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  1. Thx for your expertise sidewinder, i suppose i will have to see what the risk assessment says , when i put a grievance in against my manager HR told me it was jst my perception of being bullied and intimidated so i think she'll just say its my perseption of being stalked also. i have requested the assessment is done by someone neutral . its all just a mess at the moment and im desperate for some closure. Not sure where its going to end but i'll have to just sit tight and follow my grievance through , its on 14th July so we shall see . thanks for your great advice everyone who has made com
  2. Hi everyone , just to say i have now contacted the police about this woman who I feel is stalking me , i have a crime number . the police were going to question her but i have said to hang fire and see what action my employers will take . my company seem t be talking it a little more seriously now and have told me they'll be doing a risk assessment asap. i have a question , does anyone know about the employment laws S.44 and S100 ? I have a read a little about these laws and think they apply to me , i have another sicknote for 1 month and im now on medication for stress and anxiety could I
  3. Yeah thx Fuzzgin , what will be will be i suppose , i believe all things happen for a reason , im sure it'll all workout in the end
  4. P.s im concerned due to the nature of this case theres a strong possiblity it could hit the papers ! i really dont want that to happen and will do all i can to prevent it but it may be out of my hands .... im sure my company would be terrified of this hitting the headlines too
  5. Hi I have a solicitor thats dealing with my grievance but he doesn't deal with libel ( i have another solicitor lined up for that ) my solicitor bill has risen to £1200 so far so im having to deal with one things at a time . if my company recognise that im not able to work or them under the circumstances would they possibly come to a deal ? if they ask me what im hoping for would i be unreasonable to ask for the following : (1) i want the allegation and 1st written warning taken from my records (2) i want to know where this person has sent this complaint about me, she wrote in her le
  6. Thx again Vonnie , think im going to pop in the police station today and get some advice
  7. Hi BeauBrummie , thanks your advice is very helpful , As i said i was only given the allegations against me the night before my disciplinary , i was faxed a copy of the letter written to my company but where it related to 3rd parties it was edited. I was gobsmacked when i saw what this person had written about me , it was slanderous and defamation of characture , it was even prejiduce. My company recognise i should have had it 5 days before but still say this point in my greivance is unsubstaniated . should i have recieved any other evidence against me at this point ? I appreciate
  8. thx Vonnie , i did have a disciplinary out of about 20 allegations against me my company found 1 charge substantiated ( i have refuted this charge from the beginning ) they gave me a 1st written warning . This chagre is a very serious allegation and theres no way i guilty of it! i have an excellent work record , exceeded appraisals and have excelled throughout my time with this company , my senior manager recieved a complaint and believed every word, her attitude towards me was nothing short of bullying , reducing me to tears. i was told the 1st warning stands and i cant appeal , i have now p
  9. Thanks Andrew , but sorry what do you mean by BUMP ? thanks
  10. thx for your sound advice Ell-enn , im not in a union but i did have a staff council rep with me just as a witness to what was said. constructive dismaissal would be alast resort but the bridges between me and my company have well and truly broken down , im not sure they can be rebuilt. i am going to see a solicitor for libel but your right i need to deal with one thing at a time. this case is very coplicated and quite unique obviously i cant go into too much detail here. please take a look at my other post regarding HR i do not believe procedure has been followed. the thing is my company
  11. woo hooo ! thanks Rooster but I think its gonna be something a bit stronger than coffee lol ( and it is friday )
  12. I have a grievance going against my manager ( stage 2 ) at the moment. i need advice on the way HR are dealing with this .... (1) it says in policy i should have all allegations against me 5 days prior to disciplinary , i got them the night before. my company recognise this was breach of policy but said it wouldnt have altered the outcome of the disciplinary so its irelevant .. (2) I emailed my manager to say i was feeling bullied and intimadated - HR told my manager not to reply to me even though i stated i was distressed. (3) i over heard my manager discussing confidential i
  13. P.s i have emailed the person who is dealing with my stage 2 yesterday and today and im keeping logs , i have told my comapny im very scared and asked what they're going to do to support me. i belive my company will just say this woman has every right to visit her parents and is doing nothing wrong. i seem to be in a catch 22 position
  14. thanks for your advice , i have been speaking to my senior manager who investigated me and disiplined me by email , telephone and face to face i have stated to this manager for the past 10 weeks that i have found her approach to me bullying and also the complaintants behaviour to be unacceptable and intimadating , nothing has happened so far. as this is now a stage 2 grievance its gone well above the manager i have a grieveance against so hopefully someone netural will listen to my case fairly. this woman has been hanging about my home for 4 days now . im on sick after having a serious operati
  15. Hi i'm desperate for some advice , due to the nature of my story i need to keep in very brief .... here goes I'm residential at work so live on site . i was disiplined ( given a 1st written warning ) due to a complaint by a cusomers family member. i have appealled against this as im innocent , the appeal stood and i was told it was final by senior management. I have put a grievance in regarding the way my manager has bullied , lied and harrassed me . im now in stage 2 of my grievance and im feeling comfident ( i have spoken to cab , a solicitor and acas . ) that i will eventually win my gri
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