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  1. good luck, tell me how it goes because i want to do the same but dont know how to go about doing it,, it is so confusing. do i need to fill in a form from the courts or do i just write a letter to them. thanks nikki. p.s. and if i do write a letter how shall i write it ?
  2. :o hi i am with the NatWest and as i am on benefits i informed them of this last month they tried to take out a charge of £28 , for them making me go into the red in the first place, i did get them to wayver this charge this time, but do they have a right to do this as every where that i have read ,it says that there is a social security act 1992 that says that they can not do this ? i am very confused:confused: any ideas!!!!!!!! also can i apply for a stay to be lifted due to financial hardship as i am on benefits, if so how do i go about doing it . this is to do with bank charges wi
  3. Hello Seansmum , a very warm welcome to CAG, can you please post and start your own thread in the welcome section- here is a link to make it easier. Let us know a bit more about the problem so we can help you ie bank and what has happened.



    Look forward to catching up with you soon!!:)

  4. hi this is my first post i am glad to see there is help out there, i am on benefits and i have told the bank but they still take charges, what can i do ....:confused::)

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