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  1. I will. Its that default position they all seem to take that everyone is out to avoid paying something, or are dishonest and there is no such thing as a genuine mistake. I should ask them for large print bills - I'll see how they respond to this, otherwise I may well just be transferring to somewhere else. They include all sorts of details which are too small to read, or, over long and complicated which I have trouble concentrating on - again, partly due to my poor eyesight.

  2. Yes I will. Thanks for that. Just writing the letter now, asking for a breakdown of what the £7.50 charge consists of as well. As they didn't contact me. And to inform them that I am paying the bill minus the £7.50. My eyesight is terrible, and I know it was that, I misread the 5 as a 3 when I was doing my online payment. It could just have easily been the other way round - perhaps we should start demanding interest when we are in credit to these companies! But you are right, their systems have no human element, and are not clear at all.

  3. Thank you!


    I shall chase this up - I just think it is too easy to just pay these relatively small charges and let it go, but how many £7.50's are they extorting from people for no real valid reason at even more profit to themselves?



  4. I know this may seem trivial compared to what some people are facing, but I was wondering if anyone could give me any advice about standing up to BT.


    I always pay my bill on time, in full through online banking. I get charged what I would say is a 'punitive fee' for doing that - the £5.67 alleged processing fee. Irritating, but I refuse to be forced into DD's as my income is paid in randomly, so I try and keep DD's to a minimum and use online banking instead.


    The March bill I paid on time as usual, and (this could be down to my bad eyesight!) I paid £153.23 instead of £155.23. A £2.00 shortfall. The first I knew was on getting the May bill and they have charged me £7.50 for a late payment ('To avoid paying this charge in future, see the back of the first page for how to set up a Direct Debit') - for the £2.00!!


    I am furious, on principle. The late payment of £2.00 has not cost them anything, as this is the first they have mentioned it - and this is the next bill anyway which they would have sent. They did not send a red bill for the £2.00, at which point I would have paid it. This charge, in my mind, is unfair and clearly punitive, and clearly another pressure to get signed up for DD. Whilst it is 'only' £7.50 I feel there is wider principle here (and that is also what it costs me to get to work, so it has a direct comparison for me which makes it seem worse!).


    What would happen if I refused to pay it? Before I contact them, is there a best way to approach this with them? I would prefer to email, but it seems to be either a postal address (which would involve sending recorded delivery etc) or phone. But I just wondered if anyone else had had any experience of this?


    Thankyou in advance!! I am so angry!

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