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  1. brief update, although I was 'ordered' to return the questionnaire by 4th Feb so far I haven't heard anything more, maybe no news is good news! I have since seen a neurologist, regarding my on going health issues, and I am now waiting for MRI brain and spine scans to be done. I do receive DLA at the lowest rate originally for life but I expect they will no doubt, do their best to take that from me in due course.
  2. Hello Stuart & honeybee, Sorry I haven't been on the forum for a while busy trying to cope with my various neurological symptoms lately. Well in answer to your question I had an urgent letter from Atos insisting that I return the questionnaire by 4th Feb which in did, I also told them I was waiting for an apt to see a neurologist for my on going problems, but as of yet I haven't heard back, not sure if that's a good thing.I will be seeing the neurologist on 8th April. I haven't a clue what is going on, I didn't even know I received N.I. credits until I phoned to enquire as to why I
  3. Yes I have to say I'm not in the right frame of mind to jump through hoops for Atos right now, I'm sure if I claimed ESA it would certainly affect my husband's claim for Pension Credit , I just wish they, Atos were more clear in their letter to me, no mention of N.I credits just that benefit would be affected if I did not comply.
  4. hello again, Thank you very much for your kind replies and advice. I must admit I am feeling rather stressed about the Atos assessment only ever read bad things about that experience! Since my last post I have been referred back to see a neurologist as I have on going symptoms needing further investigations and had to have another blood pressure medication as my bp is way too high maybe due to the worry associated with this Atos thing. Margaret thank you for the helpline number I will certainly give them a call.
  5. i am still puzzled but i was told quite abruptly when i phoned the local benefit office that although i don't get income support, incapacity benefit or severe disablement allowance which was stated on the letter i received from Atos, i have received NI credits so have to fill in the questionnaire. My husband is 68 and has been getting pension credit for 5yrs i am 57, but from what I've read because he received pension credit before 2010 he will continue to get the benefit for both of us. proposed changes in the rules will mean that an older man with younger wife will have to wait unti
  6. Hello,happy new year to all. I was puzzled to receive a letter stating that because I receive either incapacity benefit severe disablement benefit or income support on health grounds I would be contacted by Atos regarding a questionnaire and assessment. I don't get any of these benefits my husband receives pension credit that includes me on his claim, which has recently been reviewed. I do however get low rate of DLA lifetime award, which according to a letter I got earlier in the year, I wouldn't be assessed until 2015. not sure what to do I have no idea why t
  7. well its got a bit more frustrating today, I tried to phone nationwide customer services had to go through security check didn't get through to anyone as their system didn't recognise my internet banking pass number! It's the same one I have had for years. still cannot use my card online just getting authorisation declined message,popped into my local Sainsbury's card declined there as well. Logged on to my Nationwide internet bank account signed in with the pass number they don't recognise, and paid the gas bill.... what a pain in the backside
  8. I have now paid via bank transfer , I have always paid via british gas website by nationwide visa debit card with no problems until the last few days
  9. oh ok thanks for the info, it is only verified by visa that is the problem. I guess I will have to give nationwide a call to see what is going on
  10. thanks for the replies, do supermarkets, vets and other retailers use a different system to authorise payments? it is just nationwide verified by visa that is refusing authorisation of payments I have never encountered this problem before
  11. good evening, I am having problems with nationwide verified by visa . I have been trying to pay my gas bill online over the last few days but the payment has been declined/not authorised by nationwide. I have tried numerous times checking and double checking that I had entered all information correctly, but to no avail, my payments have been accepted in supermarkets and today at my vets with no problems. I thought it maybe a problem with british gas website but today I tried to purchase goods online and the payment was declined again! there wasn't even the secu
  12. WOW! This coming from someone who works for them, very damning indeed. I'm waiting for them to turn up this afternoon i wonder what the 'diagnosis' will be today, either way i expect it won't work by the morning! Will be getting quote from an independant engineer ,can't be any worse
  13. Yes i can believe it, i looked up the boiler make & model that B Gas quoted £4000 for and it was approx £740 i know they have to py engineers wages but even so its a hell of a mark up!
  14. Thankyou i will do that, Yes its a lot of money over the yrs British Gas quoted us £4000 for a new boiler a few yrs ago. They must be raking it in.
  15. Yes we were thinking of having to get someone else in,i thought British Gas would be efficient and sort the problem promptly how wrong was i @ £32+ per month its alot of money for inadequate service.
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