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  1. :mad: I was a SKY customer and had an account in my name, due to my partner being made redundant we had to go on to benefits. I couldnt afford the SKY and stoped paying it. It was passed on to a debit aggency. All sky corrispondance stopped. Then on new years day they took £67.40 and £109.20 from a family members debit card . They had allowed me to set up the SKY instillation using their debit card as i didnt have enough money in my account at the time as I signed up with a sales person in a suppermarket. They say that its in the contract that they can take the money from the method used to set up the instilation. It does say this and it also says they must give clear notice. # 1. I or my family where not told this at the time they paid the money using the card. # 2. How can they keep someones bank/ debit card details that do not have a SKY account.:-|:? #2.2 They didnt give anyone any notice of this money coming out! #3. RBS took the payment out when they had no money in their account- making them overdrawn and giving them a bank charge. #4. They took the payment from their child tax credit benefit. what can we do to get the money back? please help
  2. please please someone help me, I was a sky customer and was unable to pay them due to my partner being made redundant. So my finances took a fast downward turn before christmas. I had started to recieve debt letters from SKY. We are now on benefits. months after i defaulted on the sky account and it was cancelled they took £200 pound in 2 separtate payments from a family members debit card as they had allowed me to use their card to pay for the instilation. sky has made their account overdrawn and the bank took their tax credit benifits to pay sky plus they now have pending bak charges. sky say its in the contract that they can get money back from the method of payment you used to sign up with them orginaly. The bank wont do anything apart from take the money and say contact sky. please advice needed:(
  3. I was shopping in my local tesco store,2 wks ago when i purchased their own brand bleach, put it into trolley, when i got to the check out to put items on the shopping belt, noticed some sort of spillage on some shopping, thought it was my shampoo leaking to find it was the bleach. so someone behind the counter went and got me another bottle. She also wiped down some of my grocerys with blue roll to dry them off. when i got home steping out of taxi my husbands box of beer fell out the box crashing over the street spraying everywhere. When inside house I noticed I had bleach splashes all over my new maternity trousers! and all over my daughters boots.Most of the packinging my shopiing had came in was ruined due to the bleach to ,cereal boxs, eggs,breast pads etc. not to mention the fruit and veg. so very angry i phoned the number on my receipt to complain to be told by the go between if i returned my shopping and trousers with the receipt i would get a refund in my local store. I explained to this man that I was 36 wks pregnant and had got a taxi to and from the store, due to the time of night now i wanted to feed my family and was exhausted and couldnt afford the extra £10 in taxi fares back to the store, he said they wouldnt pay for the taxi but just to go into store next time I was near. so i did that the next day with the trousers and daughters damged boots. I was made to fill out a claims form for the trousers but they wouldnt do it for my daughters boots because i couldnt prove it was bleach, even though Im postive that it was due to the fact they didnt have a mark on them before i went shopping as i had tied her laces plus they smelt of bleach. Anyway Icouldnt carry all my shopping back and was a bit embarrased to carry cans of beer and rice krisspies, fruit and veg etc. Anyway i was told to fill out a claims form and told i would hear back from them up to 7days time. No refund for my damaged grocerys apart from my veg that was unpackaged. about £3 pounds worth. So i get a letter back asking when and where i had bought my trousers (details i had already put on the claims form they where 10days old from mothercare maternity wear). Asking me to take this into the store , again would have cost me another £10 in taxis to replace a pair of trousers that cost me £18 as i told them. I have since called the customer services 3 times since i got this letter and guess what they still havent got back to me! Im due my baby in less than 3 wks and have to children I spend a lot of money in Tesco and would do so in the futer if they had dealt with me more efficently. would should i do now?
  4. i got a letter from scottish bureau of investigation also known as the lewis group. My jaw dropped:o as there was no name on it and it had been hand delivered , with an old previous address on it- in fact my old address from over 3 and 1/2 years ago. :confused:. where i had quite a lot of debt from bank overdrafts from an old student account but the account is about 4 or 5 years old and i have never made any attempt to pay the money back. i cant afford to start now as im a stay at home mum and im pregnant and all our money goes straight to house bills and rent. im now really worried that they will harrasse me and put me under major stress. i have no idea how they have found me at my new home, as i made a point of not having anything under my name and its all under my partners
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