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  1. Hi everyone, I am not sure where I should be - I have an urgentish query about council tax with Gedling Borough Council, Notts - not really sure where to post it though?:confused:


    Bit of a long convoluted story, but due to a violent relationship and illness I have not been residing in my property, which has been empty and uninhabitable for a couple of years (I was not aware of this - to do with ex-partner blah blah) - anyway - Gedling are now asking me for council tax payment on the property (at a reduced rate) over several years - not necessarily disputing liablity, but my ability to pay in full is impossible (on incapacity benefit) - I have told them I will pay in instalments the money I owe - they say they will not accept this, and want payment in full (over £2000) by the date requested - which was the end of April.

    I don't know what to do. what can/will they do, do I have any room for negotiation? How quickly will they institute court proceedings to recover the money I have not got at the moment (I am trying to sell the property, but it needs work doing) - why won't they accept payments? I am really worried about it - what can I do?? I simply do not have the money - they only contacted me today to tell me that I had to pay end of April - will they have started proceedings - I am a long way away with young children and cannot attend court very easily if I need to negotiate in court - I really have no idea what to do - please please can someone help??

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