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  1. Hi Streetgang - yes, creditors can share information where there is a credit agreement under section 35 of the data protection act. Basically, if a creditor has commenced, or looking to commence litigation, your other creditors must provide the requested info (arrears, balance, redemption amount etc...)
  2. Also, most DCA's will use print houses, yes, it's cheaper, but I doubt the houses themselves will send notices out on prescribed dates, all the same for different DCA's. Its more likely they have service level agreements with the DCA's to dispatch mail the following day, for instance
  3. Hi PGH, it's likely they use a system which inputs your account into a process flow, ie INITIAL LETTER, if no contact then dialling attempt, no contact received > 2nd letter etc.. etc.., it will a prescribed process, and generally most use the same time frames, eg 7-14 days or whatever, if that makes sense. This especially true for default/formal demands etc, where there are statuatary requirements for the length of time the debtor has to respond. Also, the above point is also correct, the accounts will be allocated the same time each month/week by the client, meaning it enters the process the same time each month. Hope this helps
  4. Hi, I've just had confirmation from BankFodder that I'm fine to continue to post - so that's good news! I'm not going to get involved in the the above Stardust, because I understand there is no way I can convince you, or many of the other people on the forum otherwise. You also seem to be mistaking me for some sort of antagonist, which I'm not, I've already stated the reason I am here. I will continue to post on threads where I can help.
  5. This depends. many companies do not consider email to be a secure medium, and therefor wont discuss anything account specific. Others will (I receive my bank statement electronically for instance). If you wish to put something into writing via email, you are well within your rights, perhaps stating at the end that you request confirmation of receipt and a copy to be placed in your file. They can then respond in writing as they see fit. However, nothing beats good old fashioned recorded delivery!
  6. Many DCA's are in fact subsiduary arms of other companies like this. In many cases the parent company does not want it's brand attached to a Debt Collection Business, and as such creates a seperate persona for it's Debt Collection section. In this way several businesses, each with different trading names, work under the same umbrella, without conflicting with the brand of the others.
  7. Hi Angel, at present I'm am making no further comments regarding debt matters, but I'm sure someone will be able to give you some sound advice on here. There are some excellent articles regarding requesting your CCA, and how to proceed from there. You could also approach the National Debt Line, CCCS or CAB . regarding the IVA however, I cant understand how they refused to deal with it - did you have an IVA practitioner involved? Were there other creditors? Was a meeting of creditors called and your propsals voted on? Either way, have a look through this forum, there are plenty of threads offering some sound advice (look in particular to the moderator responses and articles). Also, set up your own thread detailing your situation in full - you will quickly receive some responses. RHsimmonds - I'm off work for a week, so I spend a great deal of my time catching up on work and researching things on the net. And as a point of note, consumer feedback is one of the major ways policies can be changed etc. Regardless of whether I had an account on CAG, I could still be able to view the posts. I just wanted to get involved a little, interpret that as you like.
  8. Thanks for the advice regarding informing the moderators Danny, this has now been submitted, if the wish to close my account, thats fine, I'll do so without a fuss and wont open up a new one. The misuse of computers does not apply at present, but I can see your point. Had I wanted to spread incorrect or misleading information, I would not have disclosed my profession. However, I disagree that I said DCA's do not have teeth, I think that litigation can and should be pursued where necessary, and that some DCA's back off when challenged simply becasue it is easier to do so, when perhaps they shouldn't. Fuzzgin, alot of what I said about customers avoiding debt etc.. comes from personal experience, not from the threads on this forum. However, it's also important to understand that everything you read on here is from the debtors perspective, and though I do not doubt many of the people posting are genuine and have been badly treated, to believe that no-one on here either embelishes the truth, fails to mention an important detail, or outright lies, is naive to say the least. I'm sure someone will have something to say about this, but if you consider it logically (something like a million and a half open threads?) it's bound to be the case. Many Thanks, and goodbye if this is my last post
  9. This depends - each case is different, and this is a completely open-ended question, depending on why they are gettin benefits, do they own a home, was is previous account history like, I+E details.
  10. Couple of reasons - I think I stated them on another thread. 1) Debt collection is my chosen profession, therefor it makes sense for me to research it as best I can, including common consumer attitudes + concerns, and try and see things from the debtors perception. I am involved in systems and policy development within my team, therefor I need to be able to flag any potential problems/areas where we may be lacking. 2) I am a complaint handler. Reading these forums helps me understand the common complaints submitted by customers, and see how other companies are handling them, and aim to do better (not difficult judging from some threads). I also want to learn from things that have happened elsewhere, and prevent the same happening here. 3) I genuinely like helping people where I can - and firmly believe the needs of the consumer and of the financial industry needn't constantly be ad odds with one another. I was a telephone agent myself, though I worked with secured loans, and have significant experience dealing with reposessions and instructing solicitors (therefore, nothing anyone could say to me or call me on this forum could possibly compare to my experiences of talking to people who are losing there homes). Despite what anyone may think, I enjoyed my job - and honestly believe I got to help people more often than not, while maintaining the quality of the arrears book. I would like to go on providing information that could help, even though I am no longer in a customer facing position. However, it galls me to see people avoiding debt or using legal loopholes to wriggle out of paying it where it is valid, genuine and without dispute (please reread that sentence before anyone decides to quote and berate it). I also dont agree with companies who fragrantly ignore legislation in order to corner a larger share of the industry, therefor making it more difficult for those companies who do work within the confines of the law to operate effectively and competitively. I hope that answers your question, I've done so as honestly as I can
  11. ODC, your are entitled to your opinion. I certainly wont be baited into an argument, and this is the last I will post on this thread unless someone has a genuine question that I can actually help with. Many Thanks.
  12. Also a front page credit agreement would not be sufficient even if legible, they must also include the T+Cs (normally on the back of the agreement). The T+C's will state what fees etc.. can be added in the event of default, and all the other associated details regarding your son's account. If the front is illegible, you can pretty much guarantee the back (if they have it at all) will be no better - it's usually small print. Also, did your some specifically ask for a statement and current balance? These wouldn't normally be included on the credit agreement itself, but on a statement of the account. (Just to clairfy, I am referring to current balance/statement, not opening balance/credit facility. Apologies if I have misunderstood your post)
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