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  1. Thx for your expertise sidewinder, i suppose i will have to see what the risk assessment says , when i put a grievance in against my manager HR told me it was jst my perception of being bullied and intimidated so i think she'll just say its my perseption of being stalked also. i have requested the assessment is done by someone neutral . its all just a mess at the moment and im desperate for some closure. Not sure where its going to end but i'll have to just sit tight and follow my grievance through , its on 14th July so we shall see . thanks for your great advice everyone who has made comments x
  2. Hi everyone , just to say i have now contacted the police about this woman who I feel is stalking me , i have a crime number . the police were going to question her but i have said to hang fire and see what action my employers will take . my company seem t be talking it a little more seriously now and have told me they'll be doing a risk assessment asap. i have a question , does anyone know about the employment laws S.44 and S100 ? I have a read a little about these laws and think they apply to me , i have another sicknote for 1 month and im now on medication for stress and anxiety could I refuse to come back to work unless my work environment is made safe for me ? and this person who I feel is stalking me is dealt with ? thanks in advance x
  3. Yeah thx Fuzzgin , what will be will be i suppose , i believe all things happen for a reason , im sure it'll all workout in the end
  4. P.s im concerned due to the nature of this case theres a strong possiblity it could hit the papers ! i really dont want that to happen and will do all i can to prevent it but it may be out of my hands .... im sure my company would be terrified of this hitting the headlines too
  5. Hi I have a solicitor thats dealing with my grievance but he doesn't deal with libel ( i have another solicitor lined up for that ) my solicitor bill has risen to £1200 so far so im having to deal with one things at a time . if my company recognise that im not able to work or them under the circumstances would they possibly come to a deal ? if they ask me what im hoping for would i be unreasonable to ask for the following : (1) i want the allegation and 1st written warning taken from my records (2) i want to know where this person has sent this complaint about me, she wrote in her letter she has sent it to every care provider ( im concerned shes trying to ensure i never work again in my chosen profession ) (3) my tied accommadation is making me feel like aprisoner so my company should offer me another property? (4) if proven innocent should my company be expected to pay my solicitor fees? I have taken advice on these questions and was told they're not demands but rather what im entitled to , does anyone think my company might decide to pay me off rather than go down a tribunal route ?
  6. Thx again Vonnie , think im going to pop in the police station today and get some advice
  7. Hi BeauBrummie , thanks your advice is very helpful , As i said i was only given the allegations against me the night before my disciplinary , i was faxed a copy of the letter written to my company but where it related to 3rd parties it was edited. I was gobsmacked when i saw what this person had written about me , it was slanderous and defamation of characture , it was even prejiduce. My company recognise i should have had it 5 days before but still say this point in my greivance is unsubstaniated . should i have recieved any other evidence against me at this point ? I appreciate that HR can tell my manager not to reply to emails i sent but surely its rude not to acknowledge them when im stating how im feeling ? At my grievance when i was given a verbal warning i wasnt told how long it was on my record , surely i can gather my own evidence and discuss with another member of staff if i believe they hold relavent infomation ? i over heard my manager discussing the person who had written the letter ( she named her ) then my boss denied naming her. i gathered evidence to say she did name this person then im given a verbal warning or doing so. This is where the problem lies , i'm going to speak to my solicitor and issue this woman with a libel , but bearing in mind that im not suppose to know who has complained against me , can this woman then sue my company for disclosing information to me ? its all a bit tangled and complicated now this woman is hanging around my work place and home , I have evidence she has broken the law and i feel she's stalking me , The evidence i have would make her original complaint look like what it is a pack of lies ! i have told my company i want a meeting this week with them , should i wait to see what my comapny say this week or should i go straight to the police and report this woman for hounding me ? cheers
  8. thx Vonnie , i did have a disciplinary out of about 20 allegations against me my company found 1 charge substantiated ( i have refuted this charge from the beginning ) they gave me a 1st written warning . This chagre is a very serious allegation and theres no way i guilty of it! i have an excellent work record , exceeded appraisals and have excelled throughout my time with this company , my senior manager recieved a complaint and believed every word, her attitude towards me was nothing short of bullying , reducing me to tears. i was told the 1st warning stands and i cant appeal , i have now put in a seperate grievance regarding the way i have been treated . i believe my manager , her manager and HR are colluding against me , I just want someone nuetral to listen to me .
