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  1. Title of this thread needs changing. Do you know if this debt had charges and ppi on? known aktiv krapital they will have added their own charges who are their sols? You will need to go to your local county court to get a form N244 application for set aside
  2. Banks and indeed the credit industry have no morals or ethics. The whole industry is based on greed, threats, intimidation and they don't care about customers. Media know all about antics fdorums like these are for people advising them on their rights
  3. Maybe you have a rose tinted view of DCAs. Having being and seeing friends on the receiving end of their tactics it has not changed my view point that DCAs are rotten
  4. Yet to see any DCAs complying with the laws of this land, their methods include lies, cheating and harassment.
  5. I've had them before, wrote to me in BOLD letters chasing alleged disputed old egg cc, sent "bemused" letter not heard a thing since
  6. Did SAR or CCA request reveal the agreement or anything to have your signature on?
  7. That all ak sent, signature looks part of egg agreement wheres the other part?? as for t&c they need to be when the card was first taken not the current. They chancing their arm here has this got any ppi on?
  8. Seeing your location don't mind in giving support if these fools take court action, only live 5 mile from Darlington
  9. They will look foolish in court with this one you have shown willingless to pay, you can't afford any more. That letter has being sent in a hope to intimidate you into paying more. Ignore them
  10. No wonder banks and this grubby industry have no credibilty with the public can not comply with regulations
  11. Put it this way theres more chance of pigs flying to the moon than moorcroft taking court action What you will of got is moorcroft's infamous 'valid if not read by you', its being passed down the food chain not to worry as moorcroft is easy to get rid of
  12. I've seen moorcroft off with 2 accounts in the past both were unenforceable, enjoy winding them up telling they cannot collect on it
  13. Hi cara, welcome to cag Take a deep breath, first rule when dealing with DCAs is never to speak to them on the phone as you can gather they will say anything. Everything must be in writing. Are these accounts moorcroft are chasing loan or credit card? if they are, then you need to cca request moorcroft to see if they have a right to collect the debt http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/resources/templates-library/86-debt-collectors/581-cca-request-letter edit to suit Try not to be imtimidated by moorcroft they full of hot air
  14. Mobile phone contracts are not covered by the cca. Which DCA is chasing for these accounts? send the DCA this letter edit to suit
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