my ISP want more than I have budgeted for (more than we agreed) and they tell me I cannot refuse payment if it's in dispute. This sounds like an unfair contract, which I'm sure there is a law about? What should I do? I have asked them to adjust the bill and they are looking into it but I suspect they will, at best, credit my next bill and therefore effectively demand I lend them money which I simply don't have. If I allow the DD to go through, I'll go overdrawn and incur bank charges. If I don't
  6. I recently undertook trials to reduce my water consumption and am pleased to see I was only billed £6 for water and £11 standing charge (£17 total). This is a lot lower than I'm used to saying so my experiment has paid off. I expected the soon to follow sewage bill to equally low, but no, it's more! I'm billed £9 for sewage disposal and £21 for standing charge! I agree with the OP, it's not on. Even more painful is I live a mere 2 miles from the stink farm! Is there not an alternative, lower cost service I can request - I considered calling them for advise but doubt it'll do any
  7. Hi Geoff, I chose pipex mini which has a 30gig limit with extra charges per 10gig over and it's suited me fine so a 40gig limit shouldn't be a problem for my use. To be honest, I don't use the landline much anyway, not sure why I mentioned the call costs and no, I have no need for tech support. While I don't like to be tied into any lengthy contract (who does?), I've no real choice in the matter. You say you wouldn't entertain 18 months yet aren't you signing up to a new 12-month contract with Pipex's new package? There's no difference in my book as it's the first few months that really coun
  8. Well, well, look what junk mail brought me today - an advertisment from Talk Talk who seem to be offering an identical deal to Orange's latest - BB for £6.99 + Line Rental (£11.45).... and their free calls include 0845 & 0870 numbers which I don't believe Pipex Homecall do. AND their customer support number is free. Seems the competition is getting stiffer and Pipex were lying through their teeth - they're worried about the Churn Rate as people will leave to get a cheaper deal. A new 12-month contract would certainly stop customers leaving, wouldn't it? Makes me wonder if even cheaper
  9. Thanks for the advice Geoff and yes, I should have "researched" orange before I make a final decision but with the internet, you can find unhappy customers for just about any service. Finding an accurate, up to date and balanced review of a service is nigh on impossible IMHO. Finding one for evolving comms companies? What chance? Initial research shows the complaints are mostly about Orange Customer Service but that's common across the board since the call-centre outsourcing became big business in India. I would be happy with 4Mb as that's the fastest I've ever got from ADSL anyway.
  10. You have to have a phone line to get the ADSL service. In my case, I rent the line from BT and pay Pipex for both my calls and the broadband. Similar when I was with Virgin - BT for the line rental and the phone calls, then pay Virgin for the Broadband. However, Pipex will be raising my subscription by 50% so I'm leaving them and going to Orange Broadband. Their deal is rent phoneline from Orange (not BT), pay for calls package and broadband - £20 all in! Existing Orange customers can probably get an even better deal which might convince me to drop my PAYG mobile and take up an Orange SIM
  11. Coincidentally, I got an unsolicited email today advertising Orange Mobile's broadband offer and it works out about the same price I'm currently paying for a slightly better service! As a result, I called Pipex CS to first comfirm the letter is contradicting itself about the "do nothing to keep existing service" and more interestingly I was told the reason for the price hike was to bring us Pipex customers inline with the Tiscali customers who obviously pay more and aren't happy we pay less. This is quite different to the excuse I was given previously by the retentions dept - that the pri
  12. I fear it won't unfold as you say MrShed and that I'll simply be transferred to the new package and billed accordingly. Only when it (whatever is really planned) happens will I be in a position to decide my next best move. geoff1248, I think you'll find most providers try to bribe customers not to leave once they ask for the MAC code. 2 months free is not an incentive to me and certainly not worth signing a new 12 month contract for which brings a 50% price hike. I'm still waiting for my free internet for all from Mr T. Blair, anyone know when I'll get it?
  13. As you can probably tell, I'm of simple mind and of little knowledge of law so please bear with me and try to answer my specific questions if you can. I think we all agree a contract HAS to be agreed by both parties otherwise it is not legally binding? Yes? To circumvent this, I notice clauses are added to such contracts giving the provider the right to change terms and conditions as and when but surely that's too open-ended and just ripe for abuse that there must come a point (a limit) that certain changes can NOT be legally binding without explicit consent of all parties or at leas
  14. I know how to cancel my existing contract but I haven't been given an option to reject this upcoming change (that I can see), which is why I demanded it be recorded on file that I don't agree/accept the new package terms. Are you seriously suggesting that their letter is all a court of law needs to see to say, yep, that was legal - you gotta pay?
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