  9. Thanks Andrew , but sorry what do you mean by BUMP ? thanks
  10. thx for your sound advice Ell-enn , im not in a union but i did have a staff council rep with me just as a witness to what was said. constructive dismaissal would be alast resort but the bridges between me and my company have well and truly broken down , im not sure they can be rebuilt. i am going to see a solicitor for libel but your right i need to deal with one thing at a time. this case is very coplicated and quite unique obviously i cant go into too much detail here. please take a look at my other post regarding HR i do not believe procedure has been followed. the thing is my company wouldnt tell me who'd made the complaint against me but i over heard my manager discussing the allegations and she actually named the person who made them. I now know its the person who's hanging around my home and work. i really dont know where this is going to end , any ideas anyone ? thx
  11. woo hooo ! thanks Rooster but I think its gonna be something a bit stronger than coffee lol ( and it is friday )
  12. I have a grievance going against my manager ( stage 2 ) at the moment. i need advice on the way HR are dealing with this .... (1) it says in policy i should have all allegations against me 5 days prior to disciplinary , i got them the night before. my company recognise this was breach of policy but said it wouldnt have altered the outcome of the disciplinary so its irelevant .. (2) I emailed my manager to say i was feeling bullied and intimadated - HR told my manager not to reply to me even though i stated i was distressed. (3) i over heard my manager discussing confidential information with another person , she was discussing allegations against me and release the name of the person who'd made them. this info was protected under the data protection act and should have not been released , ( my manager wouldnt tell me who had complained) She was unaware that i had heard her disclose this info. at my 1st grievance i asked my manager have you discussed it with anyone else outside this office ? she replied certainly not its highly confidential. (4) i asked HR to document this question in the minutes from the meeting , when i got the minutes it was left out ? I amended them and the question was then put in . (5) at my next meeting with senior management i disclosed that i had spoken to the person who had heard this confidential info and they had confirmed my boss had told them . i was given a verbal warning for discussing it with another employee. (6) when i got my letter from the 1st grievance the verbal warning wasnt mentioned , does this warning still stand ? (7) i have not received miuntes from my 1st grieveance 8 weeks ago , is this acceptable ? (8) I asked if i could tape record my disiplinary and was refused , hope im not waffling any advice would be helpful.
  13. P.s i have emailed the person who is dealing with my stage 2 yesterday and today and im keeping logs , i have told my comapny im very scared and asked what they're going to do to support me. i belive my company will just say this woman has every right to visit her parents and is doing nothing wrong. i seem to be in a catch 22 position
  14. thanks for your advice , i have been speaking to my senior manager who investigated me and disiplined me by email , telephone and face to face i have stated to this manager for the past 10 weeks that i have found her approach to me bullying and also the complaintants behaviour to be unacceptable and intimadating , nothing has happened so far. as this is now a stage 2 grievance its gone well above the manager i have a grieveance against so hopefully someone netural will listen to my case fairly. this woman has been hanging about my home for 4 days now . im on sick after having a serious operation 8 weeks ago and i have a few wks left to go but im so scared of returning to work to face my manager and this complaintant ( dont forget i look after her elderly parents ). this woman seems to have a vendetta against me and is trying to ensure i never work in the care sector again. Im going to take my grievance all the way but my only concern is my house comes with my job and if i eventually hand my notice in and claim constructive dismissal i will be making myself homeless. i will prove my innocence if its the last thing i do but im so gutted as i loved my job
  15. Hi i'm desperate for some advice , due to the nature of my story i need to keep in very brief .... here goes I'm residential at work so live on site . i was disiplined ( given a 1st written warning ) due to a complaint by a cusomers family member. i have appealled against this as im innocent , the appeal stood and i was told it was final by senior management. I have put a grievance in regarding the way my manager has bullied , lied and harrassed me . im now in stage 2 of my grievance and im feeling comfident ( i have spoken to cab , a solicitor and acas . ) that i will eventually win my grievance as i have evidence that shows my boss has lied ect. the advice i need is regarding the complainant she is harrassing and intimadating me , taking notices down and writing on them that i have put up and much more. I have seen the complaint letter she wrote about me and its defamitory and lies. she has written on the complaint letter that she's sent it to every care provider she can think of ! she is now as good as stalking me at work and my home , i appreciate she can visit her family but she is becomming scary and i'm scared for my safety , i cant go into other things she has done on this site but she has also broke the law. my company must have a duty to protect me under health an safety ? if so how can i work and live in the same place when this person is as good as stalking me ? i found her outside my house today.. although she doesnt say anything she just stands and stares ( she's very scary ! ) could someone advice me on the best way to deal with this ? thanks
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