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  1. Indeed, and one of the main point in this new agreement (for my usage) is that if I do my repayments each month in full, they have the right to change the repayments date. This is exactly what I am doing: I repay in full each month, 0% interest thanks to the 56-day interest free period. But this is just another tactic they would use to screw up their customers, changing the repayment date arbitrarily to force you either to pay interests or worse by making you miss a payment. By the way, on the phone they say I would have to pay this month, as if the new cards replaced the older one. However as you pointed out, this is a new contract, an entirely new card with a balance transfer. I should take advantage of the 6-month interest free period for balance transfers, but they won't tell you that.
  2. Hello, Lloyds TSB has recently decided to replace the Classic credit card (CC) with the new Airmailes Duo credit card (AD). They have started to transfer the balance (without my consent or advance notice!) of my CC to the AD, as well as new payments I did on the CC (shown as adjustments), and have now closed the CC account (actually the available credit is now Nil). Meanwhile, I received a statement for my CC, showing a balance of 400£ with a payment due on the 16 May. Do I need to make this payment on the new AD account (I always do a full repayment) ? The Internet banking system says the next statement for the AD (which will be the first statement for this card) is the 20th of May. The person from the call centre was not sure (there was no explanation from Lloyds TSB), asked her manager, then gave me this very cryptic answer: everything is unchanged. If the balance on the CC is 0, why should I pay on the AD this month. I did not ask the balance to be transferred to the new card, and the contract is completely new. What should I do? I do not want them to jeopardize my credit rating because of their errors.
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